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President Pat opened the meeting noting that it was a glorious morning for the last meeting of his reign as President.


Guests were Steven Lee, a rotary member from Western Australia, and Henry Kaiser who has just moved here from Germany (or the US – there is some uncertainty).


President Pat mentioned that Bill Holland is sounding good and will be coming to the changeover dinner. Bill has told him that his treatment had more effect on his than expected, but he is improving. He will be sending out an email about the proposed trip to Japan next April.

Warren Scobie had a reminder about changeover dinner next Friday. Tickets are available at $70 per person.

Ken White was in attendance, therefore it is Friday Fives tonight.
Glenys promoted an event called Mrs Krishnan’s party to be presented by a group called Indian Ink.  The event is to raise funds for ROMAC and is to be held at BayCourt on Thursday, 22 August 2019. Steve Dorrington supported Glenys’s promotion, and reminded everyone that we need a good crowd to include friends and family. Find out more about the event here.
Dave Robinson noted the Police vetting forms on each table and asked anyone who will be involved in community support activities or hosting, to complete a form.  The process takes about two months so it cannot be left until the last minute.


Club Service and Membership

Presented by Wayne, standing in for Pauline.

Membership and Club Services Committee Report to Club Assembly, June 2019

Highlights of 2019
A significant piece of work, and major highlight, for the Membership and Club Services committee was the administering in March of a full club survey, to which approximately one-third of members responded.
Overall, the feedback was very positive. People enjoy the club, feel welcome and consider we are making a difference.
Analysing all responses, including the additional comments, identified the following areas for the committee to work on:
  • Informing people more about the various upcoming projects within different committees.    
  • Frequency, quality and diversity of social activities, and having them focus on fellowship, not just fundraising 
  • Understanding and addressing different levels of commitment within the club.
  • More awareness of club goals and activity calendar
  • All committees to some extent have addressed these recommendations, particularly in the social events and communication areas and further work is in train to ensure that this will continue into the new Rotary year. 
  • Another highlight of the year has been our Facebook presence steadily growing, thank to Wayne Shadbolt, with recent additional information enhancing Rotary’s profile. Facebook is an important platform for us and members should ‘like’ and share information from the Facebook page to spread the reach of this information about the day-to-day happenings of the club. 
Club services
Support for the smooth running of club routines continues to be the work, thoroughly delivered, of this committee’s members, including those who are office holders on the Board and those with have regular services they are responsible for, such as speaker coordination, calendar, bulletin and Facebook. These knowledgeable and capable people keep us well informed, and supported, as well as compliant with all the financial and other guidelines for the club. The actions of all members in following their instructions and leadership helps to keep the club in very good heart.

For coordinating routines and communication, club runner remains a powerful and responsive tool. A reminder to all members to access and use this support tool, and to talk with the club secretary, Warwick de Vere, if you would like some help with access and navigation

As reported to the club during the year, membership numbers continue to be fluid, with members joining and leaving for a variety of reasons, especially life changes such as family structure, and relocation to other centres. Our last committee discussion centred on recruitment as an ongoing process and strategies to publicise Rotary generally, using all available media networks, as well as some designated meetings, both social and service. 

We have, thanks to Ron Devlin, booked Kate Rigg, General Manager for Mediaworks Coromandel and BOP to speak to the club in July. This will be a precursor to talks with Kate about a regular slot for Rotary clubs on local radio. Kate has told Ron that there is interest in this from the radio stations. Other strategies are still pending and will be shared with members as they take on a structure for implementation.

The smooth running of club routines continues to be underpinned by the work of this committee’s members who are also office holders on the Board.
Plans for the Coming Year

As well as the whisky tasting, organised by Dave Woodhouse from this committee, and Sally Morrison’s Spiegel tent Breakfast in October, the quiz night that is our whole committee commitment to the calendar is planned for September, date to be advised.  
Our committee members are currently filling a Dave Woodhouse shaped hole in our club services team. Dave’s availability for his usual roles is still to be confirmed and certainly at best a little variable. Those he has delegated various tasks to will need to continue to liaise and support each other and the club. In particular, Dave’s great work on the calendar and bulletin needs to be maintained, (as it currently and very capably is) by other members with the right skill set.

Recruitment as an ongoing process and strategies to publicise Rotary generally, using all available media networks, as well as some designated meetings, both social and service will continue this year. Thank you to President Pat for sharing resources recently with Warren and Pauline which will be very useful in supporting the work of the committee in the new Rotary year. Pauline has browsed the resource and intends to share it with the committee after changeover as a stimulus for planning and to reinforce some of the measures to boost membership that is currently being prepared for implementation.

Anyone with an interest in boosting membership is referred to the link
Finally, special thanks and appreciation must go to President Pat for his leadership, our office holders for their tireless support and their expertise. It has been a real pleasure to be part of the Board this year and establish a foundation for progress in the 2019/2 year.

Pauline Cowens                    
Director, Club Membership and Services

New Generations

Presented by David Robinson

2018-19 Achievements

  • RYPEN – Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment
    This year’s weekend, Friday 15 to Sunday 17 March, was a success according to the feedback from parents, teachers and the feedback from the 36 students who attended.
  • International Student Exchange – Inbound
    We successfully Sponsored a certain young Brazilian chap, Eduardo Melo, and showed him what NZ was made of. Eduardo was a joy to have and was a regular attendee at our meetings. He survived and went home in January this year. Fair to say he is missed.
  • International Student Exchange – Outbound
    We sponsored Katie Scott who returned safely from a year in Austria in January 2019. She spoke, because of technical issues, at the club meeting on 26 April.
  • RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award
    Tessa Carlisle has been accepted for this year’s RYLA camp. 
  • BOP Youth Development Trust
    We supported BOPYDT in the amount of $2,600 to assist youth development.
  • “Stepping Out” Fundraiser.  
    Stephen Dorrington organised a night out at the 16th Avenue Theatre.
  • Kiwi Can
    The club continues to support this important organisation. This year’s donation $20,000.
Thank you to all the Club Members who supported these events this year.

2019-20 Plans

  • RYPEN – Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment.
    2020’s weekend is scheduled for 20-22nd March
  • We will again be seeking candidates for:
      - RYLA, 
      - Outward Bound, 
      - Summer Science School, 
      - International Student Exchanges – inbound and outbound
  • We are looking to increase our involvement with:
      - Kiwi Can 
      - BOP Youth Development Trust 
      - Merivale Community Centre – in particular establishing a Beach Day for children
      - Books in Schools – looking to revitalise this project
  •  Targeting 100% Police Vetting of Members 75% by end of calendar year. 


Presented by Glenys Parton 

  • Completed sight word book project for Nuku Alofa with the help of a District Grant.
  • Over 4000 students from over 30 schools throughout Tonga have benefited. In addition work was created for local writers, artists and printers.
  • Black Toilet paper resulted in a surplus of $587 for Trust funds with the bonus of excellent media coverage in local print media and the NZ Herald helping raise our club profile.
  • The Homestay fundraiser organised by Michele and Simon where we hosted 56 Year 10 and 11 students from Hong Kong for a total of 3 nights raised close to $6k for Trust funds. A wonderful experience for those participating.
  • The Big sing attracted 34 hardy souls with a range of singing skills and raised a small profit. However the main intention was for a fun event. A great night had by all.
  • Donations were $2k to ROMAC and Polio Plus with another $1500 for Shelter Box.
  • Another successful round of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner saw 38 participate and help raise funds to purchase a Shelter Box.
  • Vinna returned home after successful surgery and was escorted back by Glenys. Find out more about Vinna's story here.
Over the next year will be more of the same.
Expanding our connection to Threads Across the Pacific, applying for a District Grant, looking to help Vanuatu with projects identified by the locals as being of importance to them and continuing our support of Polio Plus, ROMAC and Shelter Box.
Thanks to all committee for support, advice and assistance.

Community Services

Presented by Chris Dever, standing in for Barbara

Community Committee Report 2018 – 2019
Prepared for Club Assembly 28 June 2019


  • Funding Applications
    We have distributed $9,950 to a diverse range of community groups – Papamoa Surf Lifesaving, Merivale Community, Tauranga Musica, Homes of Hope, & Volunteer Coastguard. As part of that total, we have also recently committed $1,500 to the Life A Plenty Charitable Trust (recipients of the Crystal Palace Breakfast fundraiser which will be held in August). We also supported the wider Tauranga Rotary group for the Books for Babies project.  We have developed a matrix to help us consider the applications we receive against the funding criteria we have adopted. Next financial year we will look at updating the application form itself and re-confirming the criteria we use to make the assessments.
  • Street Appeals
    We met our target of supporting 6 national street appeals – Heart Foundation, Blind Foundation (2), Cancer Society (2), & Alzheimers Society.  Thanks very much Wendy [Showan] for your work in this space.
  • Community Foodbank
    Club members also once again supported the Tauranga Community Foodbank in December.
  • Bay Oval Cricket Trust Fundraiser
    The committee coordinated the ‘man’ and ‘women’ power in support of the cricket fundraiser. Collectively we gave around 508 hours to collecting rubbish & minimising waste over 6 games of cricket. Following this huge effort, many club members took the opportunity to participate in a survey, which sought opinions on the ROI, and to provide constructive feedback to the Bay Oval Trust. I have recently forwarded our feedback and recommendations for improvement, which will be utilised as they plan for the next cricket season.
  • Vocational Award
    We have begun looking into a Vocational Award which we hope will be inaugurated in the first half of the next Rotary year. We will be asking club members to think about examples of spectacular service received from Tauranga business and service providers in order to start building up a file of potential recipients.
On behalf of the Community Committee - thanks very much to everyone in the club who has supported the initiatives we have been responsible for, there is evidence of great enthusiasm and in some cases great commitment and stamina.

Events and Public Relations

Presented by Warren Scobie

Event Committee Report for 25th June 2019

A summary of the Events Committee activities for 2018-2019.

Our first event for the year was of course last year’s Change Over Dinner. While the Chart House provided a good venue, there was an appetite for change as communicated by club members. It is for this reason, we chose the Tauranga Yacht and Boat Club for this year’s Change Over Dinner. The emphasis is to have fun and to celebrate the Clubs successes for the previous twelve months. 

Our big event for the Events Committee was the Great K Valley Adventure Race. Once again it was very popular with 30% increase in participants. This resulted in a clear profit of $2400 compared to last years profit of $1400. 

The entries were all team entries except for one individual entry. This has prompted the likely decision to only accept team entries for future events. Any individuals will be grouped into a team. 

The biggest cost was for port-a-loos so for next years event the possibility of starting at the BMX clubrooms where public toilets are available will be investigated.
Pat Taylor has been contacted by Peter Maxwell, incoming District Governor, to discuss having a cycle event that may be developed as a district project. The Great K Valley Adventure Race is possibly that event so will be keen to have further discussions with Peter to see what ideas he has. This could be a great opportunity to develop and grow the event. 
Planning for next year’s event has begun.

Other events included the Movie night which was very popular and likely to be repeated in the coming 12 months. This was a social event for the club, family and friends and was well attended.

Welcome Wall – This is an idea first brought to the Events Committee by Les Geraghty. A subcommittee has been formed to further develop this idea, with Les as the Chair. The club will be kept up to date with this project as it develops. 

I have started a pet project to get all club events and activities into the calendar in Club Runner. I will continue this so that all events will be available through Club Runner app. 

Finally, Les will be taking over as Director for the Events Committee and will do a fantastic job. 

I would like to thank all of my committee members for their hard work over the past twelve months as well as the ongoing support from the committee and also club members. 

Thank You.

Warren Scobie
Director, Events and Public Image Committee

Trust Report

Presented by Neville Whitworth
A full report will be available in the Annual Financial Statements available over the next few months. The overall position was entirely satisfactory, starting with a cash balance of about $113,000 and ending with a cash balance of about $110,000.  From the trust’s perspective, that means distributions were essentially covered by fundraising.

Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Ray Scott

As in the case of the trust, there will be more financial detail in the Annual Financial Statements. In the meantime, Ray noted that in the 2018 financial year there was a deficit of about $3,400, and in the 2019 financial year there was a surplus of about $3,000. However, within that surplus there was a deficit of about $2,500 in relation to the morning meetings. The board is looking at options to deal with this, noting that club membership and therefore meeting attendances have been dropping from the highs of a few years ago and the club pays a flat fee to Tauranga Club for breakfast. The Board will continue looking at this and come up with a proposal in due course.


Another month. Another great bunch of speakers to keep us entertained and informed. Once again we proved that we don’t need to go outside of the Club to get top class speakers as we had firstly Simon and Michele Beaton give a humorous and quite riveting talk on their overseas adventures including their trip to the Galapagos Islands. This was followed by Glenys Parton who gave an update on the difference ROMAC is making in the lives of children throughout the Pacific. We have seen first-hand the profound life-changing impact on Vinna. Glenys finished with a timely reminder that when we assist these impoverished communities we need to be guided by locals as to what they need, not what we think they might need and also to ensure there is a structure in place to ensure ongoing maintenance of facilities put in place and follow up training where required.
We then had Faye Philp from Alzheimers Tauranga who updated us on how the substantial support we have given over the past three years had been used to offer support to very vulnerable people in the community. The new CEO Glen Bradley asked that we consider maintaining this strong partnership and a meeting is planned for us to discuss ways and means of raising funds for this worthy organisation. The presentation included a very moving musical tribute by Jack Boyle to his wife who is an Alzheimer's sufferer. I think this more than anything brought the issue home to many members and there were a few tears in the eyes at this eloquent performance.
Once again we had some simply outstanding Sergeants, whose presentations were as diverse as our speakers. Thank you to Andy Cameron, Kathy Webb. Bob Sutton and Antoon Moonen for helping finish each meeting on a high note. Antoon’s presentation, in particular, was right out of left field and ensured we never look at fellow members the same way again.
Thank you all of you for the amount of work and effort you put into these sessions.
I was delighted to be able to recognise six outstanding club members for the sometimes thankless task of bulletin editor. Max Mason, Neville Whitworth, Andrew Knowles, Bill Chapman and Steve Dorrington were given Sunrise Awards at a meeting for educating, amusing and entertaining the club through the weekly bulletin. I was able to award Dave Woodhouse the same certificate at his hospital bedside.
Thank you so much all of you for the vital role you perform in keeping members informed.
Sadly Philipp Wilkes has realised that his work commitments in setting up his new business have been far greater than anticipated and has prevented him from taking a full part in Rotary. We wish him and Maria every success in getting their business off the ground and hope to see him from time to time. While our membership is the envy of all other clubs in the District we need to continuously attract new members.
Pauline Cowens and her team are working on a Membership Campaign for the start of the new Rotary year but they cannot do this alone. Membership is everyone’s responsibility so please regularly invite friends and colleagues to a meeting to see what we are about.
Thanks to Les Geraghty for arranging a memorable night out at the Rialto cinema. Over 40 attended on a rainy winter’s night what was a very enjoyable movie. Two rounds of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner were enjoyed by 38 Rotarians and partners. As usual, this was impeccably organised by Michele Beaton. Thanks Michele! This is an annual club event that raises money for Shelter Box and is very much enjoyed by all attendees.
We finished the month (and the Rotary year off with around 20 of us enjoying each other’s company at Friday Fives. What a great way to wind down the week.
5 members helped celebrate Otumoetai’s 50th anniversary. This was a great night of celebration and reminiscing from a club that is struggling a wee bit as their member’s age but is still doing some remarkable things in the community.
We chose the shortest day of the year to have our Shorts for Waipuna appeal and it was great to see so many members take the plunge and by doing so raise some much-needed funds for the Waipuna Hospice.
Les Geraghty and Pauline Cowens have had several meetings with interested parties and Council officials over the proposed Welcome Wall which was our Club’s response to 15 March. This is gaining a great deal of interest and looks like it may snowball into something bigger than we had originally imagined. A wonderful concept with our club once again leading the way.
Planning is now well underway for this year’s edition of Treasured Art with Volvo and Duncan and Ebbett confirming they wish to stay on as principal sponsors.
Sally and her team have everything under control for the Crystal Palace Breakfast in October which is looking to be a great success with proceeds going to the Life A Plenty Charitable Trust.
Wayne is doing a fantastic job on our Facebook page with several articles every week. If you haven’t done so please visit the site and share it with your friends. If you have photos of club activities please forward them to Wayne to be put on Facebook.
Past Presidents Warren Banks and Ursula Hurn have kindly agreed to join with me to work with the club historian Simon Beaton and put together a history of the club to recognise our 25th anniversary.
A plea to all members to search their cupboards and computer archives for any photos, articles or memorabilia they may have on the club and its activities.
While we have a couple of years up our sleeve it is important we get as much material together before we lose those precious memories.
Dave Woodhouse has been buoyed by the number of visitors he has received since he first went into hospital. He is now at home in Omokoroa recuperating and resting before his next course of treatment. He has good days and bad days but would still welcome a brief visit, however it might pay to text beforehand to see if a visit is suitable. Dave remains positive and thanks the club for their support. He was particularly appreciative of John Carlson putting together a meals roster for he and Helen. Kia Kaha Dave!
  • Tuesday July 16 Dave Woodhouse has planned another of his famous Whisky Tasting evenings with proceeds to go to Outward Bound and other youth-related activities. Word has obviously already got around and this is a sell-out.
  • Thursday August 22 will be a fundraising/fellowship night out at Bay Court Theatre with all funds raised going to ROMAC. We need to sell 180 tickets so a plea from Steve Dorrington and Glenys Parton to start selling tickets to your friends and family now.
  • Our charity quiz night was postponed this month due to scheduling conflicts but Wayne and Dave are working on putting this together early in the new Rotary year.
  • Sally and Mary are working on an upmarket event to tie in with the Garden Festival with the proposed beneficiary being the Life A Plenty Charitable Trust. There will be much more on this in weeks to come but suffice to say it will have a very high profile.
  • Treasured Art 2019 will be held 9 November. Volvo and Duncan and Ebbett have signed up again as principal sponsors and we are aiming to better last year’s record result.
  • And if that is not enough we have the Club Changeover celebration to be held at the Tauranga Yacht Club on 5 July. It will have a nautical theme. Tickets are $70 per head which includes a sumptuous buffet dinner, wine on the table. Warren, Les and Monique have put a great deal of effort into making this event the highlight of the year and the Yacht Club have been wonderful to deal with. Thank you guys! This evening event will replace our normal breakfast. Put this in your calendar now as we put this Rotary year into dry dock and launch an exciting new year under Captain Warren Scobie.

Sergeant Session

Antoon Moonen presented an Alphanumeric Statistical Analysis of the letters in club member’s names. Your faithful scribe missed out on the first few sentences because he was still trying to recall the last bit of club assembly, and it was all downhill from there. Apologies to Antoon for not being able to properly describe what he was talking about.
Parting Thought was from Kevin Atkinson: 
“Your vibe dictates your tribe.”

Duties for the next 3 weeks:


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John Carlson
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Phil Mangos
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