Welcome from President Wayne Shadbolt
Present 44, Apologies 8, LOA 3, Silent 15
Guests Susie Pierce, Simone Anderson (The Incubator), Dawn Hutchinson, (Creative Tauranga - Speaker)
Kindest Possible Wish  - Too Late for Tickets! If you want to donate a prize however you are still in luck. Contact Dave Woodhouse.
Treasured Art A debrief has been held, with some initiatives highlighted that might smooth the process next time round.  One of them is clearly to enlist volunteers early in the piece. 11 May 2018 if you are available - get your name down now!
Waipuna Shorts Day - Not to be confused with the Treasured Art debrief. 23rd of Jun, a date which promises all things rimy on a mid-winters morn!
Rise up Tauranga - Many thanks to those who helped at the Cargo Shed - four truckloads of furniture and homeware bound for flood victims in Edgecumbe.
The Great Debate is back - this time featuring some famous and opinionated people (Ginette MacDonald, Raybon Kan and Will Johnson - all famous as we know). To make up the numbers, Greg Brownless will be plugging the gap and the point with them  - 22 June 6:30 pm Te Puke Citizens Club
X-Ray Unit - Tauranga hospital will be dumping their Xray unit 30 June. There is a opportunity to dismantle it and send it to an African hospital where it can see out its days in the sun. If you are available to help dismantle the device (2-3 days under supervision) let Wayne know. 
Wayne's Word of Wisdom
The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.
Margaret Chase Smith (US Politician)
Guest Speaker Dawn Hutchinson from Creative Tauranga 
Dawn has been engaged to write the region's Arts and Culture Strategy which is an initiative funded by both TCC & WBPDC. The Draft is imminent (1 June) and consists of a 3 year plan to move us towards a greater cultural enlightenment! The initiatives, by happy coincidence, all begin with "V". Here they are verbatim: Vocalising, Visioning, Valuing and Vibrancy.  Have you say on the draft (there is a survey) and make sure that the vacuous voters don't veto it!     Culture is in our Heart!
Sergeant's session
David McConnichie was searching for a suitable name for the budget - something like a the Flying Sex Toy Budget was his suggestion? The price of those things.- you wouldn't want to be throwing them away! Also mentioned in dispatches were Bram Stoker's green shoes and 150 Million Tin Lizzies.
Parting thought - Pat Taylor
"Eagles may sour above the cloud but Turkey's never get sucked into a jet engine"