On this day in in 1865, the capital of New Zealand moved from Auckland to Wellington


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Sow the Seeds of Love
Aug 02, 2019
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Motor Neurone Disease
Aug 09, 2019
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
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  • President Warren – welcome to guests DG and Mrs DG

  • Les. The Welcome Wall project is coming along very well. The next meeting with Tauranga City Council is Friday 2 August.

  • Dan – Everybody is invited to the Regional Awards on 18th September. Contact Dan for details.

  • Glenys - Mrs Krishnan’s Party. This is a ROMAC fund raiser so get the gang together for a great night out on 22 August, at Baycourt. We need to sell 180 tickets, but only nine Rotarians have booked so far. Teaser: Tickets $50. Contact Stephen Dorrington to book. Email:

  • President Warren - Friday 5’s was on Friday

Guest speaker

District Governor Peter Maxwell and his wife Mary were welcomed to the club. Peter showed how the general public see only the tip of the Rotary iceberg. We are the most financially sound, largest, most powerful service organisation in the world. Every minute of the day Rotary feeds someone, houses someone, vaccinates someone, performs surgery on someone, comforts someone, and provides clean water to someone.

Rotarians contribute 45m volunteer hours which is worth $850m. Tauranga Sunrise Rotary has contributed to the Rotary Foundation the sum of $74,041.00, and the cumulative total per member is $1,175.25. Our average annual giving is $3,365.50, so well-done us!

Mark Maloney is Rotary’s International President designate, and his focus will be, ‘Rotary Connects the World.’

The United Nations is increasingly using Rotary to deliver programmes as it has no national, racial, religious or cultural barriers. It is also 98% efficient in terms of administrative costs as a percentage of income. Rotary membership numbers are growing worldwide, especially in Asia.

Peter went on to ask if our club was fit-for-purpose and encouraged members to think outside the square to find new ways of growing membership. For example, members with businesses could ask customers to join, especially in the 30-40-year age bracket. A club in Christchurch is family oriented and meets every Saturday which appeals to time-poor younger members. Another idea is to set up a passport club which meets two monthly and raises money of charitable purposes.

As District Governor Peter appealed to us to connect, collaborate and communicate with our communities and asked us to imagine what would be possible if all Tauranga clubs came together for a single project. He reminded us that Ron was Assistant -District Governor.

Peter’s wife Mary then gave a brief presentation on Rural Support, which exists to support all rural people, particularly in times of hardship. Many rural jobs involve people working alone and can be stressful without support. Mary quickly organised a virtual gumboot throwing competition, which Rhonda won and generously donated back her winnings.

Peter ended off by inviting everyone to the Rotary conference on 22-24 May. The theme is ‘Countries of the World,’ and each club will dress up in the national costume of their selected country.

His final exhortation was, “By working together we CAN change the world.”


Past President Pat had thought he could sit back on his laurels but after a couple of meetings’ rest and recuperation had immediately been put hard to work as sergeant. He used the occasion to demonstrate clearly that one should never let the truth get in the way of a good story (or a bad one for that matter).

Who knew that Steve sent his parents a congrats card on his birthday; or that Glenys ran a cemetery once; or that Ron has the right to drive sheep in London as he is a Freeman there; or that Mary likes a bit on the side; or that Dave shifted suburb as the new neighbours were the wrong sort; or that Rhonda eats chips really, really loudly at the movies; or that Lynda Burch is a heavy metal maniac; or that the Mayor will to anything to get re-elected; or that Wayne is chainsaw challenged?



AND FINALLY (why does this appeal to the warped mind of an ex-Pom?)

Q: What's the difference between a rabbit and a plum

A: They're both purple except the rabbit



Parting Thought Andrew’s parting thought came from Anne Frank who said, “No one ever become poor by giving.”

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Neil Matson - My year as President. Sow the seeds of love

Jane Kay – Motor Neurone disease

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