BULLETIN 9 February 2018

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We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
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New Zealand
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Barry Fredheim
Antoon Moonen
A warm welcome from President Ursula – a lot of enthusiasm for committee meetings this morning!
Jane stepped in for Warwick to advise that the Sunrise Trust has now been operational for 10 years – and it is now time for some new blood: A new Treasurer is sought to execute the financial management of the Trust and that of SaveaLife, which is “owned” by the Trust. Get in quick before this opportunity passes you by. Contact the Trustee Chair, Bill Chapman to grab this chance now!
RYPENS – 16th 18th March – Get your Police Check done! For those who fear they might fail, David R advises you are still welcome to attend, but you can’t stay!
RLI- Learning and Info is available the same weekend should you fail the Police Check outright.
Collections – The Heart Foundation and Red Puppy appeal are looming and looking for collectors. Barbara is also looking for 2 more rubbish collectors for the cricket on the 28th.
Foodbank – Those who volunteered to help sort the tomato cans from the chic peas are invited to a thankyou event 15th Feb at Yatton Park. Contact Barbara if you wish to attend.
Tree Planting – Join Shane Jones and other notables for free carbon credits. Make sure you get snapped doing it to! Shane tells us that he likes digging holes: “It’s the only job where you start at the top.”
The Great K Valley Adventure Race is set for 3rd March. Get your treadly out and your enthusiasm in hand to make sure this is a Marquee Event for the club. Contact Rhonda or Warren S. Please post this link on your Facebook:
Resignations – Eric advises that Chris Downey and Marianne Boonen have both resigned from the club. Sad to see them go – they were both great fun.
Katie Scott, our outgoing exchange student has arrived in Austria. Eduado is our Brazilian in-bound lad, and is very keen to latch on to anything interesting members might be up to. He might be in for a shock!
Books for Skools – Apparently, we have books but no schools. Please advise if you know of a likely and deserving recipient.
District Conference Save the Date 18-20th May 2018 Wairakei Resort, Taupo. Journeys that are Making a Difference
Sgt Session – Neville Whitworth challenged the members to push the waka out in the koha department! More importantly he suggested we abandon all prejudices! Surely no one in the room would have any of those.
The race for $100 suggests you don’t even need any:
Parting Thought: Mike Batchelor
“If you look at the Treaty in its historical and political context, it is rather more of a spiritual than a legal document, so the idea of it being a covenant is central. A covenant is an agreement based on the promises of two people to take the best possible care they can of each other”
Bishop Manu Bennet: Waitangi Tribunal, Te Roroa Report 1992
 Duties for the next 3 weeks:
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Warwick de Vere - Habitat
Clinton Naude - Civil Defence Emergency Management
Rachel Glasier & Jo Allum - Rotary Kickstart Award