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On February 5, 1924

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Visitors:  Nathan Capper.
President Elect Chris Dever*… Welcome to Committee Meetings! A late change due to speaker unavailability caught many members unaware. This resulted in a fine muster of the hoodwinked for the Committee Meetings meeting.
*'Dever' as in Never not 'Dever' as in Diva. We learn something every day
Birthdays – Lynda Burch gets another mention this week. Must have been a BIG birthday.
Bob’s Barbie – a date has now been set! 28th February from 4pm. $10/head plus a salad. This is always a great event with Bob & Jen the perfect hosts at their beautiful riverside Kamai retreat.
Shiv Thammalla is involved in a Multi-Cultural event 19th – 20th March. He is looking for help to set up and dismantle tents. 3 or 4 required for 2 or 3 hours, for both pitch and strike. Let him know if you can help out.
Collections – Heart Foundation on the 19th Feb  -  still after someone to fill the 3-4pm slot. If you can’t do that, the Child Cancer Appeal is coming up on the 26th Feb, with the Red Puppy Appeal 26th March so you won’t miss out!
Contact Wendy Ph:         0274 453 038
Steffi Augusta – Recent Guest Speaker, Life Coach and “Pocket Rocket” has provided some reading for the erudite amongst us. Two titles: Entrepreneur X Factor and That’s it! I’m OUT of here!  Both stored in the lectern for issue.
Committee Reports
Community Chest
Treasured Art is looking good and our partnership with the Tauranga Art Gallery raising the profile considerably with local artists keen to display. MOU has been signed and sponsorship application completed. Sponsorship remains our major concern now that Volvo have pulled out but we are following several promising leads. Any suggestions for potential sponsors please let Barbara or Kathy know.
Fine Homes Tour set for April 2022 but there are concerns this may clash with the Homes and Gardens event. Awaiting confirmation of dates for the H&G event.
Gratifying response to the presentation of pictorial dictionaries to graduates from Adult Literacy Course. We are following up with our contact at Waikeria Prison to see if these dictionaries can assist their rehabilitation programmes.
Potential for a Fishing Competition fundraiser. First of all we need to talk to our boat owners to see what is feasible and Chris Dever has asked all boaties to contact him.
Burns Night: Funds raised ($900) to be donated to ROMAC. A great night was had. Indian Ink and
Karaoke Night are on the horizon with Quiz Night being outsourced to Club Services.
Vanuatu School Libraries:  Books are being delivered.  Photos have been requested for Project PR
Threads Across the Pacific:  On hold: Fabric is being sent and sessions with locals continue.  They are making school uniforms and clothing for local families.
Membership and Club Services
No irony in the fact the membership committee could not raise a quorum. Perhaps they read the bulletin and realised it was committee meetings. Looking for Speakers from April – July. New Members will be asked to give a wee bio in the upcoming weeks. All members are asked to check and confirm their details in Club Runner. If you are unsure how to do this contact Wayne Shadbolt.
New Generations
RYPENS for 26th March, Driving Awareness Day next Friday at TGC. There are 2 candidates for RYLA, none as yet for Outward Bound and potentially another Beach Day in April.
Public Image & Events
Movie Nights are planned for 3 per year, another Karaoke Night looms and K-Valley Challenge set for October. Changeover is looking like an Omokoroa Boat Club Lunch, which sounds handy for some. A bus might have to be organised for others.
Parting Thought:  from Rosalie Liddle Crawford 
Prospective member - short bio:
I am currently employed as the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s (BOPRC) Pou Ngaio ( Technical / Cultural Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) specialist ) this role is the only one of its kind in New Zealand.
The position requires me to help staff, individuals, businesses and iwi/Māori to navigate the RMA requirements. 
Before working for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC), I have been the owner of two businesses, one focused on marine research in the Bay of Plenty, and the other was a house washing business.
My goal has always been to grow my knowledge to share that knowledge and help grow others.
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