On this day in 1192 Richard I of England (The Lionheart) left Jerusalem in disguise. Rumour has it that it was a better disguise than the one sported by Gordon Ramsey this Saturday


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President Rhonda opened the meeting. Rhonda welcomed our guests Keegan, and Adrian Pohio and Leonie Trubshoe, who are soon to be members.
Anniversaries:  Les Geraghty – 3 years, Rhonda 8 years, and David McConnachie (if not on leave) 12 years.
  • Quiz night next Wednesday (all tickets sold)
  • Wendy had a schedule for collections for Blind + Low Vision next Friday – a few slots still available. This will be the last collection for 2020.
  • K Valley Cycle Challenge on Sunday week – dust off the bike and do it. Also 7 helpers needed – please contact Rhonda.
  • There is a movie night planned for 17 November – Helen Reddy in I Am Woman.  More details to come.
Ross Brown introduced our speaker and auctioneer Grant Childs (I think he may be the one on the right
Grant gave us a bit of his story – born in Rotorua but lived in Moerewa.  Got into a spot of bother which resulted in a Judge telling him he was headed for gaol so maybe the army would be an idea.  Joined the army but flunked basic training first time around (with an acknowledged attitude problem) – made it through the second time and didn’t look back. Grant’s army work was in driver training and he retired as a Warrant Officer Class 1. After the army has been real estate and specifically auctions which are clearly a subject dear to his heart.
Grant then rattled us through an auction of a variety of useful items, which with some spirited bidding raised $1205.00.
Thanks very much to Grant for doing the auction.
Auction Payments:  If you bought an item at the auction please pay the money into the Sunrise Trust bank account no 02-0466-0146239-00 with the reference Auction and your name.
Sergeant Session
Simon Beaton stood in as sergeant at very short notice.  Simon started by fining Warren for the splendor of his shoes and shirt.  He then claimed that Buddy had mis-pronounced Tauranga after which he ran through a number of non-Māori names which are usually mis-pronounced.   Then there were some statistics including that 56% of people think they are smarter than average, and that 82.4% of the statistics quoted by sergeants are made up.
  • Blind + Low Vision collection
  • Helen Reddy Movie
  • K Valley Cycle Challenge
Fund raisers from other Clubs in our area:
Parting Thought came from Henry Kayser:
With NZ and the US having elections coming up, “Pick a Winner”
And finally: "I ran a half marathon" sounds so much better than "I quit halfway through a marathon".
This week’s genuine insurance claim: I was thrown from the car as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by some stray cows. Ice on the road applied brakes causing skid.
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