On this day in 1964

The African nations of Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania. 

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Katie - outgoing exchange student
Apr 26, 2019
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
Pat Buckley AMP'd4Life
May 03, 2019
6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
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Katie Scott - Speaker
Margaret Batchelor - Katie's Mum
Karen Wills - Guest of Barry F
  • Spyda (Mr Hurn) was on the ITM Fishing Show this week. Its available on SKY GO - just search ITM and is the first one that pops up
  • Huge thanks from Michele and Simon to the hosts of the Hong Kong kids. Apparently it was a blast!
  • Crystal Palace is on again in October. Sally will need help - please contact her
  • Vice Captain Warren announced the first Inter-Club Challenge 12th May. Petanques (or Boules). a 1.30 start and $20pp. Ron Fyfe (who doesn't want the publicity) has donated a magnificent trophy. Our Changeover is confirmed for 5 July at the Yacht Club at $70pp including a couple of bottles of wine (Per table, NOT per person). There will be a nautical theme. More later. Still with Warren, there is to be a Dessert and Movie night (or is that Pudd and Picture?)at the Events cinema at The Crossing. $26pp. Wednesday 22 May
  • The Whisky Tasting on 16th July is already sold out. Any more names will be put onto a waiting list
  • Gumboot Day raised $145.50
  • Stuart Pedersen has circulated his invitation to berth H69 tomorrow (or today, or yesterday) separately
  • Warwick is off to Thailand in November to build a building and lie on the beach. Anybody wanting to go should contact him, 'cos Philippa has said she ain't going, so there.
Our speaker today in a dirndl-bedecked outfit was Katie Scott, who left these shores for a year in Austria as our outgoing scholar. She made her mark on her home Club by contriving to spill a glass of wine over the President at her first meeting!. Although her German was, at best, scant before she went, she became 'confident' by the end. She did heaps with a language camp, skiing trips and a 16 day European tour high on the agenda. Bit of a hiccup with her 'Austro-German' wherein the Austrian words for 'whipped cream' and 'teeth' are very similar. Needless to say, she was met with blank stares when she asked her host mother to pick up some teeth from the supermarket.
All in all, a much more confident young lady from the one who left a year ago with a polished presentation which would have been even better if her laptop and projector had been on speaking terms. 
RAFFLE won by Andy Knowles
SERGEANT DEAN reflected on Anzac Day and thanked the RSA for yesterday's services. His personal day was to attend the Dawn Service and then watch Maori TV, which had the best coverage of the solemnity of the occasion - more so than TV2 who screened Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2. He also reflected on his trip the UK earlier this year where some villages recorded the names of the fallen - in many cases, large percentages of the inhabitants. Finally, one of his staff wished him a 'Happy Anzac Day' but, when challenged by Dean as to what he meant by that, he got the reply ' Spend time thinking about the freedom you've got'.
Recognition of the sponsorship given to Treasured Art by Volvo NZ and Duncan and Ebbett was reported last week but the photo of the presentation was not available. Here it is now



The Rotary Foundation.

Donations that you make to The Rotary Foundation are used to fund a wide range of humanitarian programmes. Here is how it works… 50% of every dollar contributed to the Foundation returns to our district after three years as ‘District Designated Funds’ (DDF). Half of the DDF each year is available for district grants to clubs.

The 50% that remains in the world fund is used to support the global work of Rotary in the form of global grants for humanitarian projects, Vocational Training Teams, and Scholarships … all of which can also have a direct connection to our individual clubs and our district.




My friend told me he had the body of a Greek god. I had to explain to him that Buddha is not Greek.


AND FINALLY.........




Sony Bravia Smart TV (Model 49W750D). 49” screen. Also included is a cantilever wall bracket.

Perfect working order.

10% of the sale price will be donated to Club funds if sold via this medium.

$525. (List price $1399 for the TV)

Contact Dave Woodhouse

(President Pat has sanctioned this advert and encourages any other sale items to be listed in the Bulletin provided that a proportion of the sale price is donated to Club funds)



Parting Thought from Barry F's accountant:
'There are 2 kinds of people. One lives within their means and the other doesn't. You (Barry) have a great imagination'

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