On this day in 1843, the SS Great Britain, Isambard Kingdom Brunel's pride and joy, was launched. Well worth a visit if you are in Bristol, UK

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Jul 26, 2019
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Visitors: Andrew, guest of Rosalie.

President’s Welcome – A warm welcome from Warren


Birthdays: Spyda and Barry Vercoe.

Kindest Possible Wish 4 - Whisky Tasting – Many thanks to Dave Woodhouse and the team who made this very popular evening possible. The official kilted clansmen were piped in to Scotland the Brave no less. Michel Fraser Milne (MQ) was in fine form (after admitting to pre-loading for the event) and a wee dram was shared in memory of Phil Withy. The night raised $710 from raffles, and $3000 altogether. Many thanks to raffle prize donors, especially Dave W who donated a $600 bottle of whisky.

Two more Paul Harris Fellows were awarded today – Warwick de Vere and John Carlson – all done with meal monies?



Australia- NZ Exchange. Looking for candidates for this 12 week student exchange. Time is pressing, so if you know of a candidate 131/2 – 16 keen on swapping families contact David Robinson asap.

Member Welfare – Mary tells us that the whisky tasting gave Dave Woodhouse a big lift but wore him out a little (apparently whisky can have that effect) – she has passed on the Club’s best wishes. I haven't had any alcohol for a few months- Dave

Liz Rapson is currently undergoing radiotherapy – our thoughts are with Chris and Liz at this time. Any members available to provide meals for the Rapsons please contact Mary.

Treasured Art - The website is looking good - many thanks to Lisa. Auction Date is 9th November. Now open for Art Submissions - either contact Kathy or

Mrs Krishnan’s Party – Featured in the Weekend Sun this edition - You’re invited 22 August, Baycourt. This is a ROMAC fund raiser so get the gang together for a great night out. Teaser:

Tickets $50. Contact Stephen Dorrington to book. Email:

Mrs Krishnan's Party

Presidential Brainstorming – Some thought it was too early in the morning for such a cerebral activity, others indulged themselves.

  • Regular press stories are hoped to generate ongoing membership interest.

  • Julie Hignett suggested sending a personal invite to targeted organisations such as Volunteer BoP and local iwi.

  • The lack of a President Elect was pointed out by Pat Taylor as a concern for the club. Issues of continuity and lack of run up to the Presidential year were highlighted.

  • Ron Fyfe reported that President Elect Training sessions run by District are very worthwhile, give a good understanding of Rotary and unlikely as it may seem, fun too!

  • The Board in not a secret organisation - a desire to get 2ICs involved in board activity.

  • Succession Planning was highlighted as an issue.

  • Committees – there was some discussion about:

    • Committee change date in December or July?

    • A President’s ability to pick their Directors.

    • Resume having committee meetings as part of our morning meeting every 2nd month.

    • Getting people involved with committee work rather than leave it to Directors

    • The benefits in having a fluid structure with individuals shoulder tapped for different events/roles.

  • Having a List of Goals for the coming year was seen as of value.

Dean Thompson reckoned the club was going really well, and either everyone agreed, or we were just plain stormed out.

Raffle – Steve Read picked up the vino with Kevin Atkinson’s ticket.

Sergeant –Ron Fyfe ran through all those in the room who did not have slave names. Surnames apparently a recent introduction from the Norman Barons. Some named after geography, some by trade, some by a telling sobriquet and others by virtue of being someone’s son. A good effort to get through the whole club roll.

And finally......................

'What do you call a fish with no eyes?'

FSH of course



Parting Thought: Steve Read picked up slack with Kevin Atkinson’s thought.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln, (inspired by the lunar landings)

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26 July

2 August

9 August


Barry Fredheim

Andrew Knowles

Warren Banks

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Les Geraghty

Wayne Shadbolt

John Carlson

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Barbara Whitton

Brett Hobson

Jane Nees


Graham Cornes

Simon Beaton

Ian Burns

Speaker Intro and Host

Warren Scobie

Shaun Piper

Brett Hobson

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Wayne Shadbolt

Glenys Parton

David Robinson


Pat Taylor

Julie Hignett

Andy Cameron

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Max Mason

Neville Whitworth

Stephen Dorrington


Andrew Knowles

Warren Banks

Kathy Webb


Peter Maxwell - District Governor visit

Neil Matson. My year as President

Jane Kay – Motor Neurone disease