Speaker - Jeremy Scott, and Ron & Viv Dykes, visiting Rotarians from the Devonport Club
Whisky tasting 11 July 7 pm. Still more tickets available and looking for further gifts for raffle. Contact Dave Woodhouse
RLI tomorrow . Well done Roberta for rallying the troops. Expecting a full house
K Valley bridge opening 11 am tomorrow 13 May. This is potentially the first official ribbon cutting event for our new mayor. Probably no babies to kiss or cakes to eat but a grand photo opp and wonderful asset to our fine city. (seriously if you haven’t ridden the track well worth it and the bridges will make a big difference to what is a very pleasant ride).
23rd June – Shorts for Te Puna morning. Shave those legs chaps and brace yourselves
Treasured Art : On tonight. Expecting a great night.
Ray Scott 9 years in the club
Ross Brown 15 years in the club
Wayne’s words of wisdom
The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.
Guest speaker
Speaker Jeremy Scott lost his air tick home from London so came up with a grand idea to have an epic bike ride across the globe. After several years of planning he started the journey in  October 2011 to finished in May 2014. He rode his bike from London to Christchurch and them on to the final destination in Auckland.
Having had major heart surgery as a 4 year old, his effort was a huge personal challenge as well as raising of $50,000 for the Heart Foundation.
Great example of someone having a great idea and the courage to do something about it !.
Plus you can only achieve a massive task by breaking it down into small steps.
He has written a book on this experience. $65 of which 10% goes to the Heart Foundation.
Can be ordered through
Dave Woodhouse gave sincere thanks for all the support he has received from the member of the club as he supports Hellen’s recovery from her stroke.
Neville and Warwick fessed up they had brought raffle tickets but not picked them up. Very hard to win at that rate !
Comment made re John Carlson being well hung (treasured art of course) and the biggest breakfast ever seen.
Mike Batchellor also went to Iran once but used a more conventional mode of transport.
Gave a dissertation on the rogue use of apostrophise and school boy antics.
Parting thought
Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference.
It’s never about the role, it’s about the role.