BULLETIN 25 May 2018

Editor: Neville Whitworth

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Meeting Information
We meet Fridays at 6:45 AM
Tauranga Club
Level 5 Devonport Towers
72 Devonport Road
Tauranga,  3000
New Zealand
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Today’s attendance:
  • Stuart Pederson
Rotary Years
  • Glen Dougal 13
  • Ken White 15
  • Andrew Knowles 14
Ian Burns – K Valley tree planting achieved 2,500 trees
Warren Scobie – Change over 6 July note in your calendars. Dinner will be $70 per person.
Steve Reid – A client of his had a heart attack. His wife rang 111, they suggested she give him an aspirin until help arrived. They had a Save a life capsule and it carried him over until the ambulance arrived.
Warwick de  Vere – Coffee mug collection coming up in June
Wayne Shadbolt – Treasured Art in November. As a for runner, we are sponsoring a room at the Elms which displays an artists work – which will promote our big event in November.
Pat Taylor – District change over 1 July in Hamilton  $35 per head... Those interested in going contact him to arrange transport.
Three members attended. Very good speakers, lots of fun and great time had by all.
Guest speaker, unfortunately, couldn’t make it however their gap was filled admirably by introducing two of our newer members.
Barry Fredheim – From Canada – Vancouver. Born in 1962. A keen fisherman. Earned a degree in teaching but his passion was in fishing where he spent many years commercial fishing in Canada. Met his Kiwi wife and moved to NZ in 2000. Married with 4 children and now reside in Tauranga – Selling Real Estate.
Les Geraghty
Also a real estate agent. Talked about life-changing experiences – Outward bound when he was 23 ( only a few years ago), has a great love of life after an accident that nearly finished it. Loves the sunrise and enjoys every day.
Sargent session
Stuart Pederson took us through an amusing repartee of various reasons for fines
A motorcyclist was fined 20 shillings for speeding through Hawera streets in 1918 – doing 4 mph.
Drug testing lab worker in Boston was high every day for 8 years.
Romania rugby team fined $200k for fielding ineligible players.
Also, leggo a product designed for little kids that dads play with – like other things …..
Parting Thought
Everybody dies but not everybody lives. 
 Duties for the next 3 weeks:
Jane Nees
Warwick de Vere
Warren Scobie
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Graham Cornes
James Ross
Les Geraghty
Mark Whitworth
David McConnochie
Ian Burns
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Steve Read
Dean Thompson
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Jo West
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Club Assembly
Nigel Tutt - Priority One
Barry Vercoe - Inventing the Future