BULLETIN 16 February 2018

Editor: Andrew Knowles
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We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
Tauranga,  3000
New Zealand
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Upcoming Events
Weekly Meeting
Tauranga Club
Feb 23, 2018
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
The Great K Valley Adventure Race'.
Kopurereua Valley Reserve - 17th Avenue West (adjacent to Historic Village).
Mar 03, 2018
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Today’s attendance:
Name of Visitor & Organisation
Guest of
Barry Fredheim
Antoon Moonen
Carmen Goodwin - Otumoetai RC
Visiting Rotarian
Don Pilbrow - ADG
Emlyn Hatch - Tauranga City Council
Louise Miller
Graham Cornes
Pat Taylor
Michelle Tanner - Matamata RC
Visiting Rotarian
Scott Norman
Dave Woodhouse
Dave Robinson read the following statement to the meeting:
Fellow Sunrise Rotarian's, as you are aware our President Ursula has resigned with immediate effect.  The Board held a special urgent meeting to address the situation as best we can.
We, as a board, have accepted Ursula's resignation with deep regret but understand the reasoning for it. We passed on our thanks and best wishes for her in the future.
To fill the Vacancy of Club President, the attending board unanimously decided to have this position shared by two past Presidents - Wayne Shadbolt & David Robinson until changeover at the end of June.
The reasoning for this is twofold:
The Board is keen to maintain ‘business as usual’ for club members now and in the future
To support Eric personally in meeting his President-elect's obligations whilst also meeting his Director of Membership & Club Services 
The loss of any president midway through their term can be highly disruptive and demoralising. We know however that due to the efforts of President Ursula and her predecessors that the club is in very good heart and we are confident that the great work we do in the community will not be disrupted between now and when Eric takes on the Presidency in July
Book your team/family today at
  • Don Pilbrow, Assistant District Governor, advised that he was h ere to give our club an award for being among the leading clubs in the district for donations to kill Polio when he was unceremoniously upstaged by a visitor. Yes, we had the ebullient Michelle Tanner from Matamata club in the room, and she completed the presentation. After all, she is the District Polio chairperson.
  • She went on to promote the Matamata club’s concert by the lake, on the afternoon of Sunday 4 March. It features Bic Runga and should be a great show. Wayne Shadbolt is the contact for tickets, and the club will get a $15 contribution from the ticket price for own good works. See
Further things to do over the first weekend in March were then promoted.
  • The first is our own Great K Valley Adventure Race. Saturday 3 March, 1-4pm.  Participate as an individual or get a team together: Or help: contact Warren on 027 692 7736 or Rhonda on 027 496 7328.
  • Then, once you have done that, Carmen from Otumoetai Club invited us to the Beat Girls Show, in the evening of 3 March, at the Tauranga Yacht Club, Sulphur Point.
  • Rat trap manufacture is commencing. You probably missed the first one, last weekend. Names to Warren Scobie if you want to help.
  • Rotary Foundation: Ron Fyfe is becoming an assistant governor next year, and invited us to join him in Katikati on Monday 26 Feb, for a talk on the Rotary Foundation. He will provide transport. Call him if keen.
Jane Nees advised that our Rotary Sunrise Trust needs a treasurer. Warwick can tell you what is required by way of work.
  • Barbara needs 1 more person at the cricket on 28 Feb. 
  • Dave Woodhouse needs people to sell Aspirins, cunningly packed next to little cylinders, Pak N Save Cameron Rd Thursday 8 March. Contact him to volunteer.
Our latest member is Graham Cornes. He was a design Engineer for Air NZ for umpteen years. My notes say 47, but that may be an exaggeration on my part. Interesting job, with lots of foreign postings. He is now the proprietor of Matua Lodge BnB. He is keen on yoga, travelling, and cycling. They have 4 children, all grown, and 2 grandkids so far.
After all those notices, the speaker was almost an afterthought. However, he was great. Our very own Warwick deVere, showing us how to build a small h ouse in Southern India out of only blocks, sand, gravel & cement. No steel was harmed in the build. No resource consents, building permits, or treaty negotiations.  Lots of white mid dle-aged coolie labour. Lots of grateful and curious locals. A huge contrast to the palatial golf club down the road. All in all, a very interesting sketch of a very different human experience.
An interesting discussion at question time when Anna queried the economic logic of the overall building process. It probably is the case that paying to have unemployed locals do the work would be more efficient, than paying lotsa bucks to the airlines, but would it happen in real life? and how would we learn about the reality in third world countries without people like Warwick to report back?.    
Sergeant session
Raffle winner: Glynis Parton
The sergeant was the evergreen Dave Woody. He related the story of his forced hospital stay in Hong Kong when the food was an unidentifiable red, /green/brown/ white goo for all meals. Well informed locals just had their rellies bring in all food.
He went on to identify a local café called the flat white, not for its food, (see above), but for messages like: “ if the food does not meet your standards, please review your standards”, and
Parting thought:
From Simon Beaton:” It is statistically proven that birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you will live”.
: “duct tape available for loud children”. Then on to song titles from the top 10 in 1965; there was a message there, probably subliminal at the time.
Parting thought:
From Simon Beaton:” It is statistically proven that birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you will live”.
Matamata Fundraiser and fun event
Otumoetai Fun and FUndraiser - unwind after KValley
Duties for the next 3 weeks:
Glenn Dougal
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