On this day in 1901 Nicholas Oates appeared in the Christchurch Magistrate’s Court charged with driving ‘a motor car within the city at a speed greater than four miles an hour’ (6.5 km/hr) on Lincoln Road, Christchurch. 

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President Elect Rhonda ran the show this morning…
Karaoke Night – 6 June Tauranga Club 7:00 $10 pp. After last year's effort, this is bound to be a sell- out. Limited to 50. Contact Paul Brljevich at  for a ticket.
District Changeover is down for June 28 in Havelock North for those interested (some confusion over the date tho’?....will need to confirm)
Speaker was President Elect Rhonda Wisbey who gave us a bit of background about herself, and what we could be in for next year. A Katikati girl off a local dairy farm, she was the eldest of three and seemed to have attended most of Katikati’s educational institutions. As a youngster, she enjoyed fishing and hunting and other blood sports, confirming herself as spirited tomboy early on. She was selected as an AFS student to Cooktown Queensland, by none other than our own Bill Holland. Cooktown proved to be even more rural than Katikati. She attended Wairakei Polytech before joining the workforce where she tells us she was taken aside for a series of “Corrective Interviews” after expressing one too many opinions. Married at 24, with two boys, she headed back to the work force at 37. Her “Mum Yelling” proved effective as a solo parent with both the boys having “become good men”. Darren was met on a North American ski holiday, where his cheeky banter proved alluring enough for a future together. She is looking forward to her Presidential year - through Rotary we can build a stronger community.
Sergeant –Dave Woodhouse gave us a quiz, where we were able to mark our own answers. Most managed 100%. (Shame on you if you didn’t.) Who didn’t know that McDonalds started 80 years ago by brothers Richard and Maurice (“Dick” & “Mac”)? 
Thank God only “Mac” made it onto the menu! 
And finally:
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Parting Thought from:  Bob Sutton

“Remember that life’s greatest lessons are often learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes"