Guests: Nicholas Meloni, Colin Leader and Jo West
Committee meetings ensued over breakfast. 
  1. Dave W explained that we have all the naughty Save a Life capsules back and need a whole bunch more 'deconstructed' for reassembly into threesomes (which apparently are better for your health).  These we duly taken home by members at the end of the meeting - thanks.
  2. Neil - Heart Foundation collecting - the volunteer roster was filled by the end of the meeting - also thanks.
  3. Phil - tickets are available for the Kaimai Golf Classic 25 Feb in aid of a skate park for the Kaimai conmunity
  4. Stuart - a new storage place is needed for the Treasured Art boards - offered by Dean.  Thanks to him and thanks to Eric who has put up with them for over a year.
  5. Rotary Foundation workshop 6pm 14 Feb Daniels in the Park - last chance to book through President Wayne.
  6. Resignations: Katherine Sandford and Graeme Purches (Katherine in absentia and Graeme during his sergeant session).
  7. Induction: a warm welcome to Jo West, whose mentor and committee chairman will be Eric.
Wayne's World: Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.
Sergeant Graeme fined exporters importers and money launderers in light of the NZ dollar having dropped overnight.  He also recounted stories of Rotary in small towns like Dunedin and Hokitika. Also how he carefully avoided getting elected after seeing close up what he would be in for.  We will miss your larger than life presence, which one member likened to Marc Ellis in his prime.
Parting Thought from Michelle: "Don't give to get, give to inspire others to give" - Simon Sinek