On this day in 1964, UK flew 24,000 rolls of Beatles wallpaper to US


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Friday Fives
Feb 28, 2020
Export NZ in action
Feb 28, 2020
6:30 AM – 8:00 AM
Collection at Pak 'n Save
450 Cameron Rd
Feb 28, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Bob's BBQ
Lower Kaimai just past school, on left
Mar 01, 2020
4:00 PM – 10:40 PM
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Vanessa Mudie (Barry Fredheim)
Bryan Winters
Henryk Arlua
President Elect Rhonda issues a hearty welcome…
Our thoughts are with Paula and David Robinson.  Paula underwent surgery in Waikato Hospital recently but is now back at Tauranga Hospital recuperating. She will be spending another few weeks there. David tells us the long-term prognosis is positive.
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner- This is generally the highlight of the Rotary Calendar and is planned for Aprilish….details, and in fact any relevant information at all is to follow…...
Police Vetting Forms – Can members get these completed and back to David Robinson ASAP.
Bob’s BBQ Sunday 1st March. Common courtesy necessitates a reply of some sort from all….let Bob know if you are a starter or not. This is generally the highlight of the Rotary Calendar and will cost you no more than a tenner & dessert or starter. RSVP to Bob Email:
Bank Details: R A Sutton – 02-0432-0426865-000 $10/head
The Great K Valley Cycle Challenge is on again 8 March. This is generally the highlight of the Rotary Calendar. We need assistance from volunteers for this great event and if you can’t assist, then you need to participate!
Collection Appeals – Wendy reminds those who have their name down for next week to please turn up!
Speaker Graham Cornes started his 48 year career with Air NZ as a 16 year-old cadet in Feb 1969!  After 3 years at Auckland University studying Engineering he found himself in Long Beach, California at the Douglas Aircraft Company. After an arduous grilling he moved from shiny-bum to Licensed Aircraft Engineer, signing out the latest DC8 aircraft. Next it was the DC-10s, which by all accounts were and excellent aircraft, with an unfortunate reputation for “falling out of the sky”.
After a Malaysian sojourn, a Toulouse secondment, he was off on a 10 year series of Pacific placements that saw him visit every island in the Pacific worthy of a runway, and most of the Pacific rim too.
We never got to hear about the screen-printing business, but he did tell us about the good vibes he felt flying Pacific medical evacuees to and from western hospitals.
Raffle – Neil Matson
Sergeant –For those who were unaware, next month is Brain Health Awareness Month. Kathy Webb tested more than just 10% of our brains in checking out our relative awareness, (or otherwise).
A series of dementia questions had some members disclose a rather alarming fixation with a diet of edible Brassicas. For others, mental gymnastics and mind-games, are far more palatable than broccoli, and the time to start them is, not now, but next month
And finally…..
I went to the bank the other day and asked the teller to check my balance, so she pushed me
Parting Thought from James Clague

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education"

                                                            Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain for the unschooled)

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