On this day in 2012 Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt wins the 200m at the London Olympics to become the first to win 100/200m double in back-to-back Olympics


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Visitors: Andrew Hitchfield, Henry Kayser, Jane Kay (speaker)

President’s Welcome – Not quite such a beautiful day in paradise today, but a warm welcome nonetheless.


Birthdays: Dean Thompson today (in absentia). Maybe he had breakfast in bed on offer.

Ray Scott needs all members to sign a form allowing the club to act as their agents – this is for tax purposes of some sort. If you haven’t signed on the dotted line you need to seek him out and do so.

Member Welfare – Mary tells us that Dave Woodhouse  is doing very well and looking forward to coming back to Rotary.

Our thoughts are with Chris and Liz Rapson at this time as Liz undergoes radiotherapy treatment. Any members available to provide meals for the Rapson’s please contact Mary.

Please let Mary know of any other members who might need assistance too.


Max  Mason advises that he and Helen are moving to Melbourne for a (brief) secondment. Not sure if he has looked at a map, but he also announced that he is going to cycle from Adelaide to Darwin, a distance of more than 3000kms, and not anywhere near Victoria. He suggested members could sponsor him a cent per kilometre as a fundraiser.

Ron Devlin suggested we have a whip round and buy Max a ticket on the Ghan, before announcing that he too will be departing the club, taking up a new posting in Auckland. Our best wishes to both.

Bay Waka – Antoon tells us the 16th edition of the Bay Waka is circulating, with a special hand delivered copy to David Robinson who, apparently cannot afford a letterbox. ROMAC and Treasured Art feature in this edition.

Mrs Krishnan’s Party – Glenys tells us she really needs the club’s support here. To date we have sold ~105 tickets but are aiming for 180. Of particular concern is how few of our own club members are attending - less than a third at last count! Come on, don’t make it hard - this is a ROMAC fund raiser so get the gang together for a great night out. – 6:30 for 7:00 start - 22 August, Baycourt.


Tickets $50. Contact Stephen Dorrington to book. Email:




Henry Kayser – Henry was inducted into the club and thereby briefly became the world’s newest Rotarian. He will join the Events and Publicity Committee and is to be mentored, by birthday boy, Dean Thompson (in absentia still).Henry has been living in Germany, where no doubt his surnameproved a useful door opener. He is about to retire from the US military and has settled in Tauranga with his NZ wife and young family. He is looking forward to getting involved in the club and was warmly welcomed.


Guest Speaker – Jane Kay is a non-Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow and is now working for mnd NZ, based in Whakatane. Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is caused by death of neurons, and subsequent wasting away of muscles through lack of use. Victims usually suffer a progressive loss of mobility in limbs and then suffer difficulties speaking, swallowing and breathing.



At any one time there are around 300 sufferers in NZ, and the prognosis once you’ve got it is not pretty. Three to five years with an active brain and a progressively deteriorating body before death. The cause is unknown, but a high number of horticultural workers affected has cast a suspicious eye toward the spray cabinet.


Famous sufferers are Lou Gehrig (US baseball player) and Stephen Hawking (physicist).

Care is multi-disciplinary, the disease devastating and heart-breaking. Unbelievably mnd NZ is only 8% funded by the MOH with the remainder coming from fundraisingactivities.


Raffle – Glenys Parton collected the vino and the fines. 

Sergeant –Andy Cameron spared us the Pastafarian sermon we are normally subjected to, but did give us a few tips on Nigerian scamming, and slavery as a tourist activity. All OK if you can provide enough missionaries to lead the heathen out of the darkness.

He finished off with a selection of Ghanaian coffins he alone thought appropriate.


And finally......

Have you heard about Murphy’s Law? Yes. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. How about Cole’s Law? No. It’s julienned cabbage in a creamy dressing.


Parting Thought: Jane Nees


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

​Maya Angelou, 

(Author of 7 autobiographies, all her own!)

Apologies for layout. Laptop in hospital, Dave



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Jane Kay – Motor Neurone disease

Tauranga Farmers’ Market. Trixie Allen and Lyn Paul