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DG – Grant Spackman and Shianne Banks
Rosalie Liddle Crawford and Dave Woodhouse
Anniversaries – Kathy Webb and Bill Chapman 9 years in Rotary.
Special mention – 1 year ago Stuart Pederson died in a yachting accident. Our thoughts are with Pamela and the other crew that survived.
RIP Stuart
John Carlson – Has raffle tickets supporting Garden and Arts Festival.
Wayne Shadbolt has kindly volunteered the club to assist with painting discs for the Tauranga Christmas tree. Please contact Wayne if you can help.  
Sunday – K Valley Cycle adventure. We have 90 entries and still room for lots more. Come along for a bike ride and participate.
It’s a rolling start from 9-30 until finish 2.30 pm (home in time for the match)
Speaker – District Governor Grant Spackman
Joined Rotary in Havelock North 2008. Ron Fyfe introduced and rolled out an impressive CV. From apple orchards to managing large scale businesses. The key takeout being; always give a busy person a job as they will do it more efficiently.
In January 2020 Grant attended the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego USA. Huge aspirations for the year ahead then – COVID 19 hit which has forced us to think in different ways about the wider Rotary organisation.
Rotary International’s vision is “together we see a world where people unite and take action”
Grant expanded on the key projects this year being J R McKenzie Trust, Rotaract in Tertiary campuses, Rotary business mentors, Kiwi Can in schools, Project Open Doors, and focussing on the environment.
Some highlights – Kiwi Can involves 3,000 children taking part in lessons every week on BOP.
Rotary Foundation is in the top 5 largest charities in the world.
The 2021 District grants strategy is focussing on the impact of COVID 19 on the elderly.
This year marks the centenary of Rotary in NZ and Australia. A major centennial project is to immunise children in the Pacific against Roto Virus, HPV and Pneumococcal disease.  We need to rase $4.5m for this cause.
District Conference 9930 is set for Hastings 21-22 May next year.
Raffle – won by Paul Bjerlivich
New member – We are delighted to induct the newest Rotarian in the world – Adrian Pohio.
Sergeant Pat Taylor gave a rendition of real facts that are true including;
Dolly Parton entered a celebrity look a like contest as herself and came second to a drag queen.
It’s illegal in Florida for a single woman to skydive on a Sunday
About 25 % of people in USA believe the sun orbits around the earth.
All the saliva you will produce in your lifetime will fill 2 Olympic size swimming pools (Yuk)
In America more people are killed annually by cows than sharks.
Parting Thought – Shiv – ‘Every moment is a new beginning.’
And finally......
My email password has been hacked. That's the third time I've had to rename the cat.
This week’s genuine insurance claim: Three women were talking to each other and when two stepped back and one stepped forward I had to have an accident
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