$25,000 available for community group  
A significant fund to assist local community groups following the impact of the Covid lockdown has been announced by the Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise.   This has been completed  and the results are below.
The Story
$25,000 available for community groups
A significant fund to assist local community groups following the impact of the Covid lockdown has been announced by the Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise.
“The economic impact of Covid19 has seen normal funding sources for local non-profit organisations dry up or be substantially curtailed,” says club president Rhonda Wisbey.

“Recognising this the Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise has announced its intention to make the sum of $25000 available to local community groups and non-profit organisations.”

The fund will be contestable and limited to a maximum of $5000 per applicant.
“Over the past few years the club has been able to put some funds aside for a rainy day and it is now well and truly pouring.
“We see this as a timely opportunity to make a significant difference for local groups struggling for funding.”
The Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise was formed 23 years ago and since that time has donated in excess of $1million to assist local community groups and organisations. 

“This is part of who we are and what we do,” says Rhonda.
Applications for funding, which close midday September 4, 2020, will be considered from Tauranga based non-profit organisations and community groups and must be for project or capex costs, supported by quotes.
Application forms can be downloaded from the club website or Facebook page or by emailing the club’s community service director, Pat Taylor on patandbernienz@gmail.com.
In recognition of the economic impacts of Covid, the Board made the decision to withdraw $25k of funds held in the Trust Account to be made available upon application by local community groups and Non Profit Organisations. Grants to be limited to a maximum of $5k for any one applicant.
Following the announcement in local media we were inundated with requests, with 22 expressions of interest leading subsequently to 15 applications totalling in excess of $80k.
A funding matrix helped us compare competing applications from very diverse organisations with applications being marked on:-
Reflecting the Aims and Objectives of Rotary
Providing long term benefit for the local community
Providing PR and media opportunities for the Club
Proof of financial stability
Meeting diversity requirements of Rotary
Providing evidence of environmental sustainability
Willingness to help Club with “in kind” support.
Preference given to Tauranga Based organisations
Desire to help as many organisations as possible even if it meant we could only partially fund.
Preference given to organisations who could demonstrate a severe financial impact from Covid.
Desire to maintain support for our strategic partners
Preference to support projects rather than fund cash flow (although the impact of Covid overrode this at times).
Prefer to support organisations who would find it difficult to raise funds from the traditional funding organisations.
Preference to be given to organisations whose request could be broken down into components without adversely impacting on the project itself.
Our preference was not to be part of a multi funded project if possible.
We received 15 applications totalling in excess of $80k. Our aim was to support 10 applicants.
1 Alzheimers Foundation Tauranga: Request $11k.    Recommend $3k.
To assist with costs of support and activity groups. A strategic club partner
2 YSAR:   Request $7.6k.   Recommend $3.4k.
To fund outdoor first aid course for 36 students. (Our approval was for 18 students)
3 The Incubator:  Request   $7.4k.     Recommend  $2.9k
To purchase two heat pumps. We agreed to fund the smaller unit. A strategic club partner
4 Merivale Community Centre: Request $13.8k.  Recommend  $3k.
To fund a holistic music programme to inspire youth in Merivale. Strategic Club partner.
5 Homes of Hope: Request $4.8k.    Recommend $2.4k
To fund 2 students with trauma therapy courses. We recommend sufficient for 1 child.
6 Breast Cancer Support Tauranga:  Request $2.8k.   Recommend $2.8k
To provide ready-made meals for six months to families of Breast Cancer sufferers.
7 Epilepsy NZ BOP:   Request $2.7k.     Recommend $2.7k
To purchase replacement vehicle for BOP Educator. (Jointly with other funders).
8 Your Garden:  Request $0.925k.       Recommend $0.925k.
Providing garden materials to assist teaching of nuerodiverse students through gardening activities.
9 Bay Twisters: Request $3.5k.   Recommend $2k
To fund half cost of website development. Provide Cheersports for local children and Rebound Therapy for children with physical disabilities.
10 Te Puna Kindergarten:   Request $2.4k.     Recommend $1.4k
To purchase garden shed and equipment for community gardens. Emphasis on environmental education and building communities.
1 Tauranga Volunteer Coast Guard. Request $4.1k for additional radio console
2 Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club. Request $5k for First Aid Courses
3 Omanu Beach Surf Life Saving Club. Request $5k to go towards purchase of beach vehicle.
All three were primarily declined as they have strong balance sheets, healthy cash balances and well-heeled supporters. There were however other reasons
4 Brain Injured Children’s Trust. Request $5k to contribute towards their annual fund-raising event.
5 Aongatete Forest Project. Request $6,5k. To pay for architects fees in relation to their planned education centre.
With these latter two requests we will be approaching other funding organisations on their behalf.
After an intense and thorough process I believe we have come up with the very best outcome, supporting as many organisations as possible and enabling the Club to maximise its PR opportunities.
I would like to acknowledge Barbara, Kathy, Bill and Amanda for their unstinting dedication to ensure we managed to complete the process within a very tight time frame plus the huge amount of time and effort they have put towards the judging process.