03 March  2023

                                              Today in History 1960    

One of the most-read books in New Zealand publishing history, A good keen man established Barry Crump’s reputation as an iconic ‘Kiwi bloke’.

Crump’s 20-odd books capturing the humour and personalities of rural New Zealand had sold more than a million copies by the time he died in 1996. He appealed to many Kiwis as a ‘man’s man’ who could tell a great yarn.

Toyota utilised Crump’s down-to-earth style in a series of 1980s TV advertisements promoting four-wheel-drive utility vehicles. Crump, with his rugged ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, had a foil in city slicker Lloyd Scott as he pulled off implausible feats of driving.


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Please note The Club has relocated to the Tauranga Citizens Club  170 13th Ave  while the Tauranga Club on Devonport road is under repairs
Note: The Tauranga Club is unlikely to be available to us within 3 months. But we are ok – actually we quite like the Citizens Club.
Visitors:   Te Arahi Bryers, John and Jackie Paine (Guest Speakers)
Welcome - Lynda was unwell so past Prezzie Chris Dever filled in.
Miraculously there were no birthdays, anniversaries nor celebratory events of any kind this week. Seems a tad unlikely bur we ran with it.
Guest Speakers:  John and Jackie Paine & an update on the Otumoetai Social Supermarket. 
Opened on the 1 Nov last year, with an enthusiastic Kapa haka from Otumoetai Primary. The Social Supermarket is about the size of a Four Square and operates out of the Otumoetai Baptist church.
There is quite a social side to the supermarket, with a big community table and coffee time.
They are supported by Foodstuffs, and a local 13 year old managed to organise Systems to sponsor the lunchboxes. Buddy Stores are New World Brookfield and the local Pak&Save, but the food does not come free! (It is supplied at cost however)
The shop runs on a points-based contribution systems - all schools act as referral agencies, with the catchment being the Otumoetai College area, which hosts a surprising diversity of deprivation levels.
Members can either make a donation, or seek a referral: -
Here to Help You
No lollies, but they do have chocolate, and have found fizzy and chips are not so popular.
 Announcement and Upcoming events:
  • RYPENS 17th March, this is fast approaching. Get your name down to help if you can, even if it is just to help with one meal or session. This can be a really rewarding experience and a hands-on way to get involved in Rotary and its activities. Contact David Robinson to be involved.
  • K Valley – this has been moved to the 16th April. In need of entries and marketers, perhaps not in that order. Let Michelle know if you can help with either.
  • Amazing Places – This event is in conjunction with the Garden and Arts Festival. Shiv advises there is a shortlist of 7 locations and a proposal will be presented to the respective boards shortly.
  • Grand Dad’s Army - there is a suggestion that, as an alternate to the Student Army post ChCh 2011, that a contingent of retirees travel to Wairoa, armed with shovels and brooms and instruments of destruction (to quote Arlo) in order to help out Craig Little, who has always threatened to clean up his town. Greg Brownless is a likely instigator of such activity.
Raffle: No Raffle, but there was a raffle prize? Go figure.
Sergeant Session: circa 2013 - Jane Nees. Not sure if this Sgt session had been delivered previously, but it was unlikely to matter as memories fade and member turnover can contribute somewhat.
  • A will is a dead give away,
  • A boiled egg is hard to beat,
  • A bicycle can’t stand on its own, it is too tired,
  • When she saw her first strands of grey hair, she thought she’d dye.
  • Being the Sergeant, is not always a funny business.
Parting Thought Mary O’Sullivan:
“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
Victor Borge
Our newest JP our very own Shiv Thammalla, trained and inducted by Pat Taylor
and supported by fellow JP Chris Dever
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