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Viv Dykes (Devonport)
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Margaret Parker (Speaker)

Larissa getting married this Sunday. All the best

Welcome back to Bill Holland

Resignations from Jo West and Jason Eves due to work commitments.

Feed back from the board meeting this week

Good attendances over recent months means meal expenses are well covered so no need to increase fees at present.

We have made a commitment to BOP Youth Development Trust to assist funding of equipment

Bay Oval fundraiser will be reviewed at the end of the season. Returns are low vs time invested.

There is a ripping good yarn in ClubRunner called our Constitution. Worth a read .

Speaking of ClubRunner – are your details up to date ?

Bill Holland gave us an update on his cancer journey. Only picked up through a check up, keep fit and healthy and get regular check ups.

Barbara Whitton – Cricket – full team for tomorrow. Tuesday next week for the White Ferns vs India still need some volunteers for the first shift.

Michele Beaton– Home stay fundraiser hosting students from Hong Kong. Aged 15 . Dated 14 April and 23rd and 24th April. They will be dropped off 5 pm. Picked up 8 am. All required dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch. We earn $70 per student. Potential fund raising $6,000 for club. A very good opportunity to raise easy money for the club and give some students a fantastic experience.


David Robinson – Looking for RYLA candidates. Late teens / early 20s . Camp is 13-19 April. Looking to develop young leaders.

Looking for nominees for Outward Bound.

Eduardo was in two minds leaving, being both sad to leave and excited to go home. Happy photos Edu!!


Dan Allen Gordon– Looking for brave and crazy people for Drop your Boss – Sky dive. Last year raised $30,000

Mary O’Sullivan– Bob Sutton's father in law passed away in January.

Neil Matson’s father in law also died recently. Was a famous motor cycle racer – competing in the Isle of Man race.

Bob Sutton – Bob’s world famous BBQ 24 February. He will organise the meat. Those attending $10 per head to cover. Looking for numbers shortly.

By the time this has gone to press – The first Friday Fives will have been completed.

Stuart Pederson – Looking for a volunteer for organising Treasured Art logistics.

Ray Scott – Going on LOA for 6 weeks. Looking for someone to step into his Treasurer shoes.

Guest speaker – Not Valerie Valaraa – but Margaret Parker – with a knapsack on her back.

Talked about tramping for grown ups – and walking the Caminos trails of Spain.

While we thought only Max Mason was mad – apparently 250,000 people a year walk these pilgrim trails.

From mountain ranges, poppy fields, lost around lakes, 13th century castles and more poppy fields, Margaret has covered over 6,000 km on various trails, walking alone with her 6 kg knapsack and two walking poles.

Great adventures.

 Sergeant Glenn Dougal

Great experience meeting Venus Williams at ASB tennis. And did you know?:

Our club has 113 followers on social media. Followed closely by:

No 1 influencer in the world – Pewdie Pie 63 million

No 2 Dude Perfect 31 million

New Zealand’s biggest is K J Apa with 13.2m

Peter Jackson a mere 238,000 and Ken White 960 (must be a moral somewhere there)


Who says Rotary closes down over Christmas? What a busy couple of months we have had.


We were delighted to welcome Wendy Lowe, Shiv Thammalla and Past President Ursula Hurn into our membership over the last two months. Wendy has already involved herself in virtually every project and activity we have run over the past couple of months and Shiv has made a huge contribution to our rubbish collection duties at the Bay Oval. As a Past President with huge knowledge of Rotary in general and the club in particular Ursula will add immediate depth to the Club.

Welcome all of you! Great to have you on board.

Sadly over the same period two members Jo West and Jason Eves, resigned, both due to pressures of work and both have indicated their wish to stay in touch and assist us from time to time. Both Jo and Jason will be missed for their contributions to the Club.

If you have friends or workmates who you feel might make good Rotarians, please invite them along to a meeting. The Club is in great heart with top notch speakers and lots of interesting things happening that will appeal to many community minded people.


Caroline Mason gave a very though provoking and passionate presentation on the plight of women in the Islands. The club is already assisting Caroline by supplying sewing machines and materials to be used to give women self-respect, dignity and an ability to earn a little income. We will be helping further in the coming year which may involve a group going to Vanuatu. Margaret Parker showed us that tramping is not just for the fitness bunnies amongst us with a humorous insight into her treks in northern Spain and Eduardo in his usual manner held the club spellbound with his activities over his year in NZ. What a wonderful ambassador he has been.

We had a surprisingly good turnout for our AGM where the club approved our finances and our revamped by- laws.

Santa in the guise of Neil Mattson ensured a very festive Christmas meeting with some valiant attempts by members to sing in tune. An honourable mention must be given to Mary’s Flock of Frocks. A great way to end the year!

Once again we were treated to some excellent sergeant sessions which raised more than a few belly laughs and several hundred dollars for worthy causes. Thank you to Chris Rapson, Ross Brown, Santa, Graham Cornes and Glenn Dougall for ensuring our meetings finished on a high.


Congratulations and grateful thanks to Neil Mattson for his dedication to ensuring our meetings run efficiently through his duty as Toast Master and Choir Master. This was recognised with a well-deserved presentation of a Sunrise Certificate.

We also presented our dedicated breakfast hostess Robyn with a small token of appreciation.

Eduardo was presented with a limited edition print of Tauranga and our club banner.


It has been a busy couple of months socially with 8 members taking part in the Santa Run for Graeme Dingle Foundation and two low key Friday Fives to end the year. Our social breakfast at the Raft was the best attended ever with just on half the club present and over 20 of us joined with Eduardo for a farewell BBQ at Fergusson Park.

We farewelled our Brazilian RFE team in the appropriate manner with a well-attended BBQ at Neville and Lynn’s lovely new home. Lots of off key singing and enthusiastic if not particularly skilful dancing plus Neville and Lynn’s warm hospitality made this a night to remember.


Much of the last few weeks has been taken up with our duties at the Bay Oval. This project, capably organised by Barbara Whitton will raise $2800 for local causes. To date well over half the club have attended at least one match and while it is fairly physical work there is also a lot of time for fellowship and watching some of the world’s best cricketers in action. We have a few games coming up so will be looking for more volunteers. Please give Barbara a call if you can help, even if for only a few hours.

Thanks to an initiative by Anna Kendall we collected a Suzuki Swift full of gifts and food items for Women’s Refuge and the Food Bank respectively. We also had 12 members and partners help count, pack and stack items at the Foodbank one evening.


It was brilliant to see Bill Holland at our last meeting and to have him give an update on his recuperative journey. Bill was given a very warm and genuine ovation for the positive way he is facing up to the challenge.

Graham Cornes is going into hospital for an operation shortly which will see him out of action for 4 to 6 weeks. Please keep in touch with Graham on his path to recovery.

It was wonderful to have Mike Batchelor join us at The Raft. He is recuperating slowly and is very frustrated at the time it has taken to be fully healed, however he remains positive and in good spirits. Please keep in touch with him.


Warren Scobie has attended President Elect Training and has been stimulated by the experience. He is raring to go and he and I are meeting regularly to plan his year as President which is looking to be a really exciting one.

Business House Bowls will commence in February and we already have enough interest to form two teams. If anyone else is interested please give Warren a bell.

The Great K Valley Cycle Adventure planning is well under way. This event will be held on Sunday 3 March and is great fun while at the same time raising considerable funds for youth related projects.

Pauline Cowens and Lisa Phillips have put together a club survey. We want your feedback so if you have not as yet completed this please do so.

Jane Nees is working on a Rotary Oceania initiative to recognise the impact women have had on Rotary as we come up to the 30th anniversary of women in Rotary. We have remarkable women members and thanks to Jane their stories will be put on the Oceania website over a period of time.


Wayne is doing a fantastic job on our Facebook page with several articles every week. If you haven’t done so please visit the site and share it with your friends. If you have photos of club activities please forward them to Wayne to be put on Facebook.

Antoon has placed a half page article on the K Valley event in the upcoming edition of Bay Waka. Make sure you get a copy. Thank you Antoon.

We need now to convert these stories to hard copy so that we can appear more regularly in the local media, District newsletter and possibly even Rotary Down Under. Warren Scobie will shortly be talking to a couple of members to see how we can get our many amazing stories out there.


Thanks to an increase in membership and much improved attendances we are now covering our own when it comes to our meeting costs so the Board has agreed there will not be a need to increase meeting charges.

$10,000 was presented to the Sunrise Trust for future projects, being retained profits from Savealife.

The great experience we had with Eduardo has encouraged us to look at hosting another International Student for the 2020 year and we will be looking for home hosts.

Our Outward Bound Exchange student, Katie Scott has completed her trip to Austria and will speak to us later this year.

Planning for RYPEN is well underway and Dave will shortly be calling for volunteers to help on the day.

We are now seeking candidates for RYLA and Outward Bound.

The Board confirmed assistance to the BOP Youth Development Trust to assist with purchase of equipment and confirmed a street collection for the Red Puppy Appeal in March.

There was a lengthy discussion on the return we get for all the work put into the Bay Oval contract and the Board has agreed that in our final report we mention that we need to look at an improved payment in future, along with several other suggestions to make life a little easier for volunteers.

We discussed the Club constitution and the fact that most members have not read it. The link to this is on our website and you are encouraged to familiarise yourselves with it.

Also most member’s profiles on Club Runner are incomplete or non-existent and you are encouraged to update these also.


*We have two major and two minor cricket matches to act as marshals at over the next couple of weeks. Barbara Whitton is busy seeking volunteers for what is a fun day out and helps boost our coffers.

*On Sunday 24 February we will have Bob’s World Famous in NZ BBQ. Bob has not been able to put this on for a couple of years but those that have been in the past rave over Bob and Jen’s hospitality at their magnificent property. Bob will have a marquee up in the unlikely event the weather turns against us.

*Wayne Shadbolt and the Club Service committee are planning a charity quiz night for February some time.

*On Mar 3 Warren Scobie and his events team will be running the second edition of the K Valley Cycle Adventure. This is a fantastic day out and we hope to see the majority of the club take part in some way. Last year with relatively short notice we had around 100 participants and it is hoped to increases that to 400 this time around and raise several thousand dollars for youth related projects.

*District Conference is being held in Hamilton on 15 to 17 March. So far Wayne, Warren Scobie, Ron Fyfe, Glenis and I are going so come and join us for what promises to be an entertaining and informative weekend.

*Dave Robinson and his team are looking to change the date of the RYPEN weekend so it does not clash with Conference. This is a wonderful weekend of fun activities and the program genuinely impacts on the lives of the young people attending. Please give some thought to helping out, even if only for a few hours. It is a great experience.

*On April 14 and again on the nights of 23 and 24 April we will be hosting students from Hong Kong which through the generosity of Simon and Michel Beaton will see our coffers boosted by over $6000 for a youth related project. Volunteer hosts only need to provide meals and a bed for the night with the kids immersed in activities during the day.

* The Graeme Dingle Foundation will once again be promoting Drop Your Boss in the form of a parachute jump with sponsorship raised going to one of the GDF programmes. This is likely to be in April before the weather turns against us. Several of us have taken the plunge which I can honestly say is a thrill of a lifetime so give some thought to participating, raising funds for a great cause and having fun whilst doing so.

*Early in July Dave Woodhead has planned another of his famous Whisky Tasting evenings with proceeds to go to Outward Bound and other youth related activities.

And if that is not enough we have the Club Changeover celebration to be held at a venue yet to be decided upon on 5 July. This evening event will replace our normal breakfast. Put this in your calendar now.






Parting thought - Chris Rapson

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.



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