On this day in 1606 - Guy Fawkes was executed after being convicted for his role in the "Gunpowder Plot" against the English Parliament and King James I.

This is so spooky as Helen was a direct descendant of Guy Fawkes

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Visitors:  Kevin Kerr (Guest Speaker), Brian Winters
Past President Pat’s Welcome…
A special welcome to our guests, and to Paul Belcaster, who returns after an extended absence.
Out thoughts are with Dave Woodhouse and family at this time, with the passing of Helen during the week. The club observed a moments silence in her honour.
Also, condolences to Shiv, with the recent passing of his mother.
Police Vetting Forms – Can members get these completed and back to David Robinson next week.
Bob’s BBQ Sunday 1st March. This is always a great occasion and will cost no more than a tenner & dessert or starter. RSVP to Bob Email:
Events Committee: Les reported on the upcoming….
  • a Rialto Movie Night is imminent, just need a decent film (not too arty please).
  • The Great K Valley Adventure Race, Mar 8th
  • This is Us Project Plan, dates and budget will be submitted to the Board shortly.
  • Car Rally TBA.
  • 8am Fri 14th Events Committee Meeting
Nominations for the RYLA programme are closing end of next week. The Waikato event is set for 6-9th April. If you know of anyone interested in this personal development opportunity contact Dean Thompson. Email:
Guest Speaker Kev Kerr is from Bike Tauranga, a cycling advocacy group. The group began in 2015 when the city's cycling community raleighed against Tauranga City Council's decision not to help fund the Ōmokoroa to Tauranga cycleway. A protest peloton quickly assembled and the council called to heel.
Although cyclists are involved, Kevin maintains it is not all about confrontation and protest, but rather a willingness to work alongside organisations to improve cycle related outcomes.  Perseverance and resilience are required in the face of NZTA dropping the funding of 12 different cycling projects last year.
Bike Tauranga’s joining cost is only $10 /yr for the whole family. Cycling is clearly an extremely cheap option.
Current Bike Tauranga projects include, bike sheds at schools, shared pathways, corridor prioritisation and even identifying a need for older riders to upskill (surely not).
Raffle – Lynda Burch
Sergeant –Andy Cameron being a bit of kill joy by taking issue with us Doom Merchants. He then proceeded to run through a catalogue of “Good Vibe” recent achievements including 90 million Glee toilets in India, Humpback whale numbers, and cures for all sorts of ailments and conditions. There was some mention of
Terry Jones and the Fish Slapping Dance before, mercifully a great foot came down from the sky, and we were out of time.
And finally:
Q: What is brown and sticky?
A: A stick
Parting Thought from Warren Banks  The oldest computer was owned by Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with very limited memory. Just 1 byte and everything crashed

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