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We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
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New Zealand
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Today’s attendance:

Guest Eduardo and Jason Eves. Speaker Nigel Tutt
Michael Batchelor was at home, but your editor can report that for a few more days he will be in Tauranga Hospital, recovering from a leg skin graft. He is inward 3B, Bed 41, and would welcome visitors.
There will be a social meeting, 5pm Thursday 14th June, at CBK restaurant, Red Square Anna piped up with a warning about the chicken, but the beer will be safe, and tasty.
Foundation Mugs (full).Neville Whitworth is collecting these. DCr funds if you prefer, let Neville know.
District Changeover
Sunday 1 July at 11-30am
Hamilton Airport Hotel, Hamilton
$35 per head.
Join Ron Fyfe, Wayne and Pat at this event to celebrate District 9930’s achievements this Rotary year and help fly the standard for Sunrise.
If you are interested and would like to carpool give Pat a ring on 027 3477657.
Register online on District 9930 website.
 Or you can email
RSVP by 21 June and please include your name and club
Melbourne Cup Charity Auction
Tauranga Te Papa are organising this annual event
6 November at 12-30pm
ASB Stadium Lounge
Cost $120 per head
Proceeds to Tauranga Women's Refuge and Homes of Hope
Gourmet food, fashions and auctions.
If interested contact Sharon Hitchcock 027 2727417
(P.S. Don’t spend all your money as 4 days later we have our fabulous Treasured Art Auction and black tie cocktail evening.)
Board positions available
Interested in leading the club while having a lot of fun?
Want to be part of a vibrant, positive team of people?
Expressions of interest are sought for
Director Foundation
Open to anyone in the club no matter your Rotary experience.
You will be given plenty of support and help to ensure you have a successful year.
Let Pat know if you are interested or would like more information
027 3477657
Wayne: complimented the clubs new chefs, who are showing remarkable ability at cooking up new and tasty breakfast options.
Julie: then introduced a possible fundraising idea. Yes, BLACK toilet paper. A unique product from the Kardashian stable. Julie had done some research on costs etc, which she offered up for consideration. Could make us quite a bit of money if we can sell it all.
Anna introduced her mid-winter Christmas party. Saturday21 July, at her house. BYO food, and presents. Names to her ASAP.
Speaker: This was Nigel Tutt from our own development agency, Priority One. A Te Puke native, Nigel has spent most of his career in Auckland, in IT related roles, before seeing the light some 18 months ago. He started with some facts about our region.  Auckland has 5 container cranes. We have 8. Nanananana!.
Last summer we had 83 Cruise ship visits. Next summer we have 110 scheduled.  Our biggest export earner is Kiwifruit.
Priority one is a hybrid, being part council funded and driven, and part private business funded. Its role is a bit different to the Chamber of Commerce, which focuses more on smaller businesses. I am not sure whether Stan was there to hear that.
Anyway, something is working well. Priority One focuses on long term development, usually for bigger business. We have average annual growth at 6 %, around twice the National average. This brings on a few infrastructure problems, But them’s the breaks. As a measure of business investment, we currently have the 3rd highest regional value of building consents, so growth is likely to continue strongly.
We are not dominated by retirees moving in any more, as there are more and more skilled working age people coming in. In turn, we need to provide interesting cultural, Artistic and sporting facilities. Nigel even mentioned the M word, as an example of a desirable facility.
Then he went on to give details of the new PlantTech research Institute, coming shortly. It will have at least 10 expert staff, initially focusing on robotics and similar technology applied to horticulture and agriculture.
He then covered initiatives for youth innovation, including the Groundswell innovation festival, and He Mauri Ohooho (I hope I spelt that right), aimed at Maori youth pathways to development.
All in all, there is a lot happening, and Priority One is working hard at seeding these initiatives.
Sergeant Session:This was delivered by Steve Dorrington, as a last-minute ring in for Ron Devlin. Linda Burch won the raffle. Ron D got castigated for indecision. Glenn Dougal got hit for celebrating a raffle win as if it were the greatest event of his life. Neville Whitworth’s up-coming NZ song book had a suggested addition, to wit, the good ship Venus.  And Steve let us in a few home truths, such as his role as the only breakfast cook in his house.
Parting thought: from Oscar Wilde, via James Ross:
“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”.
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