BULLETIN 11 May 2018

Editor: Dave Woodhouse

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Meeting 11 May 2018
May 11, 2018
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
Today’s attendance:
Brad Hook. Speaker
Talia Harvey – Guest of Wayne Shadbolt
Eduardo the Great
Roberta: Latest RLI event is 9/10 June (Matamata I think). All incoming Board Directors (whoever they are) and current Board members should think seriously about attending. Also, the House of Science will be needing a new Treasurer soon. If you are interested – see Roberta
Dan: A coup! Kane Williamson is coming to the Oval for lunch on 3 July. Peter Williams is the interviewer and strictly limited tickets are $120. (All for the Graeme Dingle Foundation I assume – Ed)
Wayne: Treasured Art is going large. New dates (8 – 10 November), new sponsor, in fact, everything new. More details on 27 July when a representative of the sponsors will be speaking.
Warren S: Fellowship evening at Latitude, 181 Maunganui Road from 5 pm this coming Thursday. Partners more than welcome.
Our speaker this morning was Brad Hook with a presentation of 'How to bounce back – fast.' He started by commending Rotary on its work and achievements, this being as a result of his involvement at the RYLA Conference this year with the Resilience Institute. So, what's a definition of resilience? How about ' the ability to bounce back, cope with change and survive'? Brad worked as a travel writer in his formative years and met with a most revered Kung Fu master in Vietnam. When asked by Brad for some words of wisdom by Brad, said gentleman thought long and hard before replying 'No', but then quickly followed up with 'Always carry a small flame. A small flame can burn down a whole jungle'.
Brad maintains that the use of the word 'stress' is now considered sloppy and cited some pre-resilience stages – Confused/disengaged/withdrawn/vulnerable/distressed and disabled. There are practical ways to bounce back, however. Try these – delegate/recognize/talk/sleep/ get counselling/get help.
One of the core ways to implement resilience is to stay calm and NOT to take a deep breath before continuing. Instead breathe OUT for a count of 6 then IN for a count of 4. If you have a problem with the breathing out bit, try saying GOOSFRABA – apparently, it takes 6 seconds so do do, according to Jack Nicholson.
A fascinating presentation – head over to for more.
 Sergeant Session:
Glenn won the raffle and then Max took the floor and opted out by inviting others to dob in fellow members.
'Victims' included:
  • Bill Holland and Dean Thompson appearing resplendent in Indian garb whilst the Indian guests at the wedding all wore suits
  • Andrew for getting Antoon's name pronunciation wrong in last week's bulletin. UN-TONE is correct. Antoon's parents were also fined for giving him such a name, as was Antoon himself for not changing it.
  • Ross for giving the 2nd best rendition of a (drunken) haka on a cruise
  • Wendy (self-dob) for doing a u-ey in front of a motorcycle cop at 6.30am (and not even getting a ticket!)
Parting thought from Stan for the upcoming Mother's Day:
'All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his' Oscar Wilde
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