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Tauranga Club
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Jul 24, 2018
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Aug 17, 2018
Today’s attendance:

Attended            38

Apologies            7

LOA                     2

Silent                18

Total                 65

No visitors today - first for a long time


Birthday honours to Erica, Mary, Shaun, and Barry Vercoe. Michele & Simon had a wedding anniversary, which they were celebrating a long way away.

Michael Batchelor has, sadly, resigned from the club. Both he and Glenys B. have health issues which now prevent Mike from continuing. He remains interested in club activities and would welcome visitors.

Anna had led a small group to Te Papa Rotary the day before. They are going back to hear a presentation by our one and only MIT professor, Barry V., on 23 August. If you are keen to join the group, please confirm to Anna by 21 August. Other Rotary visits: Otumoetai on 27 August. Then Maketu, sometime later.

Anna advised that there was one more couple space at her mid winter Christmas party. Saturday21 July, at her house. Old news now, but I can report that I took the space, and it was a great party, led later on by Neville on the Guitar. It is a wonder that noise control did not turn up. A great time was had by all.

Treasured Art: Kathy reminded us that it is on, and sought Art works, 50% commission, or if feeling generous, a donation.

Collections: Barbara: Volunteers sought for Pink Ribbon on 12 October. Put you name on the form at our next meeting.

ROMAC: Glenys Parton advised that our young girl from Vanuatu is up and about on her repaired leg, and recovering quickly. She is scheduled to return to Vanuatu on 8 October.

Speaker: Was our very own Kathy Webb. Product of Christchurch, circa 1949, she is the daughter of a policeman, and a mother who was a very enthusiastic member of the Country Women’s Institute. She became, in her words, an “expert generalist”, the qualifications for this description including stints as a survey draftsman, running a hair salon, being a second-hand dealer, and organising a printing business. Coming to Tauranga, she got into the health field, organising sterile supplies for the whole BOP, and changing systems with great abandon. Then on to sorting out Tauranga Hospital, and the Area Health Board, before various roles at the Western Bay Council. She admitted to liking working at large organisations, and particularly liking a job which allowed lots of freedom to be out of the office at all hours. On the volunteer front, she has been very involved in Toastmasters, which she found quite similar to Rotary, and then in the Alzheimer’s Society, where she is now a board member at both local and national level. Another big project is sorting out Neighbourhood Support, which of necessity is changing from a wholly voluntary basis to having paid coordinators.

She then went on to introduce us to her family, by way of a photo album, showing us her mother, still killing them at bridge at 93, her husband Andrew, and her daughter, Kelly, who tragically committed suicide 3 years ago. Then on to grandkids, and even a great grandson. A somewhat errant 18 year old grandson has just re-joined the family to live with her & Andrew and is providing interesting times for them at the moment. Thanks, Kathy, for telling us, and for being so honest about both the good and not so good times in your family history.

Forum: We then had a discussion on money raising projects and tactics, led by Anna. She has a vision of raising enough money to buy an ambulance, which is sorely needed by our local St John Ambulance society. Various money raising projects were discussed, but most focus was on the tactics, with a number of experienced members, led by Kevin and Sally, amongst others, advising that public attention is short, so a significant amount needs to be raised before the project is even launched. Also, there needs to be certainty of outcome, and a definite finish date, so some form of underwriting is desirable. A large number of good contributions. Contact Anna if you want to help with the project.

Our sergeant was John Carlson. Kevin Atkinson won the raffle.

John went on to try to explain his earlier total loss of memory of the planned grace. Just a train of thought that derailed. There were no survivors. A great way to salvage victory from defeat when a bon mot is required, but then absents itself.

He then told us about a ray of divine inspiration that came to him last year, delivered by a solid male wearing a skirt. Yes, our whisky tasting, giving him a glimpse of the hereafter (or is there a more prosaic interpretation?) At this juncture, Dave the Woody piped up, advertising the event for next year.

On to traffic roundabouts. Apparently, we have more per capita than any other place in the world. One of those made up statistics?. Who would be inclined to count them and publish the results? Anyway, John bemoaned the fact that any 3 different drivers can indicate in 3 different ways for the same manoeuvre. Then on to the question of whether podiatrists should offer a discount to those with less than the usual number of toes. Then a revelation (probably just the start of a series), of our resident nodders. Hiz honour da mayor came in for mention here, but he had already left the building.

He finished a great session with a Trumpism, again perhaps a start of trend. Too long to quote here, but the punchline was: “I think I didn’t mean what I said”.


It seems that 2 members (unidentified) last Friday were waiting at the hotel doors seemingly unable to gain access - so as a reminder, if there is no one at the door, use the keypad to the right and enter '500' and then the bell icon. This alerts Robyn upstairs who can/will/might open the door and, as an added bonus, hand out some verbal abuse.

Secondly, there is to be an addition to the Bulletin:'Prez Sez' volume #1 will appear next week. Exciting!


Parting Thought

Paul Brljevich From a pub in his home town in Northland: “Alcohol does not resolve your problems, but then neither does milk or water”

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