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On this day my Mum would have been 112


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Hello everyone.
Our lives have changed significantly compared to this time last week. Its hard to believe that we live in an environment that restricts our day to day movement keeping us essentially locked in our homes. But it is essential that we continue to restrict our movements and contact with others, including loved ones.
Covid 19 is such an infectious beast that the only solution to trying to get on top of this virus is to be in lockdown until we see a downturn in people becoming infected. The message of ‘Stay home, save lives’ is a message we all need to follow.
We are very early on into the lockdown period but as we move through the weeks it will no doubt get harder. We also need to remember that there are many people that are essential workers and will continue to need our support.
 In an endeavour to keep people connected we have set up WhatsApp to use as the platform for this to happen. If you are not setup, simply download the app to your mobile phone and then you will be able to join the conversation. Currently there are 33 members in the group. If you have any issues downloading the app you can contact Wayne Shadbolt email:, Warwick de Vere email:, or Warren Scobie email: for assistance.
So far there has been great content among members, looking forward to many more. WhatsApp is only one avenue to connect, there is still email and phone. I know many members have made contact with each other, but if you do know of anyone that may enjoy a telephone call then pick up the phone, it only takes a couple of minutes.
The Board will have a virtual meeting next week to discuss the finer details of how the Club will operate during the Lockdown period. If you have any immediate questions, then please let me know. As soon as we have a plan we will let you know. In the meantime, stay save and look out for each other.
Best wishes
Warren Scobie
James Warren Scobie | Architect James Warren Scobie was arti… | FlickrJames Warren Scobie
Warren has asked that the Bulletin continues. No problem there, but if you are not able (or are unwilling) to join WhatsApp, you will continue to get your Bulletin to your inbox. We'll continue to share any information that comes our way
This is YOUR platform, however, and without being flippant, if you have anything that you'd like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please feel free to send it to me ( This covers anything you think might be useful (recipes, tips for keeping fit, suggested reading or watching, funnies) - in fact ANYTHING
Parting Thought: You never realise what you've got until its gone - toilet paper is a good example. Garfield

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