10 March  2023

                                              Today in History 1869    

This medal was created because members of New Zealand’s colonial armed forces were not eligible for the Victoria Cross. Only 23 were awarded, all to men who served during the New Zealand Wars, making it one of the world‘s rarest military honours. 

The New Zealand Cross was instituted by Governor Sir George Bowen by order in council. It was intended to meet the need for a decoration equivalent to the Victoria Cross, for which colonial military personnel were eligible only if they had been under the command of a British officer at the time of their exploit.

Bowen was rebuked by the Secretary of State for the Colonies for overstepping the limits of his authority. Though the Queen was officially ‘the fountain of all honour’, five Crosses had been awarded before Britain was notified of the award’s existence. In defending his actions, Bowen argued that the low morale of the local troops (who were simultaneously fighting the forces of Te Kooti and Tītokowaru) meant that some tangible form of recognition for bravery in action was urgently needed. The Cross could also be awarded without the delay inherent in referral to Britain for royal approval.


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Please note The Club has relocated to the Tauranga Citizens Club  170 13th Ave  while the Tauranga Club on Devonport road is under repairs
Note: The Tauranga Club is unlikely to be available to us within 2months. But we are ok – actually we quite like the Citizens Club.
Visitors:  Errol Brain (guest speaker)
Birthdays: Steve Read, Darren Wisbey
Rotary Anniversaries: Kevin Atkinson 25 years
Michele got some practice as acting President today, while Lynda is recovering.
Michele amused us saying she had a dream about the meeting, in which she went deaf and could neither hear the speakers nor keep to time.
17 to 19 March. Contact David Robinson to assist with driving you car to and from the bus which can’t complete the last leg of the journey due to road issues. You are also welcome to visit, particularly on the Saturday.
Sunday 16 April 10am to 2pm. Kopererua Valley Reserve. A family friendly scavenger hunt by bicycle. Proceeds to Graeme Dingle Foundation and local youth projects.
Get a team together and/or provide sponsorship. Contact Michele.
Rhonda affirmed it was a great team builder for business entries.
Kathy is still looking for raffle ideas and contributions, names of potential buyers and someone to assist with Powerpoint.
Ross is organising a final session at Sally Morrison’s Tuesday 21 March 12 noon. Contact Ross if able to help.
Greg reported that so far no offers for help from our club volunteers to Napier, Wairoa or Gisbone had been taken up. If any requests for shovel and broom volunteers are received, he will advise those available.
GUEST SPEAKER, Errol Brain, Drug Testing
Errol was introduced by Les as a former Rugby Union player, now on the Board of the Chiefs, and a Drug Detecting Agency. 
Errol said he now talks a better game than he can play. He has a wife and three daughters and has become used to being told what to do.
The Drug Detecting Agency undertakes workplace drug testing. In 2022 there were around 300,000 tests in workplaces, plus those done for Corrections, Police and Customs. As he spoke there was a van testing Cameron Road workers.
Testing was all about safety, engaging the workforce, good discussions and ensuring people went home safely.
Waka Kotahi alone has to find 16500 new staff for road fixing and these need to be tested.
Some workers expect to be able to do what they want in their spare time but also expect to be protected from hazards. Drugs and alcohol are a workplace hazard.
Worksafe, as has come to be expected, is putting the problem back onto businesses.
Drug users are three times more likely to be in workplace accidents, ten times more likely to miss work, and are a third less productive.
The company conducts pre-employment testing, random testing and post-accident testing.
Some testing is initiated by fellow employees.
What happens if a test is refused or fails depends on workplace policy.
Positive tests might be a low percentage but they are still people.
Drugs tested for are meth, cannabis, synthetics etc. Meth is being used more and more across all society. It spiked during lockdown.
Speaker Thanks
Simon thanked Errol for a most interesting presentation.
Sergeant Ross
Ross ran through a series of questions about Rotary.
Those who answered first, or who got close, were rewarded with a Ross Brown signature pen.
The questions:
Rotary was founded on what date in 1905?
Why was the name Rotary chosen?
How many global members?
How many countries and territories?
How much has been spent by Rotary on eradicating polio? (Ross first said eradicating polo, but thought that may not please the royal family)
What is the circulation of the official magazine, The Rotarian?
Raffle winner: David Robinson
Parting thought/s: Greg Brownless
The crossing is within, there is no other side. A chicken.
To be or not to be. Hamlet.
Do be do be do be do. Sinatra
Plus the real parting thought:
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
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