On this day in 1948 - The People's Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) was proclaimed.

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Hats abound, alas no bacon, eggs, sausages or toast master. Oh Tauranga Club we miss you !!
Peter Maxwell – District Governor, Trish Geraghty, Roger Goodman and Bernie Taylor popped into the zoom.

A first for Rotary in NZ saw the induction of three new members Viv Dykes, Bryan Winters and Colin Beere.
Past President Pat welcomed them on behalf of Rotary International.
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Reminder from Kathy
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Kathy Webb P: 07 576 2083 M: 027 281 4842
And one from Michele:
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner update
We’ve collected $250 in support of Shelter Box so far, following our Zoom dinner of the Saturday 18th April, attended by 28 members. Shelter Box’s current focus is on Vanuatu, following the onslaught of Cyclone Harold earlier this month. With borders still closed under a state of emergency due to Covid-19, the nation faces immense challenges in rebuilding. Dan McGarry of The Guardian begins a description of the devastation caused by Vanuatu’s second major cyclone in five years, as follows:
'It's all gone': Cyclone Harold cuts a deadly path through Vanuatu
The northern islands of the Pacific nation were hit by a category-5 cyclone on Monday 9th April, flattening buildings, cutting power and stripping trees
The once-lush forest cover of the island of Malo has been completely denuded. Nearly every tree lost major limbs. Many were snapped at the trunk. Even cyclone-adapted coconut trees were strewn about like matchsticks. Schools and homes were destroyed…” (Find the rest of the article and pictures here:
If you can and have not already made a donation to the Shelter Box fund following Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner on 18th April, please help support Vanuatu! We suggest $30 per guest. Here are the account details you need: Sunrise Trust: 02 0466 0146239  00
Finally, we’re considering a Zoom Guess Who repeat performance on Saturday 16th May. What do you think? Send your expressions of interest to

Image result for images of peter maxwell rotary clubGuest Speaker: Peter Maxwell DG
and member of the Morrinsville Club.
36 days since we had unobstructed living. Rotary has embraced  Zoom,  from club meetings like our own to International meetings with 66 participants from 19 different countries.
Rotary International  has set up a disaster response fund. Polio has currently stopped vaccinations world wide until C 19 is resolved however the Gates Foundation is continuing support.
Rotary Youth Exchange is on hold with no new students this year.
Rotary isn’t cancelled it’s just different.
Rotary International  is also looking at changing zones with NZ, Australia and the Pacific being zone 8. They are also reviewing the 12 areas in NZ that have been in place for 20 years.
Call to action : Minimise membership loss, virtual meetings, work with those who struggle with technology. Continue with projects.
Sergeant Paul Belcaster
This day in 1707 Scotland and England became united.
An interesting observation : Everything that was once an urgent priority has evaporated. People’s health is the most important.
And finally.....
I didn't like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.


Parting Thought (I believe it was Andrew Knowles) 
If at first you don’t succeed don’t become a sky diver.