On this day in 1845, the Portland Vase, thought to date from the 1st Century BC is shattered into more than 80 pieces by a drunken visitor to the British Museum

(It was restored and is back in the Museum)

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If you wish to apologise or register a Leave of Absence Request, please use the links below. Any problems please use contact form and emails will be forwarded. Remember absences need to be submitted before 6 pm on Thursday to be credited. LOAs require board approval


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We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
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White Water Rafting
Feb 07, 2020
6:30 AM – 8:00 AM
india to the sunny Bop
Feb 14, 2020
6:30 AM – 8:00 AM
Friday Fives
Feb 28, 2020
Export NZ in action
Feb 28, 2020
6:30 AM – 8:00 AM
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Wayne, standing in for President Warren.
  • No one admitted to any birthdays or anniversaries.
General Business
Contact Dave Robinson if you can help with the RYPEN weekend.
As a related matter, there was a reminder that Police vetting lasts for two years.  The vetting form is attached to Dave Robinson’s email of a week or so ago.  Two IDs are required – all the information is on the form.
The conference is being held at Rotorua in late May.  The preferential arrangement for hotel bookings organised by District ends on 28 February.  Wayne will send out an email.
Wendy gave advance notice of upcoming collections – on 28 February for Child Cancer at Pak n Save Cameron Road and on 13 March for Red Puppy appeal, also at Pak n Save.
Past President Pat reported on the last Board meeting and noted that:
  • Finances are healthy
  • Our most recent Outward Bound student will be speaking at the Club on 6 March
  • Funding for House of Science was approved
  • Funding for the This Is Us project was approved – there will be more information about that shortly
  • A strategic planning committee was established
  • Funding was approved to purchase a new projector (the one we use currently doesn’t belong to us)
  • Three new members were approved; and
  • Treasured Art will not be held during 2020.  It is likely to be held next in mid-2021.
Bob’s BBQ – to be held at 4:00pm on 1 March.  The cost is $10 per head for meat, payable in advance.  Please make payment to the following bank account:
R A Sutton – 02-0432-0426865-000
Bob will sort out what salads need to be brought once the numbers have been confirmed.  Bob also noted that the river temperature was measured the other day at 27o. That is C not F.  In the unlikely event that the event is affected by rain, Bob may need help on Saturday to put up some marquees.
Events - Les Geraghty reported on upcoming events:
  • Route K cycle race is upcoming
  • A movie night is being organised
  • There will be an events committee meeting after Rotary next Friday
Ron reported that the Tauranga Rotary Club book sale is coming up and they are collecting books until 20 March.  Most service stations will accept books for collection.
Sergeant Session
Past President Pat ran a competition handing out chocolate bars to anyone who knew the names of various famous people who had decided to change their names for one reason or another.
The raffle was won by Mary O’Sullivan.
Vigilant readers will have noted the absence of any reference to a speaker.  That is because there was no speaker - mainly due to Bruce and Wayne (Batmen?) deciding that later in the year would be much better
And finally…..
You wonder if somebody is trying to tell you something when the ‘Popular Jokes’ section of the website I use each week comes up ‘No items match your search’
Parting Thought from Ian Burns: Albert Einstein – “First you have to know the rules of the game, then you have to play it better than anyone else”.

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14 Feb 20
21 Feb 20
28 Feb 20
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