• Jenny Magee – Speaker
  • Don Manning – Andrew Knowles
  • Paul Treanor – Max Mason
  • Pauline Happé – A close relative
  • Ursula came up with a gem of an idea to mix us all up. Bling rules. Bit of refinement needed, Ursh.
  • Whisky tasting final profit $3454 – nice!
  • Watch out for election hoardings says Stuart
  • Eric offered to make a significant contribution to the fines if Stephen Dorrington had the guts to reiterate his comments about Pauline Happé from last week. (He didn't)
#1 was our illustrious President. Born in Zambia in 1961 (really?). 2 kids. Parents celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary in June. Has a fear of rejection and failure. Wanted to be a supermodel or actress (we reckon you've achieved both). Has donated 40 pints of blood.
#2 Jo West. Born in Tauranga. 2 lovely kids. Reckons its imperative to set goals. Relationships are very important. Has a phobia about being in bed with bugs ('or indeed anything creepy-crawly' – see Sergeant's comments later). Attended 7 primary schools before becoming a teacher and joining the staff of Hogwarts to have Hermione Grainger in her class – or maybe she taught Emma Watson at a different school.
JENNY MAGEE  was our guest speaker. Has written a book entitled A Bold Life – How boomer women are reinventing life beyond 50. Jenny's presentation was studded with a series of questions and was a fascinating insight into the psyche of the adventurous baby boomers. She quoted a US poet, Mary Oliver 'So tell me, what is it that you intend to do with this one wild and precious life?' Jenny had a busy 30 years and reached a 'what now' plateau so in 2015 took time out and did a big OE, again trying to answer some questions:
  • What difference am making?
  • Why am I here?
  • If I only had 20 summers left, what would I do?
She met a series of very interesting people (9F, 1M) like Victoria who needed some other direction, so took a year to help with women's education in Cambodia. She was 'in a rut of comfort that was killing her' Sound familiar? Jenny's eureka moment was staring at birds through binoculars on the Norfolk Broads. Her challenge was not to go quietly – make a ruckus! Inspirational.
Sergeant Devlin started with the advice 'don't pigeon-hole yourself into birdwatching' Yeah, right. Eric now has a new role as Director of Culling and WdV was asked about the 10 things to remember about Alzheimer's   No 1 – Stay fit, No 2 – er......
Jo West really needs to talk to Sel about creepy crawlies in bed
Another fun morning finished with Pat's Parting Thought: 'Ironing boards are surf boards that quit before achieving their dream. Don't be an ironing board' Bit Freudian, that one
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