Jodie Houltram from Tauranga Blood Donor Centre gave a very inciteful talk about donating can be donated three ways being Whole blood, Plazma or Platelets.
Whole blood lasts for 35 days, plazma 2 years when frozen and platelets 7 days.
The blood is sent to Melbourne and made into Plasma at a rate of 13 tones every three months. The Blood Donor centre is raising awareness of giving blood via a promotion “Team Red "this is designed to give back to the community and raise awareness for blood donations.
Yes you guessed it; there will be Apps, Websites, and Facebook links, cross linking everywhere.
Some blood donor fun facts
You can donate up to the age of 76
No blue blooded British can give blood because of mad cow disease.
The test for mad cow can only be done via autopsy so a bit dramatic and best wait and see.
Giving blood only takes 10-15 minutes and you still get a biscuit and cup of tea.
Giving Plasma takes 45 minutes
The need for whole blood is reducing as they use more plasma.
There is a cool blood donor app that tracks how often you have donated, a bar code and ID and all sorts of other stuff apps do.
Last key fun fact – that bus with those nice policemen you come across after Christmas festivities are not from the blood donor centre, however they may still want to take your blood if you have been naughty.