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"This is Us " He Waka Eke Noa


At the beginning of March 2019, Les Geraghty, a Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise member, raised the idea of creating a place for people to gather to celebrate their ethnicity and culture regardless of where they come from in the world. The idea was based on other countries that provide similar locations for people to visit, some of which are called Welcome Walls.
Only a matter of a short few weeks later, New Zealand was rocked by the Christchurch Mosque shootings. People were shocked that this could happen in our country, a country that enjoyed a geographical remoteness compared to many other parts of the world. 
What we witnessed in Christchurch after the shootings was the need for people to gather to share their grief over this horrific event. The question was - How to create a place here in Tauranga that is there for everyone to share and that reflects our diverse community?
The event in Christchurch on March 15th, 2019 helped crystallize the ‘This Is Us ‘project. 
The club held a meeting soon after the terrorist attack to discuss a response that was positive, practical and would build community. Members talked about how the Welcome Wall in Paris was a gathering place where people could be together and support each other. Australia also has a Welcome Wall.
A small group of Rotary Club members set out to explore creating a place for Tauranga that could be that gathering place, to give Tauranga a beating heart where people could see and celebrate their own culture and those of others.
After discussion with Tauranga’s Community Development Advisor for Welcoming Communities Haidee Kalirai and Simone Anderson from The Incubator Creative Hub, the concept of how people had journeyed historically to arrive in Tauranga, from early Maori to the present day was formed. The project developed around a carved and painted waka which conveys how we all journey through time, building and evolving our community, and that together we can do better if we know where we all come from and where we would like to go.
The concept of ‘This is us - he waka eke noa’, - people pulling together, also coincidentally matches Rotary’s theme for 2019-2020, ‘Rotary connects the World’, with Matariki presenting a timely opportunity to launch the project.
Matariki was traditionally a time that brought communities together to share and to learn from each other which is our hope for ‘This is Us – he waka eke noa’. 
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Vanuatu Project

Posted by Pat Taylor
Last year the Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise won the District Award for per capita contributions to ROMAC (Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children).
Through the hard work and determination of club member Glenys Parton our club raised $5000 which was used to assist Vinna Sapa from Lausanganu,  receive life changing bone graft surgery. We are delighted to report that Vinna is now totally recovered and enjoying a pain free life.
Whilst visiting Vinna and her family it was evident that the village had been badly affected by a recent severe cyclone and the village water tank which was their sole source of clean water was rather precariously balanced on rotting timber.
Together with RC of Hamilton East, we contributed sufficient to purchase materials to enable the water tank to be placed on a concrete pad and secure against the fiercest of hurricanes.
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Christmas Meeting 2017

The final meeting of 2017 was graced with the presence (for the nth consecutive year) of – wait for it – SANTA! Lots of Ho Ho Hos from he of the real and false white beard.
Santa then blustered his way through various fines, despite being upstaged by Ron Devlin. Mayor Greg has been featured (if that's the right word) in NZ Women's Weekly magazine, ostensibly as one of the best dressed men in the country. Gifts were distributed by Santa's little (well, not so little) helpers. and caused equal amounts of hilarity and bemusement. Notable gifts were blow-up dolls (both sexes), beach glass holders and bits to help the aspiring chef go Italian.
The inevitable 12 Days of Christmas was 'sung' with Number 5 once again gaining the 'Most Enthusiastic' award. For those who weren't there, or couldn't hear, the days went thus:
First                 The Toastmaster's new metal knee
Second             Only two newbee members
Third                Three Paul Harris Fellows
Fourth              Four political guest speakers
Fifth                 Five Friday Fives
Sixth                Six Club Committees
Seventh           Seven Community collections
Eighth              Eight Whisky Galore drams
Ninth               Nine member resignations
Tenth               Ten backup roles for Pat
Eleventh          Eleven 'Have Funs' with Ursula
Twelfth            Twelve reminders from Eric
Read, learn, mark and inwardly digest so we can get the singing right next year.
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Bleed! Please

Jodie Houltram from Tauranga Blood Donor Centre gave a very inciteful talk about donating blood.it can be donated three ways being Whole blood, Plazma or Platelets.
Whole blood lasts for 35 days, plazma 2 years when frozen and platelets 7 days.
The blood is sent to Melbourne and made into Plasma at a rate of 13 tones every three months. The Blood Donor centre is raising awareness of giving blood via a promotion “Team Red "this is designed to give back to the community and raise awareness for blood donations.
Yes you guessed it; there will be Apps, Websites, and Facebook links, cross linking everywhere.
Some blood donor fun facts
You can donate up to the age of 76
No blue blooded British can give blood because of mad cow disease.
The test for mad cow can only be done via autopsy so a bit dramatic and best wait and see.
Giving blood only takes 10-15 minutes and you still get a biscuit and cup of tea.
Giving Plasma takes 45 minutes
The need for whole blood is reducing as they use more plasma.
There is a cool blood donor app that tracks how often you have donated, a bar code and ID and all sorts of other stuff apps do.
Last key fun fact – that bus with those nice policemen you come across after Christmas festivities are not from the blood donor centre, however they may still want to take your blood if you have been naughty.
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Behind the Building of the BOP Waikato Campus 

Guest Speakers-    Peter McCawe and Roy Lehndorf from Hawkins Construction gave a fascinating  overview of the construction of the University of Waikato Tauranga campus development.
Peter as Regional Manager started by telling members about the range of projects this 70-year-old company has been involved in locally. Projects include the new Zespri Head Office, The Crossing at Tauriko, Grace Hospital, Kingsview Apartments, and many new schools. Hawkins has excellent relations with local Iwi, and employs several young Maori trainees every year.
Roy is the Project Director and he ran through the project which started six months ago, and will be completed in February 2019. He showed an excellent time lapse video depicting the construction of the building. He recommended members view a 3.5 minute online video showing how students and staff will use the campus building -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwYil9gBzto#action=share
This is an large and complex building (8,500 sq.m.) with some tolerances less than 2mm. An important feature is seismic strength, and custom made bracing has been imported from the USA. There are no piles, as the building sits on a concrtete slab.
Most of the components are manufactured off site, and the skill of the project management lies in the co-ordinating of these just in time for construction. The site is very constrained and this is managed by having a north and a south tower, and resources are spilt between the two.
The University has had a strong relationship with local Iwi, and an Atea (arrival area) is a feature, together with art and sculptures to be included. Sustainability principles are also important and there is a focus on using local timber. Whilst not Green Star rated, rain water harvesting and other sustainability features are included.
The best question came from John who asked how how cranes work, and he was given a detailed description, as well as an offer to see the dismantling of the main crane, which costs $28,000 per month to hire.
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Crystal Palace Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis

Friday was our Arts Festival fund raiser breakfast, for Cystic Fibrosis.
It all went very well, in spite of the buckets of rain falling down around us.
Ursula was back with us. The meeting was run by Eric, in his usual precise style, and our district governor, Leonie Tisch, and both local mayors graced us with their presence.
Our guest speaker was Dr Vincent O’Malley. Perhaps an unlikely name for someone who has risen from being a cleaner at Canterbury University to being a prominent expert on the Waikato land wars of the 1860’s. If you want more information on this subject, critical to NZ history, you should read his book, The Great War for New Zealand-Waikato 1800-2000. Just be careful not to fall asleep when holding it. It is apparently indeed a weighty tome.
He led us through a brief summary, starting from the time when the Maori tribes were the main producers of food for the fledgling colony, leading on to the pressures of growing numbers of colonists desperate to get their hands on some farmable land, and not being too concerned about the means of doing so. He quoted colonists “not being prepared to play second fiddle to natives”. This broke down a system which the Maoris had thought of as being a partnership, and led to a war after the British armed forces came out in support of the colonists.
All of this was assisted by a voting system that only gave votes to landowners, and did not recognise most Maoris as landowners, as their huge land holdings were only held under a communal system.
The subject has had little in the way of formal history study. Indeed his book was the first on the subject since 1879. Dr O’Malley delivered a plea for us, as a nation, to address the inequities that were the consequence of the war.
We went on to some lighter topics, with the drawing of the sold out  raffle, won by some one called Ron, and the auction by Ross Brown of a Mercedes weekend and sumptuous dinner for 2 at Somerset Cottage. It was eventually won by well known local man of the law, Graeme Elvin.
Then came the presentation of 2 Paul Harris awards.  For some reason, I temporarily forgot his Christian name, and could only come up with George, then Rolf. Not really appropriate.
The recipients , both extremely well deserved,  were Peter Tinholt, for his fundraising work for Cystic Fibrosis, and Sally Morrison, for her work in being the chief organiser of this event ever since it’s inception, quite a few years ago. In both cases, they were repeat awards, Sally, number 3, and Peter number 2.
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Iran with Michael

Michael Batchelor captivated members with an account of his recent 16-day trip to Iran. Who knew seven countries are neighbours; Shia Muslims make up 95% of the population; military support is given to Shias in Yemen and Syria; and it’s flag depicts a tulip and the five pillars of Islam?
Michael’s excellent photos revealed the Caspian Sea, distant snow-capped mountains, beautiful New Year painted eggs, fascinating architecture (including wind towers), ruins of antiquity, poet’s tombs, myriads of mosques, family life and beautiful restaurants that serve boring food.
He visited the oldest living thing – a 4,500 year-old tree - and the ancient city of Persepolis (500BC).  Teheran’s 12m people create traffic jams that put Tauranga’s mild congestion into perspective. Unlike Tauranga it is enriched with beautiful gardens and public art everywhere.  The eight-year war with Iraq is remembered by thousands of poignant public images of fallen soldiers.   
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Graeme Dingle Foundation Update

No less than 3 speakers today, all amazing in their different ways. First up was 11 year old Cole Jackson, a young man confident way beyond his years. Cole received the Award of Excellence from Kiwi Can and gave an eloquent résumé of just how much Kiwi Can has helped him become more confident. Great stuff.
Next up was Jess Collins with a heart-rending account of her formative years which were littered with alcohol, drugs, depression ans suicidal tendencies. Project K turned her life around to such an extent that she is now studying at Massey.
On to our 'croaky' guest in the guise of Sir Graeme Dingle Botox produces beautiful larynges.{Had to Google the correct plural of larynx - Ed!}. He started by thanking the Club for its unwavering support over the past 8 years and reported on the latest initiative in Rotorua which is going great guns. Many of the most important things in his life have been taught to him by a woman and he was told during a midwinter traverse of the Southern Alps ('it was a bit cold') that life is a cup to be filled rather than a measure to be drained. His mentor, one Bill Hall insisted that Graeme went to work for him and on his first morning asked him what he wanted to do and how much he wanted to be paid (Never happened to me – Ed).
He set out to establish the first alternative to prison for kids facing a custodial sentence. As there was little political backing that turned out to be a total failure. Undaunted, he took time out with what he anticipated to be a 40 day circumnavigation of the Arctic. Big miscalculation as it took 400 days but on his return, doubtless rejuvenated, he set up Project K which was an instant success. He then set out to recruit an army of iconic New Zealanders to back him (not many can boast at having pointed a finger at Sir Ed) and the rest, as they say, is history. Sir Graeme's dream of helping Kiwi kids through the Kiwi Can and Project K organisations is a testament to his dedication and his personal goal is now to have NZ recognized as being the best place in the world for kids. And so say all of us. An inspirational address of the highest order.
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Updates Alzheimer's Befriender and Shelterbox

Julie Sargisson – Manager Alzheimer’s Tauranga , thanked the club for our support being a commitment of $10,000 pa over the next three years.
Some of the symptoms of Dementia are Memory loss, communication and language, reasoning and judgement, visual perception and ability to pay attention. (As Andy Cameron noted, most men’s partners would suggest we all poses these symptoms !)
The reason Dementia is such a big problem is in 2016, 62,000 suffered from Dementia. This is expected to grow to 170,000 by 2050. Also the cost of care has risen 75% since 2011.
Volunteers are playing a huge part in providing assistance  with Governance, Administration, fund raising, walking groups etc.
Dean Forsyth – A volunteer talked about his help via supporting walking groups and offering support for male sufferers. A really worthwhile thing to be a part of.
As Julie stated – They may not know who you are or what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.
Also fun fact from Stuart Pederson – Playing Bridge wards off Alzheimer’s. (not a vote catching statement,  but TGA Bridge club believe this to be true).

Shelter Box.

Our very own Stephen Dorrington – in less than  normal controversial terms - gave a report on shelter box. 135,000 have been deployed world wide. Our donation of boxes can be tracked by the click of an I Phone, (by someone under 20 ). Each box costs $1,500 and our club sponsors 4-6 boxes a year.
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Wow Tauranga

Posted by Andrew Knowles
Dean introduced the MP for Tauranga, Simon Bridges. Of course, an “apolitical” speech, but really, what do we expect, given the timing. No surprises, all is well in the land. Tauranga has good bones.
Except for some aspects that Simon mentioned. With strong local growth, we have another growth industry, the local gang pads, and Simon gave us some information many of us were ignorant about, their exact headquarter locations.
Big spend up on roads, more emphasis required on CBD facilities, science & innovation, then the dreaded M word, which must cause our city councillors to rest uneasy in their beds. Yes, Simon supports a museum.
Then, on to the attack on our sleepy Regional council, “cruising”. I could feel the bristles rising from a certain regional Council member who happened to be sitting beside me.
Then, a plea to our leading local businesses to offer more local community support, to flesh out the “good bones”.
On to questions: Why do we have two thirds of the country’s toll roads? Partly decisions, which he seemed to think were somewhat illogical, by his predecessors, and partly the local desire to pay a toll to get the eastern link more quickly. He seemed to be surprised by the next questioner, Mike Batchelor, who expressed support for the concept of road tolling. Apparently this support is unusual, but generally, he supports the concept in crowded places like Auckland.
It was a surprisingly frank and hard hitting speech, in the circumstances.
Thanks were given by Steve Read, who, tongue in cheek, wanted a hold put on a possible new passenger rail service from Auckland. Or just an embargo on a particular passenger?.
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RYLA 2017 Experience

Jodi Senior and Hannah Tereapii gave a lovely presentation about their experience of the 2017 RYLA (Rotary Young-Person Leadership Awards). This is a week-long leadership development programme for 20-28 year-old participants, hosted and sponsored by Rotary Clubs in District 9920. RYLA is an experiential live-in programme designed to help young people develop their team work and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders. They were both taken out of their comfort zones by the outdoor group challenges. They also struggled initially with strong personalities in their groups, but through DISC personality profiling, learned how to harness individual differences. They also met, and learned from great role models by interviewing a range of leaders in Hamilton. RYLA was transformational for both, and they are using their new practical communication and leadership skills in their lives now.
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Glen Crowther is from the Sustainable Business Network who want to make NZ the Model Sustainable Nation for The World. www.sustainable.org.nz
Founded in 2002, it has an active membership of 500+ companies and is a forum for those who have an interest ins sustainable business practices. Code Green is the mantra for sustainability – People, planet and profit. Four transformational areas are focussed on - Renewables, Community, Efficiency and Restoration, with the aim of accelerating innovation. The Annual Awards are a high-profile highlight and if you are young enough you can join the NOW CROWD to help save the planet.
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News 04 August 2017

Todd Muller MP started with some interesting inside information on what had been a long week in politics for Labour and the Greens. He then reminded members about the necessity of not taking anything for granted in an MMP environment. After an anecdote about his knocking on over 2000 doors so far, he described his recent trip to Dubai and Iraq.
As Chair of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee he accompanied the Minister of Defence. Their trip began in Dubai where he met some of the 60 New Zealanders who provided surveillance in a P3-Orion to combat drug trafficking in the Gulf. They then flew to Baghdad in a C130 Hercules and experienced a hair-raising steep dive of a landing, whilst wearing flack-jackets and helmets. After meeting the Iraqi Minister of Defence and a 3-star US general, and listening to a full military briefing, they flew to Camp Taji, and met more New Zealander service personnel. Todd movingly described the immense pride he felt in these soldiers who were training the Iraqi army. In his opinion they epitomised the essence of New Zealanders through their professionalism and humility.
Todd ended off by explaining how he had been involved in the Save-a-life battle, and that his grandfather had been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.
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Elizabeth Wright Interplast 28 July 2017

Elizabeth Wright from Te Awamutu club. She is the district representative for Interplast.
Interplast was established in 1983. It was set up by Rotary and provides reconstructive surgery for patients in developing countries who would otherwise not be able to afford it. It also delivers training and mentoring activities to local medical professionals in the countries they visit.
Since1983 they have performed over 24,000 medical procedures and consulted over 41,000 patients in 25 countries.
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News 21 July 2017

  • Jenny Magee – Speaker
  • Don Manning – Andrew Knowles
  • Paul Treanor – Max Mason
  • Pauline Happé – A close relative
  • Ursula came up with a gem of an idea to mix us all up. Bling rules. Bit of refinement needed, Ursh.
  • Whisky tasting final profit $3454 – nice!
  • Watch out for election hoardings says Stuart
  • Eric offered to make a significant contribution to the fines if Stephen Dorrington had the guts to reiterate his comments about Pauline Happé from last week. (He didn't)
#1 was our illustrious President. Born in Zambia in 1961 (really?). 2 kids. Parents celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary in June. Has a fear of rejection and failure. Wanted to be a supermodel or actress (we reckon you've achieved both). Has donated 40 pints of blood.
#2 Jo West. Born in Tauranga. 2 lovely kids. Reckons its imperative to set goals. Relationships are very important. Has a phobia about being in bed with bugs ('or indeed anything creepy-crawly' – see Sergeant's comments later). Attended 7 primary schools before becoming a teacher and joining the staff of Hogwarts to have Hermione Grainger in her class – or maybe she taught Emma Watson at a different school.
JENNY MAGEE  was our guest speaker. Has written a book entitled A Bold Life – How boomer women are reinventing life beyond 50. Jenny's presentation was studded with a series of questions and was a fascinating insight into the psyche of the adventurous baby boomers. She quoted a US poet, Mary Oliver 'So tell me, what is it that you intend to do with this one wild and precious life?' Jenny had a busy 30 years and reached a 'what now' plateau so in 2015 took time out and did a big OE, again trying to answer some questions:
  • What difference am making?
  • Why am I here?
  • If I only had 20 summers left, what would I do?
She met a series of very interesting people (9F, 1M) like Victoria who needed some other direction, so took a year to help with women's education in Cambodia. She was 'in a rut of comfort that was killing her' Sound familiar? Jenny's eureka moment was staring at birds through binoculars on the Norfolk Broads. Her challenge was not to go quietly – make a ruckus! Inspirational.
Sergeant Devlin started with the advice 'don't pigeon-hole yourself into birdwatching' Yeah, right. Eric now has a new role as Director of Culling and WdV was asked about the 10 things to remember about Alzheimer's   No 1 – Stay fit, No 2 – er......
Jo West really needs to talk to Sel about creepy crawlies in bed
Another fun morning finished with Pat's Parting Thought: 'Ironing boards are surf boards that quit before achieving their dream. Don't be an ironing board' Bit Freudian, that one
Duties for the next 3 weeks:
Ian Burns
Wendy Showan
Mike Batchelor
Door & Parting Thought
Ken White
Barbara Whitton
Gail Page
Larrisa Allen
Warren Banks
Paul Brljevich
Speaker Intro & Host
Wayne Shadbolt
Dave Woodhouse
Kathy Webb
Speaker Thanks
Monique Edlinger
Glenn Dougal
Julie Hignett
Neil Matson
Eric Happé
Antoon Moonen
Bulletin Editor
Max Mason
Neville Whitworth
Steve Dorrington
Wendy Showan
Mike Batchelor
David McConnochie
Elizabeth Wright - Interplast
Todd Muller MP
Glen Crowther - Sustainable Business Network
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News 30 June 2017

 Warwick Copeland- Visiting Rotarian from the Downtown Club, Auckland, Christine Shadbolt, David Hurn, Jan Tinetti -Labour candidate for Tauranga
  • No morning meeting this Friday (7th). Changeover to be celebrated Friday at the Charthouse, Sulphur Point. Be there to help celebrate a great year.
  • Congrats to Andy Cameron who picked up the ‘New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Service to Export' award. He was recognised for his outstanding contributions within the Bay of Plenty business and export community.
  • Whiskey Tasting 11 July- as of  Friday there were still two tickets left - contact Dave Woodhouse to check availability.
  • Ron Devlin gave a brief chat about two institutions he has a passion for. Forty years in the Fire Service (now defunct), and 10 years of Friday Fives (still alive and kicking).
  • www:"There's no way to know how many people your life will influence. You don't know who is watching, listening, or learning from you." Charles Stanley 
  • Change Over - Wayne thanked those who had contributed to a successful Rotary Year - special mention to the Directors - Eric, Dan, Glennys, Roberta, Ursula,Dean and Warwick. Wayne greatly enjoyed his year: Everyone should be President at some stage he says (careful what you wish for - you might get ruffed)
  • Dan Allen-Gordon was then presented with a Paul Harris Fellow. A very popular choice, he managed to avoid having to take a selfie of himself receiving the award with some help from Larissa.
  • There was then a brief exchange of bling.
  • Rotary: Making a Difference is International President Ian Riseley's theme for the upcoming year. Short speeches will be Ursula's. "Rotary is not defined by who we are but by what we do" Goals for the year are Membership, Social Functions and selling Rotary. The new board is Pat, Barbara, Ray, Warren S, Julie, Eric and Roberta. If it isn't fun, don't do it is this years mantra (not to be used when the alarm goes off Friday mornings)
Guest Speaker - Jan Tinetti is the Labour candidate for Tauranga in the upcoming election. She is also principal of Merivale Primary, Tauranga's only decile one school, and one of only  four female Rotarians at Otumoetai Rotary Club. She is a passionate advocate for education, and is held in very high regard in the Education world (she didn't say that). She did tell some harrowing stories about smokes and knives in the playground, kids living in cars and bins embedded in blackboards. These stories made it to morning report which led to an option to run as the Labour candidate.
Thinking she didn't have a chance in the election she now finds herself listed at 14 with a likely career change in the wind. She is certainly tenacious as this was her third changeover this week! Thanks came from Rhonda
Seargent Session
Andy Cameron, fresh from the NZTE awards showed off that he had just finished reading a book on sequencing the humane genome - there were fines for blue eyes, ugliness, drunkeness, blackness, whiteness and the KKK. Common ancestry was a recurring theme although not sure how many generations back for some in the room. 
Parting Thought Victory is sweetest when you have known defeat - Malcolm Forbes/Grant Dalton
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Agenda for Club Assembly 23 June 2017

  1. Apologies
  2. President’s Reflection of the year
  3. Director's reports
  4. President elect  report   -incoming year  -bussiness plan
  5. General Business
  • Processes for apologies, LOA.
  • Process for resignations – Membership director / President –meeting
  • Police vetting –new criteria – 3 year cover.  Anyone working with children and youth.
  • Club Website –Facebook page use.  
  • Social interactions/opportunities
  • Changing up the meeting format
  • Purpose of sergeant session?
  • New member drive
  • Training what when and how – RLI, President elect, internal, District Assembly
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Duties 7 July 2017

7 July14 July21 July
NO MEETINGMark WhitworthGlenys Parton
Door & Parting Thought
Changeover DinnerJohn CarlsonRay Scott
 Chris RapsonJames Ross
Speaker Intro & Host
 -Jane Nees
Speaker Thanks
 -Janet Coutts
 Steve DorringtonJames Clague
Bulletin Editor
 Andrew KnowlesDave Woodhouse
 Glenys PartonIan Burns
 Committee MeetingsJenny Magee - Women Reinventing Themselves
Duties 7 July 2017 Stephen Dorrington 2017-06-09 12:00:00Z 0

Duties 23 June to 7 July

7 July
Pauline Cowens
Warren Scobie
Door & Parting Thought
David Robinson
Stan Gregec
Changeover Dinner
Ursula Hurn
Dan Allen-Gordon
Speaker Intro & Host
Glenn Dougal
Speaker Thanks
Kevin Atkinson
Ron Devlin
Andy Cameron
Bulletin Editor
Neville Whitworth
Steve Dorrington
Warren Scobie
Mark Whitworth
Club Assembly
Jan Tinetti - Labour Candidate for Tauranga
Duties 23 June to 7 July Roberta Budvietas 2017-06-09 12:00:00Z 0

News and Views 9 June 2017



Pat Buckley, Amped4Life - speaker

Barbara Joyce, Bonnie Roger & Russell Kilpatrick - Visiting Rotarians (Papamoa Club)

Greg Tye - Visiting Rotarian (Sydney Cove Club)

John Harrison - Visiting Rotarian (Sydney Club)

Pete Wales - guest of Paulo Bates


  • Club Assembly 23 June AND Shorts for Waipuna Day. No excuses. Be there correctly attired
  • Whisky Tasting 11 July. If you've paid, be there
  • Changeover Formal bit 30 June. Salute Wayne for an excellent year and welcome Ursula for yet another excellent year. Be there
  • Changeover Fun evening at The Charthouse, Sulphur Point 7 July. Be there
  • Savealife invoices have topped $100,000 since the start of the project

Wayne's World in Words.

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people –

those who do the work and those who take credit. He told me to try and be in the first group – there was much less competition”

PAT BUCKLEY was our Guest Speaker and he was, if anything, even more a powerhouse than the last time he visited. Pat's formative life (in Burnley of all places) was dominated by a drunken father, an opera-loving mother, a twin and another brother. Pat has been a paramedic for 10 years and has seen it all but, as a former user and abuser, has dedicated his life to helping kids to see drugs for what they are. He was offered a joint at the age of 12 and that was the start of the slippery slope but some 22 years ago, he met and married his wife and took on 3 kids in the process. Two more followed and in 2001 Amped 4 Life was born. He now (and always has had) has a passion for giving kids the tools to progress and get of of the mire. One image of schoolkids sitting spellbound at his presentation encapsulated it all.

An inspirational and emotional speaker who commands respect – even though he was the paramedic who was called out to attend to Eric who, in turn, invited him to be a guest speaker.



SERGEANT SCOBIE dobbed in Mr Mayor for his impersonation of The Beatles Abbey Road album cover and then proceeded to launch into a tirade against airline passengers whose idea of carry on baggage beggared belief and finished up with an appreciation of the stewardesses (they're called 'cabin crew' now, Warren) in delivering the safety instructions.



Eric (impersonating Rhonda) came up with 'Everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is that You're stupid and you make bad decisions' Anon

News and Views 9 June 2017 Dave Woodhouse 2017-06-09 12:00:00Z 0

Duties for 16 June

Pat Taylor
Pauline Cowens
Warren Scobie
Door & Parting Thought
Brett Hobson
David Robinson
Stan Gregec
Bill Holland
Ursula Hurn
Dan Allen-Gordon
Speaker Intro & Host
Bill Chapman
Glenn Dougal
Speaker Thanks
Stuart Pedersen
Kevin Atkinson
Marianne Boonen
Ron Devlin
Andy Cameron
Bulletin Editor
Max Mason
Neville Whitworth
Steve Dorrington
Pauline Cowens
Warren Scobie
Mark Whitworth
Liz Davies - GM SociaLink
Club Assembly
Jan Tinetti - Labour Candidate for Tauranga
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Kopurererua Valley

Kopurererua Valley is a 300 hectare block of low lying rural land situated between residential neighbourhoods in Tauranga. Running from Judea in the north to Tauriko in the south, it's bordered by the neighbourhoods of Te Reti, Gate Pa, Greerton, Westridge and Cambridge Heights.
Our club supports the project each year with a contribution to trees and to tree planting. 
This project is a long term commitment and one that our club believes will support the environment, the cyclists and families for many years to come in the Bay of Plenty.
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This humble capsule could save a life…

It could be someone you know, a stranger or even yourself.  Supplied with the pack of 3 capsules is a full unopened pack of 300 mg soluble aspirins, each of which could buy up to 60 minutes of time in the event of a heart attack. Be prepared should a heart attack strike you or someone in your presence!  

Find out more or purchase one here

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News 26 May 2017

Welcome from President Wayne Shadbolt
Present 44, Apologies 8, LOA 3, Silent 15
Guests Susie Pierce, Simone Anderson (The Incubator), Dawn Hutchinson, (Creative Tauranga - Speaker)
Kindest Possible Wish  - Too Late for Tickets! If you want to donate a prize however you are still in luck. Contact Dave Woodhouse.
Treasured Art A debrief has been held, with some initiatives highlighted that might smooth the process next time round.  One of them is clearly to enlist volunteers early in the piece. 11 May 2018 if you are available - get your name down now!
Waipuna Shorts Day - Not to be confused with the Treasured Art debrief. 23rd of Jun, a date which promises all things rimy on a mid-winters morn!
Rise up Tauranga - Many thanks to those who helped at the Cargo Shed - four truckloads of furniture and homeware bound for flood victims in Edgecumbe.
The Great Debate is back - this time featuring some famous and opinionated people (Ginette MacDonald, Raybon Kan and Will Johnson - all famous as we know). To make up the numbers, Greg Brownless will be plugging the gap and the point with them  - 22 June 6:30 pm Te Puke Citizens Club
X-Ray Unit - Tauranga hospital will be dumping their Xray unit 30 June. There is a opportunity to dismantle it and send it to an African hospital where it can see out its days in the sun. If you are available to help dismantle the device (2-3 days under supervision) let Wayne know. 
Wayne's Word of Wisdom
The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.
Margaret Chase Smith (US Politician)
Guest Speaker Dawn Hutchinson from Creative Tauranga 
Dawn has been engaged to write the region's Arts and Culture Strategy which is an initiative funded by both TCC & WBPDC. The Draft is imminent (1 June) and consists of a 3 year plan to move us towards a greater cultural enlightenment! The initiatives, by happy coincidence, all begin with "V". Here they are verbatim: Vocalising, Visioning, Valuing and Vibrancy.  Have you say on the draft (there is a survey) and make sure that the vacuous voters don't veto it!     Culture is in our Heart!
Sergeant's session
David McConnichie was searching for a suitable name for the budget - something like a the Flying Sex Toy Budget was his suggestion? The price of those things.- you wouldn't want to be throwing them away! Also mentioned in dispatches were Bram Stoker's green shoes and 150 Million Tin Lizzies.
Parting thought - Pat Taylor
"Eagles may sour above the cloud but Turkey's never get sucked into a jet engine"
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Duties for 2 June

Duties2 June9 June  16 June
WelcomeWarwick de VereBrett HobsonPat Taylor
Door and parting thoughtPhil MangosJo WestShaun Piper
CashierRon FyfeDean ThompsonBill Holland
Speaker Intro & HostStan GregecPauline CowensBill Chapman
Speaker ThanksKathy WebbRhonda WisbeyStuart Pederson
SergeantMichele BeatonMoniqu EdlingerMarianne Boonen
Bulletin EditorAndrew KnowlesDave WoodhouseMax Mason
BackupBrett HobsonPat TaylorPauline Cowens
Dr Leon Fourie
CEO Toi Ohamai
Dame Susan Devoy
Race Relations Commissioner
Liz Davies
GM Social Link
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News 12 May 2017

Speaker - Jeremy Scott, and Ron & Viv Dykes, visiting Rotarians from the Devonport Club
Whisky tasting 11 July 7 pm. Still more tickets available and looking for further gifts for raffle. Contact Dave Woodhouse
RLI tomorrow . Well done Roberta for rallying the troops. Expecting a full house
K Valley bridge opening 11 am tomorrow 13 May. This is potentially the first official ribbon cutting event for our new mayor. Probably no babies to kiss or cakes to eat but a grand photo opp and wonderful asset to our fine city. (seriously if you haven’t ridden the track well worth it and the bridges will make a big difference to what is a very pleasant ride).
23rd June – Shorts for Te Puna morning. Shave those legs chaps and brace yourselves
Treasured Art : On tonight. Expecting a great night.
Ray Scott 9 years in the club
Ross Brown 15 years in the club
Wayne’s words of wisdom
The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.
Guest speaker
Speaker Jeremy Scott lost his air tick home from London so came up with a grand idea to have an epic bike ride across the globe. After several years of planning he started the journey in  October 2011 to finished in May 2014. He rode his bike from London to Christchurch and them on to the final destination in Auckland.
Having had major heart surgery as a 4 year old, his effort was a huge personal challenge as well as raising of $50,000 for the Heart Foundation.
Great example of someone having a great idea and the courage to do something about it !.
Plus you can only achieve a massive task by breaking it down into small steps.
He has written a book on this experience. $65 of which 10% goes to the Heart Foundation.
Can be ordered through www.jeremyscott.com.au.
Dave Woodhouse gave sincere thanks for all the support he has received from the member of the club as he supports Hellen’s recovery from her stroke.
Neville and Warwick fessed up they had brought raffle tickets but not picked them up. Very hard to win at that rate !
Comment made re John Carlson being well hung (treasured art of course) and the biggest breakfast ever seen.
Mike Batchellor also went to Iran once but used a more conventional mode of transport.
Gave a dissertation on the rogue use of apostrophise and school boy antics.
Parting thought
Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference.
It’s never about the role, it’s about the role.
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News 28 April 2017

Meeting news for Friday 28 April 2017

Present 40 Apologies 4 LOA 4 Silent 23

Visitors: Christa George RC Port Nicholson and Brett Bell-Booth RC Tauranga Te Papa on a mission

Notices and stuff:

  • District Assembly Saturday 6 May in Taupo. Board members should really be there. Will YOU?

  • RLI – Roberta (ably endorsed by Dean) pushed this invaluable event. 13 May in Matamata

  • Treasured Art looms close. Check out the website (www.treasuredart.co.nz ) This should be a wow of an event – some great pieces. Support and help WILL be needed. Hands up please

  • Whisky Tasting next up. Tuesday 11 July. Tickets NEED to be sold. 2 or 3 more decent raffle prizes would be appreciated and a bit of set-up help on the day. Dave W

  • Dan gave an update on all things Dingle. Great that our Club is doing so much for these guys and gals

  • Greg announced that the Cargo Shed will be opening up for furniture donations to help the unfortunates in Edgecumbe. Good stuff needed. See the Sunlive website

  • Brett (Te Papa) promoted their Duck Race. Duck tickets $5, corporate ducks (the bigger they are, the faster they go?) at a lot of money + GST 

  • Michele (and Simon) breathed a sigh of relief as almost all the Hong Kong students were accommodated. Universally given a high 5 Better still - $3600 for Rotary

  • Ian Burns is opening a bridge in the K Valley at 11 am 2 May. Join him (please)

  • Ken was present so it must be Friday Fives


WWWAWOW*: 'It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.'


Speaker. Wayne Werder works for TECT in his spare time but is now pretty damn busy masterminding the World Junior Squash Champs 19/29 July at venues around Tauranga. Quite a coup for the city with an impressive promotional video. Pity the northern hemisphere didn't know that it isn't summer in July (as the video suggested). 250 competitors from 32 countries are expected. The portable glass squash court will be the star attraction and what's more – all the events are FREE, apart from a gold coin donation to see the aforementioned glass court


Sergeant Devlin seemed to be (fairly) serious for once, muttering various references to biblical money lenders, before announcing that there is 'a significant amount of crumpet in the Club'. I wonder if the double entendre was deliberate? Think about it. Last week's assistant Toastmaster is training to be a doctor (allegedly) and Stan Gregec had an appointment to meet Jesus at 3.30. They both turned up.


Lynda's parting thought from Reba McIntyre:

'To succeed in life you need 3 bones – a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone'






*Wayne's World Wise and Wonderful Words Of Wisdom

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News 31 March 2017

Attendance. Notwithstanding the fact that our illustrious Treasurer thought there were only 17 attendees today, she was over-ruled, hence:
Present: 41 Apologies: 10 LOA: 4 Silent: 19 TOTAL 74
GUEST: Just the one - Nicholas Meloni
* Michele B is still looking for beds 19/20 April - 6 in total. If we don't provide them, the Club will lose the income
* Fines money is going to the Women's Refuge to supplement The Mount/Everest challenge
* Dave 1: There will be a Rypen debrief after next week's meeting
* Dave 2: Te Papa Club is holding a Duck Race 11 June. Tickets $5. Corporate ducks are available
* Dave 3: The Savealife website is up and running again and we have disposed of thousands of aspirins to Tonga. Good to see that they don't have to be destroyed (The aspirins, not the Tongans)
* Kathy. Three talented artists, none of which is Banksy, will be creating a masterpiece in Red Square on Saturday from 12.30 to 1.30. Best of luck to Mayor Greg, Simon Bridges and Todd Muller. (On second thoughts, maybe one if them is Banksy)Any auction lots for Treasured Art  pertaining to food or drink, to complement a set of Jamie Oliver pots and pans. kindly donated by Marianne Boonen, would be gratefully received.
* Updater for the Club website and Facebook pages requested - Larissa had her hand up first
* Fraser Lellman has handed in his resignation
Wayne's World Words of Wisdom: 'The height of your accomplishments is determined by the depth of your commitments'
Mayor Greg Brownless gave an entertaining and informative account of his first 3 months in office. Letters from residents - most of which come from 'Ken' (not White) - have abounded since his swearing-in in November. An early test was the cancellation of the New Year's Eve bash following police advice. Needless to say, it cost more to police the non-event. Veiled threats were also in evidence when a dog ran away after being spooked by a fireworks display - 'Ban fireworks!' came the cry. More serious comments included the vision of Tauranga over the next 30 years (and a view in hindsight how much it has changed over the PAST 30 years). By 2050, it is estimated that there will be c285k residents, a third of which will be over 60 and c35k over 80; many jobs at present using real people may well be performed by machines; there will be an increase in the temporary worker community and there will be a much improved public transport system. There's an all-electric car in the Council fleet - Greg loves it! Lots of changes and improvements are in the pipeline - watch this space (and watch out for more JAFAS). A riveting presentation and much appreciated.
SERGEANT Pauline, moving quickly on from individual fines and comments about National Transgender Day, embarked on a series of contenders for 'Most Crappy Job', which included, Taser Tester, Road Kill Remover, Animal Masturbator (really? - Ed) and Armpit Sniffer - Yuk. Best Jobs were cited as Professional Snuggler (bless), Chocolatier, Voiceover Actor, Waterslide Tester and to cap it all - Professional Sleeper.
Warren Scobie's parting thought 'Everybody who comes into your life brings us pleasure. Some when they come. Some when they go' (unattributed)
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News 10 Feb 17

Guests: Nicholas Meloni, Colin Leader and Jo West
Committee meetings ensued over breakfast. 
  1. Dave W explained that we have all the naughty Save a Life capsules back and need a whole bunch more 'deconstructed' for reassembly into threesomes (which apparently are better for your health).  These we duly taken home by members at the end of the meeting - thanks.
  2. Neil - Heart Foundation collecting - the volunteer roster was filled by the end of the meeting - also thanks.
  3. Phil - tickets are available for the Kaimai Golf Classic 25 Feb in aid of a skate park for the Kaimai conmunity
  4. Stuart - a new storage place is needed for the Treasured Art boards - offered by Dean.  Thanks to him and thanks to Eric who has put up with them for over a year.
  5. Rotary Foundation workshop 6pm 14 Feb Daniels in the Park - last chance to book through President Wayne.
  6. Resignations: Katherine Sandford and Graeme Purches (Katherine in absentia and Graeme during his sergeant session).
  7. Induction: a warm welcome to Jo West, whose mentor and committee chairman will be Eric.
Wayne's World: Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.
Sergeant Graeme fined exporters importers and money launderers in light of the NZ dollar having dropped overnight.  He also recounted stories of Rotary in small towns like Dunedin and Hokitika. Also how he carefully avoided getting elected after seeing close up what he would be in for.  We will miss your larger than life presence, which one member likened to Marc Ellis in his prime.
Parting Thought from Michelle: "Don't give to get, give to inspire others to give" - Simon Sinek
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News 3 February 2017

Attendance TBA
Colin Leader, Gary Benner, Naudeen Heerscap, Nicholas Meloni, Wanita Wood, Hannah Goodhue and some character called Colin Beehre from Aussie (former member).
We have decided to underwrite funding of $10,000pa for three years for the Alzheimer’s Society Tga, and hope for some backing in this from other local clubs.Kathy thanked us and explained that the programme it supports allows spouses and other carers some respite.
 Ursula is looking for a nomination for president elect – becoming the big cheese in a year and a half.  Make sure you nominate someone who wants to be itJ
Save a Life update – in a rare move the faceless bureaucracy revealed a face to a mere mortal, when Medsafe met our men.  We are back in business selling capsules in threes with boxes of aspirin.  RRP to be $10 or $12.  This will make for much speedier packaging but a little more cost. Well done fellas.  Dave wants all those Hutt Valley unpacked capsules back asap please.
Michelle is still looking for homestays for Hong Kong students 19-21 April.  Check with your diaries and your spouses and get back to her please as this raises good money for the club, and is quite good fun.
Those who have not been getting the Bulletin must have a wrong email address in Clubrunner.  However that happened, the solution was on a sheet of paper which you hopefully took away.  Contact Roberta if not.
Free drinks and nibbles! Now I have your attention, contact Wayne to confirm your interest in the Foundation workshop at Daniels in the Park 6pm 14 Feb
Neil is (or at least was) still looking for Heart Foundation collectors for 17 Feb.
‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.’
Dennis Edwards was entertaining on how he got into writing, initially in his down time as an ambulance officer in South Auckland.  Having learned to type at Police College was an advantage.  As an immigrant from Miramar via New York and Auckland  to Tga in 2014 he apologised for single handedly causing the traffic queues on the road and the golf course.  In Auckland life was hell (naturally) especially when he was a Shortland St writer for a year, trying to capture the angst of young urban females.  He explained that new journalists are seriously unwanted, expected to waste time and a threat to everyone.  The way forward is to find an area that is not being reported on and cover it – like marketing in business really.  And always deliver your best work.
Dennis had some time doing Felicity Ferret work at Metro, was responsible for NZ stories in all the UK tabloids for a time, wrote concurrently for Listener and Truth, whose readerships never met, and took a fee from some muppets for ten years for the movie rights to ‘Miramar Dogs’ which seems unlikely to ever be made, but you can download the ebook ex Amazon.
Personal mantra for success: ‘Be better than anyone who is faster than me, and faster than anyone who is better than me’.
Sergeant Simon wants us to build a wall, a great big wall, and it will be a good wall, a very good wall.  (If you don’t think that’s funny, try this: https://www.facebook.com/MediaSurvivor/videos/1662172470746683/ - Ed)
There followed some interesting stuff about various national anthems including the unrecognisable English translation of the Maori version of the NZ anthem. And a tip – do not loan your van to Dan the man, or park near his car for that matter!  Seems he is the man who put the ‘Ding’ in the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Altogether an excellent sergeant session to follow an excellent speaker.
Parting thought from Warren Banks: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe
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Duties 3rd March 2017

Duties 10 Mar 2017 17 Mar 2017 24 Mar 2017
Welcome Dan Allen-Gordon Peter Tinholt Bill Holland
Door & Parting Thought Jane Nees Ron Devlin Stuart Pedersen
Cashier Jo West Stephen Dorrington James Ross
Speaker Intro & Host Warwick De Vere Monique Edlinger David Robinson
Speaker Thanks Max Mason Pat Taylor Shaun Piper
Sergeant Brett Hobson Ron Fyfe Janet Coutts
Bulletin Editor Steve Dorrington Andrew Knowles Dave Woodhouse
Backup Peter Tinholt Bill Holland Kevin Atkinson
Speaker Warwick Catto - Ballance Farm Environment Awards TBA Thojé Hood - AdviseMe Workshops
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Duties 10th  March 2017

Duties 10 Mar 2017 17 Mar 2017  
Welcome Larissa Allen Peter Tinholt Bill Holland
Door & Parting Thought BillJane Nees Ron Devlin Stuart Pedersen
Cashier Jeremy Abbott Stephen Dorrington James Ross
Speaker Intro & Host Warwick De Vere Monique Edlinger David Robinson
Speaker Thanks Max Mason Pat Taylor Shaun Piper
Sergeant Barry Vercoe Ron Fyfe Janet Coutts
Bulletin Editor Roberta Budvietas TBC TBC
Backup Peter Tinholt Bill Holland Kevin Atkinson
Speaker Warwick Catto - Ballance Farm Environment Awards Gary Benner - Tsunado Disaster Warning Systems Thojè Hood - AdviseMe Workshops
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Duties 24th February 2017

Duties 24 Feb 3 Mar 2017 10 Mar 2017
Welcome Kathy Webb Rhonda Wisbey Larissa Allen
Door & Parting Thought Glenn Dougal Stan Gregec Jane Nees
Cashier Ken White Paul Brljevich Anna Kendall
Speaker Intro & Host Chris Rapson Eric Happeé Warwick De Vere
Speaker Thanks Phil Mangos Pauline Cowens Max Mason
Sergeant Brett Hobson
Paul Belcaster
Barry Vercoe
Bulletin Editor Stuart Pedersen Roberta Budvietas Stuart Pedersen
Backup Rhonda Wisbey Larissa Allen Peter Tinholt
Speaker Mark Wassung - Future TRansport for Tauranga Dr Don Brash - Former Governor of the Reserve Bank Warwick Catto - Ballance Farm Environment Awards
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Duties 10th February 2017

Duties 17 Feb 24 Feb 2017 3 Mar 2017
Welcome Bob Sutton Kathy Webb Rhonda Wisbey
Door & Parting Thought David McConnochie Glenn Dougal Stan Gregec
Cashier Gail Paige Paul Brljevich Ken White
Speaker Intro & Host Chris Rapson Chris Rapson Eric Happe
Speaker Thanks Bill Holland Phil Mangos Pauline Cowens
Dean Thompson  
  Brett Hobson
Paul Belcaster
Bulletin Editor Roberta Budvietas Stuart Pedersen Roberta Budvietas
Backup Kathy Webb Rhonda Wisbey Larissa Allen
Speaker Alan Lees - English Cricketer
Mark Wassung - Future Transport for Tauranga
Dr Don Brash - NZ the lucky country - or are we?
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News 11 Nov 2016

11 November 2016
Attendance: 47, Apologies: 16, LOA: 9 Silent 15, Total 87
No visitors
Armistice Day – 11 am Time to remember those that died
Christmas is coming – start present buying and remember the puddings – see Sally
Welcome & Second Door – please arrive by 6:30 Members arriving by then
Fellowship: Anna is coordinating another Fellowship night on the 17th Nov at Latitude in the Mount. Any time after 5 pm
Ursula shoulder tapped Secretary and Treasurer but if anyone wants those positions she is happy to nominate and have a vote. Grateful to Michelle and Wayne for continuing in the role.
Ursula presented Wayne and club with Polio Now Certificate for donating more than $1500 to Polio eradication this past year.
Antoon announced WHOMP is now called Bay Waka. He is threatening a 20% price rise because of Trump's victory.
Wayne's World: Wyrds of Wisdom:
They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
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