ON THIS DAY in 1840: The New Zealand Company’s first settler ship, the Aurora, arrived at Petone to found the settlement that would become Wellington.


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Chris Dever (standing in for President Rhonda) opened the meeting.
Anniversaries:  Remarkably, there were no birthdays or anniversaries this week.
Guests: Nathan Capper and Tracey Hobson.
Waipuna Hospice have a “Superhero Walk” which is either a 3.6km walk or a 6.4km run. If anyone is interested in participating, we need a co-ordinator.
  • Paul Brljevich has tendered his resignation from the club. Paul is cutting down on his hours and will not be in Tauranga on Fridays. He is planning to join the Papamoa club. President Rhonda has accepted his resignation with regret and has thanked him for his contribution. Lynda also noted Paul’s contributions to the club, including the Quiz Night.
  • The TECT Rescue Helicopter has their Open Day on Sunday 7 February (the middle of Waitangi weekend). They are looking for 6 volunteers 9:30 until 2:15 for raffle selling and collecting the gold coin entrance fee. This project also needs a coordinator.
  • Katikati Rotary Club have their 50th Anniversary lunch on 21 February ($15 each). Anyone interested in attending please contact Chris.
  • RYDA - we have confirmed our support.
  • Neville Whitworth has tendered his resignation from the club. Neville and Lynne are purchasing a motel in Havelock North and will be moving there in early March 2021. The Trust is therefore looking for a new treasurer. This position requires someone to keep track of the money held by the Trust, and attend Board meetings. If you are interested please contact Bill Chapman, Rhonda, or Chris Dever. Thanks to Neville for the job he has been doing and all the best for the future.
  • A plea from Chris Dever that when writing emails please put Rotary in the subject line to make it easier to keep track of them.
Our speaker was Steffi August.
Steffi was billed as someone who works as a life coach at Waikeria Prison. It turned out that is only part of her story. She told us she was made in East Germany. Her family emigrated to West Germany before the wall came down. The immigration process took 2 years. As soon as the family applied they lost their jobs and came under surveillance. When they were allowed to emigrate they got 24 hours notice and left with no money and what they could carry in 2 suitcases. They started in a refugee camp in West Germany having been given the equivalent of about $150. 8 years later they emigrated to New Zealand, at which point Steffi was unable to speak English.
Steffi talked about challenges. She invited us to think about 2020 and to consider whether the challenges that were thrown up by that year were also an opportunity to re-think things. She got us to stand up for a group hug/elbow bump/high-five. She urged us to think about whatever challenges we might be facing, and to regard those challenges as opportunities for change.
Referring to her early life in East Germany, Steffi said they lived in fear of arrest and under constant travel restrictions (we think we have it tough with covid19). She invited us to compare that life, which was essentially a life in prison, to being a prisoner in your own life.
Since emigrating to New Zealand Steffi has had another life as a furniture mover, but that life was brought to an end by a sudden tragedy. She now coaches at Waikeria running 4 week courses for 10 inmates at a time, although she sees them separately. Steffi urged us to think about how New Zealand treats its prisoners.
Speaker thanks was delivered by Lynda Burch.
Sergeant Session
The Raffle was won by Kevin Atkinson.
Dan Allen-Gordon spoke in a literary vein acknowledging a distant connection with the writings of Benny Hill, and with  Pam Ayres. Dan then recited an excellent poem the style of Pam  Ayres dealing first with the idiosyncrasies of a number of our members, and moving on to an ode to snoring. Very well received. Dan’s contribution was interrupted by a couple of occasions by Jim Rickard’s cell phone – possibly more on that next week.
Parting Thought came from the aforementioned Jim Rickard, who took himself behind the screen and emerged wearing a Donald Trump facemask to provide some Trumpish comments.
One of the many vital roles within the Club is that of Editor and we have come to the stage where we need two new volunteers.
Briefly, it involves taking notes of proceedings of a meeting and sending them to me as soon as possible after the meeting. Hardly an arduous task and it would be approx. every 5 weeks. Put your own style on the presentation - have a look back over previous bulletins to see what I mean. I do all the collating and distribution. Have a chat to Bill C, Stephen, Neville or me to see how easy (yet vital) it is.
Thanks in advance
Dave W
And finally Learn from yesterday, live for today and have hope for tomorrow
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