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13 Rotarians attended the first ever meeting on Good Friday and were welcomed by President Warren.
There were a couple of announcements. Greg got yet another shout for his birthday and Bill Holland clocked up 10 years in Rotary.
Neil gave an explanation of why 'Corona virus' had morphed into COVID 19. Seems that Corona is the umbrella for many sub groups and COVID (and SARS) are 2 of those. The 19 refers to the year that it was first identified. Thanks for that Neil.
Ron said that most Clubs in D9930 were having, or were in the process of setting up, virtual meetings via Zoom.
Wayne reported on how a good number of worthies (including Rotarians) were helping out at New World, Brookfield by compiling orders and delivering them. The response they were getting from the recipients was, at the very least, heartwarming.
Kathy warned that there may well be scams cropping up on social media and for all to be aware.
Rosalie thankfully ditched her home-made burqua and toilet roll telescope eyes in favour of a rather fetching sombrero. She reported on various initiatives including a business help column in the newspaper and the need for mentors. There are also live streaming meetings via Facebook and she will continue to keep us up to date with forthcoming ones.
Dave reported on the Zoom meeting he had attended with Cotswold Tyndale D1100 in the UK (where he is an honorary member). The emphasis, post Lockdown, was almost certainly going to centre on helping local charities stay afloat. Dave also gave a brief rundown on how they raised money - big ones being a charity golf day ($$$$), Black tie ball ($8400) and providing support for local events, carnivals and festivals for which they received payment from the organizers. Another ongoing fund raiser was running 'Town Hall Teas' on several Saturdays throughout the year. Good money spinner ($800+ profit each time)
Warren urged all members to keep in contact with one another.
Neil led the National Anthem but forgot (?) to switch his mic from mute.
We are pleased to inform you all that Lynda Burch's mum, Diane, is now home from hospital, having been treated for COVID 19. She was very seriously ill so it is with great relief that we are able to send our love and best wishes for her continued recovery
And finally.....
Why is the objective of golf to play the least amount of golf?
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Parting Thought from President Warren.