BULLETIN 17 August 2018

Editor: Stephen Dorrington

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If you wish to apologise or register a Leave of Absence Request, please use the links below. Any problems please use contact form and emails will be forwarded. Remember absences need to be submitted before 6 pm on Thursday to be credited. LOAs require board approval


Leave of Absence

Meeting Information
We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
Tauranga,  3110
New Zealand
DistrictSiteIcon District Site
Upcoming Events
Speaker Outward Bound
Tauranga Club
Aug 24, 2018
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
Sunrise Visit Otumoetai Club
Sulphur Point
Aug 27, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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None today

Mike Batchelor is in Ward 3B of Tauranga Hospital and receiving both visitors and phone calls (027 820 4514) He is due for more surgery Monday.

Black Toilet Paper: Julie H has a spare room full of it, which must be sold by 31st October. 3 for $13:50, or 6 for $25. Glenys immediately distinguished herself in the maths department by ordering 10.

District has invited the Club to participate in an upcoming Rotary Friendship Exchange. Twelve visitors from San Paulo for 3 nights. 29th Nov- 1st Dec. A liaison person and 7-8 hosts are sought, and will need to be confirmed by Tuesday – No Pressure!!! MORE DETAILS BELOW FROM PAT

Friday Fives has been brought forward a week by the keenest of drinkers. It will now be held on 24th Aug due to the Tauranga Club entertaining a private function the following Friday.


Upcoming Events: Rotary Club visits

23rd Te Papa Rotary Visit – Barry Vercoe is Guest speaker. ($20, Numbers by Tuesday 21st)

27th Otumoetai Club ($21- numbers by noon 24th )


24th Aug Friday Fives – for those who cannot wait until month end.

31st Aug DG Visit

7th Oct Barry’s Music for Wind Instruments

10th Nov Treasured Art

Notes on Club Assembly

Club Services – Pauline Cowens

First priority is to do no harm!


    • IT Roster set up

    • A new membership Survey to be conducted

    • Club Membership target set at 70

    • Prospective members will be interviewed by both the President and Past President

    • Conscious of gender and age profile

    • Keen to seek contributions early on from new members

    • Exit Surveys will be conducted

New Generations – David Robinson

Regular Programmes will continue

    • RYPEN

    • Rorary Youth

    • Outward Bound

    • Youth Exchange

    • Summer Science School

    • Books in Schools

    • JR McKenzie Trust


The need to keep in touch with schools has been highlighted with Kiwi Can and Graeme Dingle Foundation activity

A new initiative by Jane and Craig Nees is the BoP Youth Development Trust

International – Julie Hignett

Focusing on cohesive projects within the club

    • Shelterbox

    • ROMAC

    • Polio Plus

    • Threads Across the Pacific

The Club has applied for a District Grant to support the Threads Across the Pacific programme.


Club Secretary – Warwick DeVere

Club Runner is a big part of running the club. It is important that members ensure their personal information is, and details are, correct. There is also an APP at the bottom of the We page for sharing this information.


Club Treasurer – Ray Scott

Ray ran through the Club’s Balance Sheet and P & L which was split into Changeover/Meetings/Subscriptions and the dreaded “Unassigned”

A slight cost over recovery appears on the bottom line.


Sunrise Trust– Neville Whitworth

The Club has been running deficits for the passed 4 year of $4, $36, $24 and $38K and has managed to erode/distribute much of the $130K held in the Trust.

Outgoing commitments comprise $10K for Alzheimer’s, $20K for Project K, and approx. $5K for others, ~$40K pa.

He suggests, as a prudent banker we should hold 2 years reserves ($80K) and distribute the remainder.

There was then some discussion about spending/funds distribution strategies and fund raising activities.


The meeting closed, not at high-noon, but just in time for the Sheriff Session.

Raffle: Neville Whitworth who was close at hand to grab the goodies.


Sheriff Session – Pauline Cowens with her 50 top hits from the Baby Boomer era.

Very clever embroidery of song titles into and elaborate……Tapestry!










We have been invited to participate in this year’s District organised Rotary Friendship Exchange.

Those of you who have participated in this programme before will know just how rewarding and enriching an experience it can be, developing world wide friendships.

Details of this programme are:-

Dates: Thursday 29 November to Saturday 1 December inclusive (3 days)

Requirement: 7 or 8 host families

Hosts to provide meals and accommodation and participate as much as possible in arranged activities.

Team Details: 12 Rotarians and partners from Sao Paulo, Brazil (Incidentally this is Eduardo’s home city)

There are time pressures on District organisers so volunteers have been asked to put their names forward by no later than Tuesday 21st August.

If interested in participating please get back to Pat prior to 3pm Tuesday 21 August.

If we get sufficient interest we will be seeking a Club liaison person (preferably someone who has participated before)

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Parting Thought:

Barry Vercoe with more than the odd pregnant pause.

Apparently, Romeo and Juliet were a” rhyming couplet”


“Farewell, Farewell. Parting is such sweet sorrow,

That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Have a Nice Weekend.”

Juliet Capulet

 Duties for the next 3 weeks:
Warwick de Vere
Ken White
Michele Beaton
Technology Set-up
David Robinson
Door & Parting Thought
Brett Hobson
Ian Burns
Sally Morrison
Jo West
Stuart Pedersen
Les Geraghty
Speaker Intro & Host
Julie Hignett
Dean Thompson
Dan Allen-Gordon
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David McConnochie
Antoon Moonen
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James Ross
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Will McCall - Outward Bound
DG's Visit - Graham Jull
Dave Woodhouse - My Year as President