On this day in 1985 – Dire Tune, Ethiopian runner, was born. Was he a relative of Dire Straits I wonder?

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Garry Webber (Speaker)
Buddy Mikaere
Pam Pedersen
Birthdays and Anniversaries:
David Robinson today
Wayne Shadbolt on the 22nd
The morning started with the presentation of a Paul Harris Award to Pam Pedersen, on behalf of our great friend Stuart. Andy Cameron recounted the early days of his friendship with Stuart, notable amongst which was then President Lloyd Davies' concern that he (Andy) was introducing a worm farmer into the Club. Pam held it all together (just) in her thanks and received a well deserved standing ovation.
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We were fortunate to have Garry Webber, WBOP Mayor as our speaker. He started by recounting some of his pre-public life as a student of Otumoetai College and Tauranga Boys, excelling in sport in the early 60s, way ahead of Sam Cane and Kane Williamson. He then gave us a whistle stop tour of his working life within the dairy industry and his part in the transformation of that into the digital age. (Did you know that Alpine is the largest milk processing plant in the world?)
He spent some 3 years in Japan from 1985, coping with tariffs of 1124% on butter and 858% on milk powder. The cultural gap was evident when he had to dismiss one of his employees (in fact the Financial Controller) for refusing to get rid of his abacus.
In 1997 he came back to New Zealand and to the Kiwi Dairy Company and was the go-to man for digitising milk collection. He then retired twice before taking on his current challenging role and in his own words 'Five terms of hitting your head against a brick wall is no fun.'
Rates in the Western Bay are amongst the highest, if not the highest, in NZ but its still a great place to live.
Vote of thanks from Barry, who managed to photo bomb the picture.
Raffle winner was Dean (who collected the princely sum of $265 which will be donated to Waipuna Hospice in recognition of Shorts4Hospice Day)
The Birthday Boy then took centre stage with a string of 'On This Day' facts, self dobs-in (dob-ins?) including Barbara who turned up for the Board Meeting a week early and PP Pat who managed to sleep most of the journey from Nelson (he wasn't driving). Just when he was spluttering towards the end, he came up with a superb collection of photos all connected with COVID-19, featuring Quentin Quarantino and the 2020 version of Where's Wally. The sign off photo was the rebranding of Corona as Ebola lager. Brill.


The parting thought(s) were from Ross Brown who started by declaring that he forgot to go the gym today - that's like 7 years in a row now and finished off with
'A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other'

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