ON THIS DAY in 1537 The first complete English-language Bible (the Matthew Bible) was printed, with translations by William Tyndale*
*My UK Rotary Club (Cotswold Tyndale) took its name from Tyndale, who was executed for heresy. The Club survived

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Past President Pat’s Welcome – To a small and perfectly formed meeting on a glorious day.
Anniversaries: David McConnochie  - 11 Years – arrived at peak davidom – has seen off many of the pretenders… well done.
Interclub Competition 16th October – we already have 4 teams of 4, including a women’s team – “The Gutter Queens”. The opposition - currently 3 teams from Tauranga, and 1 from Te Papa. Let Warren S. know if you are keen to participate.
Collections – Save the Date! Wendy advises that the Lion Foundation are collecting 18th Oct at Countdown. An opportunity to enlist will circulate at next week’s meeting.
Barry Vercoe is has received two visits form Mary and on both occasions he apparently feigned sleep. Barry will be travelling to Auckland for surgery next week but is home in the meantime – and would love to hear from well wishers. (Mob: 021 627 421)
New to the Bay Expo – Thanks to all members who participated -this turned out to be a grand networking opportunity and chance to show case the Rotary cause.
This is Us – The project has good traction and a funding application raised with creative communities. Les reports that the process of lodging the application proved to be an opportunity for personal development, which he of course grabbed with both hands.
Crystal Palace - we will again be hosting a breakfast as part of the Arts Festival. Marilyn Waring is the guest speaker and the event will celebrate 30 Years of Women in Rotary. According to Glenn Dougal, tickets are close at hand (at Kale print waiting to be picked up) - $55 each. Book through Mary to Email:
Cricket Rubbish Monitors - Pat and Barbara met with the new Bay Oval Trust representative and outlined the club’s expectation should we be forced to endure the ennui of test cricket this summer. They have failed to return our calls, so with any luck we been dropped from the list of preferred suppliers.
RLI – Wayne S and Wendy S attended the latest RLI, along with 12 others, including Roberta. Wendy reported that it was well facilitated and “quite hard work”.
*Note: as our resident Club photographer was absent and his #2 was a speaker, we have had to resort to Google images of our speakers and Sergeant.
1. Ron
Speakers Ron Fyfe, Dave Woodhouse and Wayne Shadbolt gave a run down of the history, successes, challenges and ultimate demise of “Savealife”. John Dentice and Brian Rickard are honouree members of Tauranga Sunrise for their
contribution to this successful fund raiser. They introduced Ron Fyfe to the original concept of an aspirin in a capsule for heart attack victims in 2015 and were instrumental in setting up the enterprise. 
                      2.Wayne:  ➡️
Things were going swimmingly up until Medsafe became involved and decreed that saving people’s lives, or at least the way we were doing it, was illegal. After a quick rejig, we were back in business selling 3 capsules and a packet of aspirin, complete with expiry date and medical disclaimers.
The death knell came when aspirin could only be sourced in a minimum pack of 100. Our Savealife champions decided this was just making things way too hard and sadly closed the doors on this worthwhile venture.
There then followed a brief history of Kindest Possible Wish
3. Dave
– our biennial tutored whisky tasting which was ‘inspired’ by the late Phil Withy. The 4th such event took place last July and is set to continue (until Medsafe decide that sampling whisky is contrary to their police state attitude). Worth noting that the combined profit from these ventures has topped $53,000
Neil Matson as thanker, lamented the fact there were no capsules to give our speakers, which was sad as they collectively really deserved the club’s appreciation- well done guys. (Perhaps Medsafe had confiscated them.)
Raffle – Bob Sutton.
Sergeant –Michele Beaton and the Alter Egos. Even managed to unearth Roasalie’s true persona!
 4. Michele (even down to the one 'l')
And finally:


Parting Thought from Wayne Shadbolt
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein – genius

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