BULLETIN 13 April 2018

Editor: Neville Whitworth

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Meeting Information
We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
Tauranga,  3000
New Zealand
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Today’s attendance:
Name of Visitor & Organisation
Guest of
Bryan Winters - Consultant Technologywise Ltd
James Grafas - CEO Agoge HR 
Paora Stanley - CEO of Ngai Te Rangi
Eric Happé
Rosie Winters
With speakers
Barry Vercoe: John Chen doing a pianist concert next week. Incredible musician and worth a listen.
Warren Scobie: Plant a tree, take a photo, send to Roberta. Helps save the planet, Shane Jones reach his lofty goal, and us get a Presidential Citation.
Glenys Parton: Our Romac girl Vinna Sapa is now walking without crutches. Coming over to Tauranga next week. If anyone can help look after her during the day Tuesday – Friday that would be great, and Glenys will pick her up after work. Contact Glenys.
Ron Fyfe: 18-20 May is district conference. So far only 2 of our members have registered.  A great event so get motivated and register.
Alzheimer Tauranga: Letter of thanks for our support. Our donation has helped 1,300 hours of 1:1 support to people in our community.
Michael Batchelor: looking well!! Thanked whoever tended to his veggie plot while he was in the hospital. The kind benefactor has left their garden trowel behind. See Mike if it’s yours.
Larissa Allen; The incubator at the Historic Village has been included in the TGA Council 10 year plan. Please go online and have your say to keep supporting this great asset.
Guess who’s coming to dinner: Nights 26 May and 9 June. Still time to register – contact Michelle Beaton. This is a great night for all but especially for newer members as you have a lovely dinner with 3-4 members and their partners. Great to get to know other members and their partners in the club.    Highly recommended.
Guest speakers
Welcome to Bryce and Rosie Winters and James Graffis.
Bryan talked about closing the gaps. Great wealth vs Great poverty. Discussed the deprivation index between the rich earning multiple vs the poor.
James gave a very interesting discussion around his business philosophy. His company Agoge well worth a look. At a high level the concept of wealth distribution amongst all the staff creates better engagement and more benefit to the wider economy than perhaps large bonuses to the few.
Interesting concepts as an example spreading a $1.5m profit between 10 management @ $150k each vs across 150 employees at $10k each.
Sargent session run by Larissa with a great Commonwealth games theme
The Tauranga Sunrise Com games team
Cycling: R Wisbey, W Scobie. For great training on the K valley Cycleway
Basketball: the tall timber of the club, B Holland, J Carlson, M Mason, S Read
Boxing: G Brownless, J Nees. M Mason for tireless efforts in the civic ring. The board of the club for going a few rounds (whoops a bit inappropriate!)
Shot put: C Rapson – only because cricket isn’t a games sport
Dancing: S Dorrington Ribbon dancing (you needed to be there to see it.
Swimming: R Devlin for prowess in the water
All the rest : Sunrise bowls team
Parting Thought
If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, get down there and turn it on yourself!. 
 Duties for the next 3 weeks:
Barbara Whitton
Simon Beaton
Rhonda Wisbey
Door & Parting Thought
Erica Holtsbaum
Andy Cameron
Graham Cornes
Kevin Atkinson
John Carlson
Brett Hobson
Speaker Intro & Host
Shaun Piper
Gail Page
Speaker Thanks
Pauline Cowens
Graham Cornes
Glenn Dougal
Kathy Webb
James Clague
Bulletin Editor
Max Mason
Steve Dorrington
Andrew Knowles
Max Mason
Rhonda Wisbey
Wendy Showan
Mike Farmer - MD Farmer Motor Group Limited
Special General Meeting 2
Glenys Parton - ROMAC Update