BULLETIN 12 March 2021

Coca-Cola was initially only sold by the glass from soda fountains because of a belief in the health properties of carbonated water. The first person to bottle Coca-Cola was Joseph A. Biedenharn from his wholesale candy company in Vicksburg, Mississippi, in 1894.
Biedenharn used a Hutchinson bottle with its patented stopper, very different from the later famous contour bottle, designed in 1915.

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Visitors:  Nathan Capper, Deyna Hikuroa (Nathan’s partner), Janet Chambers.

President Rhonda… Welcome….but it’s still dark! Too dark for some. Only 3 more weeks of daylight saving the President declares.
Birthdays and Anniversaries: David Woodhouse will be turning 34, Kevin Atkinson 23 and Chris Rapson 16. Steve Read celebrates his 50++ Rotary anniversary on the 8th
Car Rally – This is no longer from here to Whakatane and will now stay local.  Save the date: 10th April is the big day, with an optional dinner to follow. Rhonda was very keen to dress in something “Wacky”. As Penelope Pitstop perhaps? Who’s keen to be Dick D. or Muttly, the original do-badders?
Treasured Art - Kathy gave an update. A meeting has been held with Duane Moyle, the Exhibition Manager at the Tauranga Art Gallery. There is a lot of excitement about some of the names listed. In fact, so much excitement that Kathy was unable to recall many. Kelcy Taratoa (?), Nicolas someone, Salvador someone else? Very exciting anyway, with the potential to take things to the next level.
Multi-Cultural Event – There are still a few spare spots available. Contact Shiv for details. 
Nathan Capper Induction: Nathan was inducted into the Club with all due ceremony. Nathan will join Club Services with Warren Banks as mentor. Pat Taylor provided an official RI welcome too – a nice touch.
Sponsor Buddy advised he first met Nathan via email, through an Iwi-Council interaction. Not sure how that went, but his lesson from the encounter was “Don’t give up on people.” Buddy tells us Nathan will be and “enormous asset” to the Club and we look forward to him becoming involved. Welcome Nathan.
Guest Speaker: Cayley McLean was introduced by Paul Belcaster, who just couldn’t resist the current meme of what Australians do with their rubbish. Since 2016 our rubbish has been analysed by a highly skilled team of garbologists.  Great work if you can get it. The results are: 33% food scraps, 16% compostable and 16% recyclable. The remainder unmentionable. Tauranga is about to embark upon a programme of Rate Funded Kerbside Collections which will increment rates by $193 per year. For that you get no less than 4 bins! 
Cayley then made the grave mistake of opening the floor for question time. Members were not reticent. Pay as you Throw, Cradle to Grave product stewardship, Type 2 plasticitus, assisted collection services etc…. even the dreaded chicken’s raised their heads again. No doubt Cayley was much relieved when time was up, and she was given a jolly good thanking. 
Raffle: Was received with thanks by official thanker Brett Hobson
Sergeant Session:
James Clague bemoaned the fact that “Smiley’s” people would not let the rich and famous in on their Super Yachts – he suggested a multi-million dollar fine. The Royal Family received a ribbing for being strangely out of touch with normal society (how could that happen?). Bob’s BBQ rated a mention, as did the junior Dougal’s prowess with the traditional guest drenching “Manu”. Good skills young man.
Parting Thought:  Viv Dykes
“Knowledge is the knowing that the tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato into a fruit salad.”
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