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Aug 27, 2018
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Aug 28, 2018
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John O'Hagan. President Tauranga Te Papa
Alan and Sharon Hitchcock. Tauranga Te Papa
Darren Wisbey
Will McCall - speaker
Eduardo (How long?) Mello
Alan and Sharon promoted the Te Papa Club who will be running its annual Melbourne Cup event in the same week as Treasured Art. The Melbourne Cup event is for 450 people at Baypark and aims to raise
$40,000 for Homes of Hope and Women’s Refuge. It will include a guest speaker and a professional MC and will feature horse racing, fashion in the field, and culminate in watching the Melbourne Cup on screen. Unfortunately, there will be no TAB – apparently if there are more than about 100 cellphones in a room, the signal strength is not sufficient to run a TAB terminal.


Wayne has reached his 46th wedding anniversary and Pauline her 48th. Andrew Knowles has a birthday on the 26th, and Mike Batchelor on the 30th.


Bob reported that Mike Batchelor is feeling in better spirits and is still waiting for his operation. He will be in hospital for his birthday.

Kathy repeated her earlier plea for storage space for display stands. She urgently needs about 3m2 of space.

Eduardo had a second attempt at his presentation which, on this occasion, went off without a hitch. His entertaining presentation included photos of his trip to White Island – he commented on the sulphur smell and the negative effects the ground has on flash shoes! He noted that he went by boat, without realising he would get sea sick and passed on useful advice about sitting near the engine rather than on an upper deck. Eduardo also looked very impressive in a gas mask (or was that mascara?). There were further photos of a trip to the Waitomo Caves, a trip to the Field Days, and a trip to the summit of the Mount in the rain.



Will McCall went to Outward Bound in April this year. He started by saying that the experience was life changing and that it would not have been possible without Rotary’s help. He heard about Outward Bound through family and friends and since he liked tramping and sailing, he thought he would enjoy it. He set some goals before going, including to push himself to see what he was capable of and to develop inter personal and leadership skills.

Will reported on the Outward Bound activities, including lots of fresh air, rain, beautiful clear skies, and uncomfortable nights. Overall, his presentation was a fairly stoical recounting of hardships. At the end he had more understanding of his own capabilities and leadership and had found that he could do more than he thought himself capable of.

At the end of Will’s presentation, President Pat passed on comment from Dave that funds raised at the biennial whisky tasting helped pay for Will to attend Outward Bound.

The raffle was won by Dean Thompson.


The sergeant was one Steve Dorrington who recounted a lengthy walk around Tauranga, including various comments about closed roads, distant views of the harbour, weight limits on the Matapihi pedestrian bridge, glass disposal and a final recounting of a domestic transaction between Steve and Jude involving a touched up tattoo and some surgical enhancement, which seemed to be summed up with the closing words “tit for tat”.


President Pat reminded us that the District Governor will be attending our meeting next week and also put in a reminder for Barry Vercoe’s event.

Also, it has been pointed out that we should ALL be made aware of those members who are on LOA for one reason or another. Requests for LOA should be submitted via the link on the left of this page and will be reviewed by the Board. As of today, the following members are on LOA:

Stuart Pederson (finishes soon), Graham Cornes, Steve Reid, Paul Brljevich, Les Geraghty, Larissa Allen is on maternity leave as of Monday and we all wish her well

Parting Thought

Brett Hobson quoted Bill Cosby – “When you become senile you don’t know it”.


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