Attendance TBA
Colin Leader, Gary Benner, Naudeen Heerscap, Nicholas Meloni, Wanita Wood, Hannah Goodhue and some character called Colin Beehre from Aussie (former member).
We have decided to underwrite funding of $10,000pa for three years for the Alzheimer’s Society Tga, and hope for some backing in this from other local clubs.Kathy thanked us and explained that the programme it supports allows spouses and other carers some respite.
 Ursula is looking for a nomination for president elect – becoming the big cheese in a year and a half.  Make sure you nominate someone who wants to be itJ
Save a Life update – in a rare move the faceless bureaucracy revealed a face to a mere mortal, when Medsafe met our men.  We are back in business selling capsules in threes with boxes of aspirin.  RRP to be $10 or $12.  This will make for much speedier packaging but a little more cost. Well done fellas.  Dave wants all those Hutt Valley unpacked capsules back asap please.
Michelle is still looking for homestays for Hong Kong students 19-21 April.  Check with your diaries and your spouses and get back to her please as this raises good money for the club, and is quite good fun.
Those who have not been getting the Bulletin must have a wrong email address in Clubrunner.  However that happened, the solution was on a sheet of paper which you hopefully took away.  Contact Roberta if not.
Free drinks and nibbles! Now I have your attention, contact Wayne to confirm your interest in the Foundation workshop at Daniels in the Park 6pm 14 Feb
Neil is (or at least was) still looking for Heart Foundation collectors for 17 Feb.
‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.’
Dennis Edwards was entertaining on how he got into writing, initially in his down time as an ambulance officer in South Auckland.  Having learned to type at Police College was an advantage.  As an immigrant from Miramar via New York and Auckland  to Tga in 2014 he apologised for single handedly causing the traffic queues on the road and the golf course.  In Auckland life was hell (naturally) especially when he was a Shortland St writer for a year, trying to capture the angst of young urban females.  He explained that new journalists are seriously unwanted, expected to waste time and a threat to everyone.  The way forward is to find an area that is not being reported on and cover it – like marketing in business really.  And always deliver your best work.
Dennis had some time doing Felicity Ferret work at Metro, was responsible for NZ stories in all the UK tabloids for a time, wrote concurrently for Listener and Truth, whose readerships never met, and took a fee from some muppets for ten years for the movie rights to ‘Miramar Dogs’ which seems unlikely to ever be made, but you can download the ebook ex Amazon.
Personal mantra for success: ‘Be better than anyone who is faster than me, and faster than anyone who is better than me’.
Sergeant Simon wants us to build a wall, a great big wall, and it will be a good wall, a very good wall.  (If you don’t think that’s funny, try this: - Ed)
There followed some interesting stuff about various national anthems including the unrecognisable English translation of the Maori version of the NZ anthem. And a tip – do not loan your van to Dan the man, or park near his car for that matter!  Seems he is the man who put the ‘Ding’ in the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Altogether an excellent sergeant session to follow an excellent speaker.
Parting thought from Warren Banks: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe