On this day in1860 Abraham Lincoln was democratically and legally elected President of the United States.

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Sorry for the mish mash of typefaces and stuff in this week's bulletin! One of the contributions just refused to be edited! Dave
NOTICES: Friday Fives Christmas barbecue at Rhonda‘s house on 27 November394 Snodgrass Road more details to follow.

Movie night reminder 17 November contact Warren Banks if interested. Please pay money into the bank account for your tickets. 

Anniversaries Stephen Dorrington 17 years in Rotary

Message from Simon Beaton around Burns night which is on 23 January. This 

will be a great night with guest piper and dancing. $75 tickets which 

include supper three courses including haggis  and 2 nips whisky. 

Simon is 

hoping our friendly corporate members accountants, lawyers, Real Estate 

agents will come on board and book tables for this very special event. He’s looking to get numbers prior to Christmas so we can confirm the evening to 

be a success.

Warwick De Vere advised Foodbank are needing volunteers to sort the 

Christmas appeal out and they looking for people on various days from 

Monday 24th to 30 November two or three people per day from 2.30 to 4.30 

this is a change of time from last year the Foodbank will be closed to 

receiving parcels through that time. If interested email

Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the year ending 30th June 2019
Held at The Tauranga Club on 6th November 2020 at 7:25am
  • That attendance and apologies be as per attendance register
     Moved: Warwick de Vere Second: Chris Dever  carried
  • Present: Adrian Pohio, Amanda McFadden, Andy Cameron, Barbara Whitton, Barry Fredheim, Bill Chapman, Bill Holland, Brett Hobson, Bryan Winters, Chris Dever, Colin Beere, Dan Allen-Gordon, Glen Dougall, Greg Brownless, Ian Burns, James Clague, James Ross, Jim Rickard, John Carlson, Kathy Webb, Kevin Atkinson, Mary O’Sullivan, Michele Beaton, Neil Matson, Neville Whitworth, Pat Taylor, Paul Belcaster, Ray Scott, Rhonda Wisbey, Ron Fyfe, Rosalie Liddell-Crawford, Shiv Thammalla, Simon Beaton, Stephen Dorrington, Warren Banks, Warwick de Vere, Wayne Shadbolt.
Apologies: Andrew Knowles, Antoon Moonen, Barry Vercoe, Bob Sutton, Chris Rapson, David McConnochie, David Robinson, David Woodhouse, Dean Thompson, Glenys Parton, Graham Cornes, Henry Kayser, Ken White, Les Geraghty, Lynda Burch, Paul Brljevich, Pauline Cowens, Phil Mangos, Sally Morrison, Viv Dykes, Warren Scobie, Wendy Showan.
That the minutes be approved  as a true and correct record.
 Moved: W de Vere  second: Kathy Webb Carried
  • President’s Report 2019-2020:  Warren Scobie
Warren, an apology for the meeting, had read his report to the changeover event.
President Rhonda highlighted key points including the “coping with covid” aspects  and how the Club managed that, along with activity highlights
That the President’s report be adopted.
Moved:  Rhonda Wisbey second: Stephen Dorrington Carried
Sectary note – The report is available to members in Clubrunner
  • Club Financial Report
                         The full financials had been circulated to members.
Ray gave a summary explanation of YE results for Club operations
                That the Treasurers Report be adopted as true and correct
Moved Ray Scott, Seconded: Rhonda Wisbey  Carried
  • Election of Officers
1.            Secretary 9th November 2020 – June 2022
1 nomination of Simon Beaton Received : Declared elected
                2.            Treasurer ​for two years commencing 1 July 2021
                                Ray Scott will continue in the absence of a nomination
                3.            President-Nominee: to become President July 2023
                                No nomination received
(Positions for year commencing July 2021 are  President Chris Dever, President elect Lynda Burch, no nominations required)
 Trust Financial Report (for information purposes)
▪              Trust Treasurer - Neville Whitworth spoke to the account summary highlighting fundraising and where the funds were allocated
  • General Business
    1: That the Rotary Club of Tauranga Sunrise establish an Environment Committee from the Year commencing 1 July 2021.
    Moved Michele Beaton.  Second: Bryan Winters  Carried.
Michele spoke to the motion speakers from the floor supported the motion or asked questions.
Bryan spoke as to why he supported the motion. It is noted that the full outline of responsibility and actions are still being developed but aim is the link existing organisations around Tauranga and avoid duplication of effort
Having this committee is in line with happenings throughout the Rotary International organization. As with Rotary philosophy it is apolitical. 8 members are working in the arena already.
Meeting Closed at 7:50am
Sergeant Neil Matson recounted that 100 years ago when he was on the fourth form at Hastings college he took a mild interest in American politics and events of the last few weeks have rekindled his interest. Neil went on to explain the concept of the electoral colleges in the voting system for the USA which left everyone still completely in the dark as to how the system works. He also provided a very colourful dissertation around the attributes of the current President Donald Trump but amongst some of his failings is the fact that he cheats at golf.
Parting thought by Paul Belcaster our very own USA representative. Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life it’s how you inspire others to do as well. Bill  Holland also chipped in with the typing lesson his party thought was 'Grief is the price we pay for having loved.' However it came out on his phone as having lunch
And finally: I've just written a song about tortillas - actually, it's more of a rap.
This week’s genuine insurance claim: I knew the dog was possessive about the car but I would not have asked her to drive it if I had thought there was any risk
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