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Bev Hodges and Jim Rickard 
  • John Carlson has been in Rotary for 17 years.
  • Friday Fives tonight!
  • A movie night is planned, subject to availability of the movie. To be combined with a pizza night. Further details next week.
  • Warwick reported the assistance given in moving Dress for Success up Devonport Road, although there may have been some unseemly conduct shifting the mannequins. That part was short on detail.
  • A Robbie Burns night is planned. To be faithful to the Scottish heritage of having such events in midwinter, our event will be held during January. The curtains will be closed, and possibly a fire will be lit.
  • he waka eke noa will be launched at the Historic Village at 10.30 on Saturday morning.
  • Kathy advised that Socialink is running a webinar that 4 PM on Tuesday 30 June on the question of legalisation of cannabis. This is now expanded below:
  • This is an opportunity to hear many sides of this question. - health & social, economic. Our speakers will present all the facts and be available for a Q & A session.
    The event will be presented as a webinar and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.
    The current line-up of speakers is as follows:
    • Nikita Costello - student
    • Chester Borrows - ex National MP, appointed to the Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group - a committee responsible for working on restoring the wellbeing of the people.
    • Aaron Ironside, M.A (Psychology) - Campaign Spokesperson -
    • Dr Tony Farrell who has a Fellowship in addiction medicine and is Medical spokesperson for Alcohol Action NZ.
    • Dr Phil Shoemack – BOP’s Medical Officer of Health
    The referendum question is:
    Do you support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill?
    Yes, or No.
    Please ensure that you have read all the information about this question before you attend.
    A free event.
  • Pat advised that planning for Treasured Art is now under way. Aiming to be held in May 2021. The committee (Barbara, Pat and Kathy) is meeting with someone from the Art Gallery next week to see whether there is room for some cooperation.
  • Dave W advised that he plans the 5th Tutored Whisky Tasting probably in August/September 2021.
  • Changeover is at Harbourside for lunch on Saturday 4 July. Payments of $75 per person to the Club bank account and please advise Les if you will be attending. MUST BE ADVISED BY NEXT TUESDAY
  • The Club received a thank you card from Lynda’s Mother Diane Jones who is recovering from Covid 19.
Items from the Board Meeting:
  • $2000 has been donated for K Valley tree planting;
  • $1500 raised from GWCTD and the karaoke night has been matched by a further $1500 from the Board to spend $3000 on a Shelter Box;
  • after discussions with the Trust, the Board is able to make $25,000 available for community groups;
  • Subs for 2021 are unchanged.
For full details, follow this link:
Bryan Winters was introduced by Henry Kaiser.
Bryan started the question “Who Am I?” He referred to his LinkedIn profile, but seemed to indicate that it might not be entirely reliable (and that he might not be the only one in the room that position).
Surfing has been a big part of Bryan’s life. The was heavily involved in starting the Live For More charity which supports at-risk men by teaching them life skills based around surfing. Then while planning a surfing trip to India he got in touch with a bloke named Sefat who single-handedly runs the Bangladesh Wave Fighter Service Life Saving Club which aims to help street kids. Bangladesh is geographically about the same size as the South Island but whereas the South Island is home to about 1.1 million people, Bangladesh is home to about 170 million people.
Bryan recounted the saga of trying to buy 2 surfboards and have them delivered from the manufacturer in China to Sefat in Bangladesh – so far the surfboards have reached a warehouse in Bangladesh……
Currently Bryan is working with Socialink providing technology support to charities to help them manage their relationships with their clients and their donors.
Wayne Shadbolt delivered the vote of thanks.
Sgt Simon commenced his presentation at about 7.56 but held his ground quite well in the face of indications he had run out of time. Simon provided a quick rundown on the history of the role of Sgt in our club, including an explanation of how it got to its current form. Apart from anything else, we learned that a Moment is in fact 90 seconds although no one would admit to knowing exactly why that is so (but it is something to do with sundials and the passage of time)
And finally:  
Smoking will kill you... Bacon will kill you... But, smoking bacon will cure it.
Parting Thought came from Greg Brownless:
Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies (Groucho Marx).
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