On this day in 1960 New Zealand sport enjoyed one of its greatest days in Rome’s Olympic Stadium. Peter Snell won the 800 m and Murray Halberg won the 5000 m.

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Welcome to our visitors:
Thomas Nabbs
Penny Boyce
Stacey Bond
Brittany Frew -
- all from the Water Boys project
Susan Newton
Adrian Pihiop
Birthdays / anniversaries : Simon Beaton 23 years in Rotary.
Dan – 16th September is the Graeme Dingle Regional Awards night. Contact Dan if you
want to attend.
Pauline – This is Us exhibition is going really well. Attended by a huge cross section of the community. Part of the story is how we as a Rotary club are supporting the community.
We still need to fill some places for this Sunday and next Tuesday and Wednesday. Its only a 2 ½ hours commitment for each slot.
Wayne Shadbolt :John and Jackie at the Remaker need a hand at Our Place – The
container village down town Tauranga, to assist with some setting up / painting etc.
Anyone keen please contact Wayne.
Speaker – Thomas Nabbs from Water Boy 
A really inspirational speaker. The Water Boy is an organisation that was set up to break down the barriers to enable children to participate in sport.
“Stronger People Stronger Communities”
Often young people from poorer families don’t have the  means to fund their sporting activities i.e. shoes, subs, transport, equipment etc.
The Water Boy works with schools and other organisations to identify young people with
the desire to play sport but their family circumstances don’t allow it.
It also runs the Taku Waurua  programme which focusses on:
  • Belonging and Identity
  • Self Discovery
  • Citizenship via Volunteering in the Community
  • Goal setting.
A great organisation making a real difference.
Raffle – By default Dave Robinson
('Born Free' should be playing in the background)
Sergeant – Les Geraghty
10 years ago today was the first of three major earthquakes in Christchurch 7.1 struck at 4.35 am.
Other things that happened on this day
476         C E Romulus was over thrown by the Germanic leader Odoacer who became the first barbarian to rule Rome.
1609       Henry Hudson was the first European to discover the Hudson Island in New York. Funnily enough the Indians knew it was there all along!
1882       Thomas Edison got the light bulb underway
1885      The first Café in New York was opened (Rumour has it the first flat white was discovered a month later when an Irishman was crushed in the race to get a coffee)
1886       The last major Indian war finished when Geronemo surrendered.
18888   The Company Kodak started
1988      Google was formed
2010       Christchurch Earthquake hit the city.
Parting thought from Ross Brown:
It always seems impossible until it is done.
Second Editor parting thought
100 years ago Our Grandparents were  asked to go to a land on the other side of the world, give their lives and die for the cause.
Now we are being asked to stay home and sit on the couch !!
And finally: That awkward moment when you leave a store without buying anything and all you can think is "act natural, you're innocent.” Been there, done that
This week’s genuine insurance claim: ‘I started to slow down but the traffic was more stationary than I thought.’
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