BULLETIN 14 September 2018

Editor: Neville Whitworth

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We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
Tauranga,  3110
New Zealand
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Upcoming Events
New War Memorial Museum in Le Quesnoy
Sep 21, 2018
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
Board Meeting
ANZ Board Room, Cameron Rd
Sep 25, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
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Marc Anderson Speaker
Rosalie Crawford
Lisa Phillips
It's a Boy - Congratulations to Larissa and Grandad Dan. Carter James born early Sunday morning.
Injury list
Les Geraghty's hip op went well and will soon be doing hip hop !
Bill Holland in good spirits and going in for an op next week.
Andrew Knowles also recovering 
Mike Batchelor  on the mend
Sonny Bill Williams back to full fitness and coming off the bench - but who really cares ?
Treasured Art - James Clague
The head of Volvo Cars is coming to town on 12/10 and putting on drinks at Duncan and Ebbett Friday afternoon. All members invited. Let James Clague know if you are coming. (bring on driverless cars I say and you could all stay for plenty). They are being a fantastic sponsor for Treasured Art so come and support them .
Also Kathy Webb advised the selection evening for the art went well and some great pieces. 
However we need somewhere to store the art coming in and check it off etc 
Stuart Pederson looking for volunteers to help with set up and pack down.
Alzheimer collection. Wendy Showan 
Advised the collection has changed to Thursday 20/9 11-3 pm at Red Square. List circulating for volunteers 
Savealife - Dave Woodhouse
All capsules arrived . We have a free stand at the Home Show so a great opportunity to sell heaps and raise good funds for the club. Our Black toilet (rolls) will also be there for sale.
Joint Presidents meeting - Ron Fyfe
Feed back from Ron  that we are focusing on World Polio day so all clubs can get together for an article about Rotary and the great work we do etc
Ron is looking for someone who knows someone who may have had polio
Night out at 16th Ave Theatre 28 November -   Stephen Dorrington
Stephen has booked the theatre  for this night for a comedy show Stepping out. Contact him for tickets.
Bay Waka - Antoon Moonen
Just when you thought the art of print media had died, out comes another Bay Waka. Bigger and brighter than ever. 45,000 copies coming your way (not all to one address)
Tauranga Art and Garden Festival
The region is extremely fortunate to have Marc Anderson as Director for this year’s festival.
Marc’s background is event management for international acts such as Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Shirley Bassey, John Denver ( luckily event management and not flight navigation) and Riverdance to name but a few.
Has a fantastic line up of 71 gardens with 50  artists displaying their works.
The Historic Village will be the epicentre of the event with "Bloom in the Bay". Music, gastronomic flare  and so much more to turn Tauranga's cultural void into a vortex of creativity. 

Sergeant Dave Woodhouse - holding court (almost) 
Several dob ins (dobs in....?)
John Carlson holding up traffic for mother duck and 12 ducklings while they crossed the road. 
Warwick De Vere clearing out our post office box so Dan can have his printed Down Under mag - Bay Waka coming your way Dan !** See below
Fleeting reference to Maori Language week. Obviously them lot from the mother country who colonised us still don't get it 
And then it basically all fell apart - the now infamous Te Puna roindabout was mentioned and more so the driving rules around entering and exiting such an engineering feat !. Upshot was across the club there are about 20 different interpretations as to what one does and how one indicates at a roundabout. 
iPhones at the ready, Google in overdrive, debate raged well into the post meeting coffee. Antoon vowing to have an expose in the next Bay Waka 
From the NZ Road Code
'Before entering a roundabout you must indicate if you are intending to exit left or right (if going straight ahead, don't indicate on entry)' NB Unless you are a great big truck taking up two lanes and warning Dave Woodhouse not to come near as he will get squashed. 


An editors foot note  - If you have attended the Duncan and Ebbett drinks on 12 October don't enter any roundabouts and if your sober driver makes a mistake, don't criticize  as at least you got a ride home !

**ROTARY DOWN UNDER  magazine. This can be received by members in digital (preferred) or snail-mail format. If you have it in one format but want the alternative please tell Warwick as it can't be done in ClubRunner.


Raffle won by Kevin Atkinson 

Parting Thought from Shaun Piper:
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes - Art is knowing what to keep.
 Duties for the next 3 weeks:






James Clague

Brett Hobson

Mary O'Sullivan

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David Robinson

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Brett Hobson


Buddy Mikaere - The New War Memorial Museum in Le Quesnoy

Nicola Wearne - Confessions of an Ultra Distance Runner

Kevin Atkinson - The Housing Crisis Facing NZ