On this day in 1892 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet "Nutcracker Suite" premieres in Saint Petersberg, Russia, now the world's most performed ballet. Very seasonal
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Today's meeting, the last before Christmas, started in much the same way that it was destined to continue, with Santa (sweating profusely) concocted a grace befitting the occasion. Following the culinary delights prepared by the chef, Neil (sorry, Santa) invited Rhonda to dish out the announcements, which were:
  • Big welcome to our old mate, Ron Devlin
  • Sad day as Warwick de Vere has insisted in going ahead with his mission to resign, citing that he was in need of a change and that his details deletion from ClubRunner was a mistake. WdV, you will be sorely missed and you are, of course, welcome at any time
  • Reminder that the next meeting is an informal one at The Raft, Bay Central AT THE NORMAL TIME OF 7am. 8th January
  • Burns Night is still on at this stage
  • Stuart Pedersen books available from Andrew Knowles for $20. Apparently they make a 'damn good read'
  • Folk from the Merivale Community Centre are having a trip to the Mount and a beach picnic/BBQ, jointly organized by us and Mount Surf Club. CONTACT PAUL BELCASTER IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP IN ANY WAY. Date Tuesday 19 January
  • Big thank you from Keyskills reproduced below
    Thank you to Rotary for wonderful dictionaries for Keyskills.
    Keyskills is a (ILN) Intensive Literacy and Numeracy Programme, run by Literacy Aotearoa Charitable Trust.
    Keyskills is for New Zealand adults who would like assistance with Literacy and Numeracy, including:
    Listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, numeracy requirements and digital technology.
    These dictionaries can be used to help learners at any level, to recognise new words, tutors can plan activities using this wonderful resource.
    Our learners attend two days a week during school terms.  An offshoot to the Literacy and Numeracy skills gained during this course are improved self-confidence and social skills.
    Other courses LACT deliver to groups in Tauranga include:
    Driver Licence (written)
    Work Readiness
    Financial Literacy
    Life Skills
    These can be done at our offices or at workplaces depending on numbers and requirements.
    We thank Rotary for their contribution to furthering the education of these individuals and our group as a whole.
    Kindest Regards Judy and Meryl
    and (Monica, Teani, Katie, Tracey, Len, Paul, Celeste and Anna )
    Any enquiries about help with Literacy please contact:
    Tauranga Site Co-ordinator Lloyd Davies Phone: 022 462 3400
 Then followed the customary 12 Days of Christmas. This year Santa had to explain more than in previous ones but for the sake of something or other, the 'lyrics' are shown here:
1 Pandemic in 2020
2 Paul Harris Fellows
3 Club 'He Waka' Hoes (NOT ROE'S as circulated!)
4 Charity collections
5 Friday Fives (worked well las year so retained)
6 Committee Meetings
7 Sons of Mat Quizzers. Ask Neil
8 Club Zoom Meetings
9 New Club Members
10 Members as speakers
11 Karaoke Singers
12 Rules for Being Human....
Raffle won by Bill Chapman who didn't have to collect any money as we collectively raised over $400 for Foodbank. Good on us and a relief at not having a Secret Santa gift of edible undies this year.
Santa continued with a review of good and bad achievements throughout the year (Candy canes for the goodies, candy canes for the baddies) which mercifully saw the clock tick round to 8am and a Parting Thought from Michele:
'We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children' (Lester Brown)
There's more! 'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in'
And finally: ‘The 3 stages of man: He believes in Santa Claus. He doesn't believe in Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus.’ Sorry, Neil
This week’s genuine insurance claim: I was on my way to see an unconscious patient who had convulsions and was blocked by a tanker.
Have a great time this season of goodwill from your Bulletin team:
Pauline, Stephen, Bill, Neville and Dave