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Just the one today - our speaker Marty Hoffart


This year Rotary celebrates 30 years of women in Rotary. President Pat awarded Past Presidents Wendy, Ursula, Jane and Sally with a pendant to commemorate this.

Sally As part of the Tauranga Arts festival, we are given the use of the tent on The Strand for free to host a breakfast. This will be the fifth time we have done it. 250 tickets will be sold and Sally always arranges a very entertaining guest speaker. This year is no different. And the guest speaker is?????????????????????????. You will just have to wait and see! Once again a full club turn out will be required for selling tickets, setting up and clearing etc. More to follow. The breakfast is on 25 October and this year's charity recipient is Life A Plenty

Julie The remainder of the toilet paper has been sold in one lot!! Phew!This will ultimately see a profit on the project of $1,000 approx. Well done Julie for your perseverance

Also Vinna – the Romac student is back in Vanuatu however has not yet gone back to her village but is staying beside the family who are using the sewing machines that we sponsored.

Ron gave an interesting dissertation of what it means to be a Rotarian and highlighted some key things Rotary has instigated , such as:

Who started The Crippled Children Society in NZ ?

Who built the first Karitane Hospital?

Who organised the first mobile TB clinic ?

Who started milk in schools?

Who began the first Health Camps?

Who brought defensive driving courses to NZ ?

And many more. Go to the Henderson Rotary Club website – History of Rotary in New Zealand. Very interesting.

Les K Valley bike event made a profit $2,500 and will be even bigger next year.

Movie night coming up will be at the Rialto

Change over dinner 5 July.

Michele Guess Who’s coming to dinner 15 and 22 June. Funds raised will go to Shelter Box . Give your names to Michele.

Ian K Valley planting went well with 2,600 trees planted. 6 hardy souls from our club helped out.



Guest Speaker

Marty Hoffart Tauranga’s very own waste warrior is in all sorts of waste / recycle organisations.

He gave a great talk about beverage container recycling and a container deposit system whereby when you return the bottles, plastic containers etc. you get a refund. New Zealand is really dragging its feet in this area and is well behind many countries.Over 2 billion bottles / containers sold annually and only half are recycled. 45,000 tonnes discarded in our landfills annually.

The numbers around a fully recycle system are astounding:

Could provide 2,400 jobs

Economic benefit $45m pa

It will lower our CO2 emissions

Plus many more benefits

An inspirational speaker and his TedX videos are well with a watch as well.

Sergeant Dave walked us through a few wee ditties from an old favourite radio show 'I’m sorry I Haven’t a Clue' and a new take on some common words via the Uxbridge English Dictionary

Effluent – Very good at bad language

Papal – The Vatican’s system of donating on line

Masticate – To enjoy yourself with a set of dentures

Haywain – How to attract the attention of Mr Shadbolt

Hospice – Equestrian discharge

Juggling – A young jug.


PS Urgent request:

Elliot here from the Blue Light Young Driver Navigator Programme.

As busy as everyone is, I am looking, pleading, grovelling...well more so looking and pleading, for people who want to make a difference in a young person's life.

I am looking for volunteers who have held their NZ drivers licence over 2 years and can spare an hour to teach a local high school student how to drive.

There is a commitment of 6 months which encompasses that young person’s Learner Licence period.

You can be flexible with your time...lessons can be 1/2 hour to an hour long...per week.

This is your time to make a share your driving expertise and pass on your knowledge.

For more info - Elliot on 0276162585 for an Application Pack.
Parting Thought From Shaun Piper:

The strongest governments on earth cannot clean up pollution by themselves. They must rely on each ordinary person like you and me, on our choices and on our will. (Very apposite)

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