On this day in 1374 BC a solar eclipse seen at Ugarit by Mesopotamian astronomers "On the day of the new moon, in the month of Hiyar, the Sun was put to shame, and went down in the daytime, with Mars in attendance."

Now there's an impressive fact to slip into a conversation


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Another bumper issue this week. Please read!
Pat Buckley - Speaker
Bernie Taylor - Guest
Top of the list
Our speaker this Friday is Marty Hoffert from Waste Watchers. He was on TV yesterday under this link:

President’s Welcome – Welcome!

Birthdays-Paul B, Chris R birthdays. Barry Fredheim celebrates a Rotary paper anniversary.

Simon Beaton was presented with a plaque thanking him for boldly leaping from an aeroplane.

Whisky Tasting - More tickets have become available!!! Not sure if this marketing technique was copied from Ticketek but contact Dave Woodhouse if you are keen to snaffle up the (guaranteed) last available. (Update – the maximum number at the event is now 80 and we have requests for 78)

Planting Day – been and gone by now

Andrew Knowles car keys – lost and found by now.

The meeting was then passed over to a posse of Past Presidents (Kaitiaki) who presented Dave Woodhouse with an award celebrating his contribution to society (and to Rotary). Ron Fyfe ran through many of Dave’s recent achievements including Savealife, Whisky Tasting and Foodbank. The Club responded with a heartfelt standing ovation.

Guest speaker Pat Buckley - Amped4Life is a charity which carries Pat’s special message. The best parenting in the world will not stop children from making poor choices. He spends his time informing youngsters about the risks and repercussions of the decisions they make now regarding drug and alcohol use. His personal experiences and anecdotes always tell a compelling story which engages audiences of all ages.

If anyone feels so inclined, here's a link to Pat's website:

Sergeant – James Ross trawled through some sorry Linkedin profiles for dirt on some of the members. The worst he could come up with was that many had been endorsed by Ken White.


Here's the link to the last set of Board minutes:

Membership and Club Services Committee report (She'll kill me - don't care - I can always resign from your committee Pauline)


The Membership and Club Services committee is working within the recommendations of the recent club survey: more disseminated information/social functions/fellowship etc.

Services: At a recent meeting of the committee, ClubRunner was discussed, its power and its responsiveness to our needs. A reminder to all members to access and use this support tool, and to talk with the club secretary, Warwick de Vere, if you would like some help with access and navigation. (It costs a lot of money to have it – USE IT!)

Membership: Membership of the club is never static, with members joining and leaving for a variety of reasons. We have welcomed some amazing new members in recent months who have involved themselves fully in what it means to be a Rotarian. Recruitment is an ongoing process and all members should share the good news of what Rotary is, its goals, and the fellowship it provides, with prospective members and invite them to a meeting.

The membership committee has discussed strategies to publicise Rotary generally, using all available media networks, as well as some designated meetings, both social and service. Facebook is an important platform for us and members should ‘like’ and share information from the Facebook page to spread the reach of this information about the day-to-day happenings of the Club.

Ours is a busy Committee with Whisky Tasting, the Speigel Tent breakfast with (hopefully) a top class speaker and a Quiz Night all in our sights

Pauline Cowens

Director, Club Membership and Services



Once again an extraordinarily diverse range of speakers, arranged by Dave Woodhouse kept us entertained and informed this month.

We started with the amazing Kerri Price who spoke on her personal commitment to help the underprivileged in our Pacific community. This was followed by Local MP Todd Muller talking on the impacts of climate change and last but certainly not least we had our Outbound Overseas Exchange Student, Katie Scott give a polished presentation on her Austrian experiences which was all the more meritorious given a computer glitch.

Once again we had some simply outstanding Sergeants, whose presentations were as diverse as our speakers. Warren Banks sang most of his sergeant session, Neville Whitworth amused us with his puckish sense of humour and Dean Thompson gave us a timely reality check.

Thank you all of you for the amount of work and effort you put into these sessions.


It was very fitting that on the day we had Todd Muller speak to us on sustainability that we were able to recognise Volvo NZ and Duncan and Ebbett for their contribution towards making last years Treasured Art so successful. These two firms were our principle sponsors providing the venues and catering for the evening which as Kathy Webb pointed out was instrumental in a return of over $26k for Kiwi Can and other local youth related organisations.

Coby Duggan, General Manager of Volvo NZ and Sam MacNeill, Manager of Duncan and Ebbett were thrilled to receive Rotary plaques plus framed certificates from Dan Allen-Gordon.

After that meeting both confirmed their intention to continue sponsoring this major event.


Steady as she goes however as we can expect a few resignations before the year is out we need to be constantly mindful of getting in new blood.

With this in mind Pauline and her team will be putting together a Membership campaign which initially will focus on referrals from members.

In light of the Club discussion on how we should react to the events in Christchurch we will be looking to see how we can attract those groups who do not feature in our current makeup and particularly target younger people.

Please put your thinking caps on and come up with names of those colleagues, friends and those who you associate with in a professional capacity who you think might offer something to Rotary. We have a great dearth of tradespeople so consider your plumber, electrician, mechanic etc.

Don’t forget membership is everyone’s responsibility so keep inviting friends and associates along to meetings.


Thanks to the inspiration of Julie Hignett, the Big Sing was an outstanding success with close to 40 of us proving that you don’t need to be a good singer to become a Rotarian. In saying that there were some very impressive performances from several members including the Mayor and Spyda Hurn in particularly but one memory that will linger in my brain for many a year was Julie’s version of “Hey Big Spender”.

A great evening of fun and laughter which we need to do again sometime.

Thank you Julie.

The Friday Fives to end the month was one of our best attended ever with 31 of us there to wind up the month and next morning a couple of dozen hardy individuals joined Stuart and Pamela Pedersen for morning tea on their classy boat “Essence”. Stuart and Pamela are heading off for a five month trip of the Islands and we wish them a safe journey. Steve Dorrington has been press ganged as deck hand for the first couple of weeks. Should be a memorable experience.


An update on the Great K Valley Cycle Event showed that our profit was much more than originally forecast with over $2300 raised. A great achievement and thanks to all involved, particularly Rhonda and Darren Wisbey.

Gumboot Friday raised $145 for the I Am Hope campaign spearheaded by Mike King.

On behalf of the Club, Glenys Parton presented Vinna with a Rotary Illustrated Dictionary when she escorted her home back to Lausanganu. It is great to hear that after initial worries, Vinna has settled back into village life with her family.


Jane Nees is working on getting articles from each of our amazing women members. These will be put on the Rotary Oceania website, which recently featured Barbara Whitton’s story.

Our big event for the month was home hosting 56 Hong Kong Year 10 to Year 12 students for a total of 3 nights.

Somewhere between a third and a half of club members took part in hosting which raised somewhere around $5500 for Trust funds. In the very short time we had these students some strong bonds were built and on departure there were floods of tears from many of the students.

Thank you to all those who participated in what was a very rewarding experience but most of all a huge thanks to Michele and Simon Beaton who so expertly managed the event and put many hours into ensuring that everything went so smoothly. It was interesting that the most common comment made was that hosting the kids for evenings was not really long enough.

During the month two of our Kaitiaki, Kevin Atkinson and Simon Beaton threw themselves out of a plane at 12000 feet. Both survived the experience and by doing so helped raise funds for Graeme Dingle Foundation. Well done guys!


Wayne is doing a fantastic job on our Facebook page with several articles every week. If you haven’t done so please visit the site and share it with your friends. If you have photos of club activities please forward them to Wayne to be put on Facebook.


Wonderful news for Bill Holland that he has been fully cleared. Shows the power of positivity and determination.

Congratulations Bill and we hope to see you back more regularly at Rotary shortly.

Dave Woodhouse addressed the club to explain that he is going through the same challenge as Bill. Just like Bill he is resolutely positive and determined to win this battle. It may be that in the interim Dave will need to step back a little from club duties so please help where you can.

Dave is aware that he has the Club’s 100% support and fondest wishes for a full recovery.

Mike Batchelor has been released from hospital and is recuperating at home. Please call him or visit him. He would love to see you.



* Saturday 4 May join Warren, Wayne, Ron, Les and me at District Training Day in Taupo. (You missed it)

* The same day The K Valley Trust aims to plant 6000 native trees in K Valley in two hours. (and this)

Please see Ian Burns if you can help. This is one of Tauranga’s hidden treasures and its rejuvenation is down to the efforts of combined Rotary Clubs over the past ten years.

*Interclub petanque competition Sunday 12 May at Club Mount.1-30pm to 4-00pm. $20 per head which includes a BBQ.

*Movie night at new cinema complex at The Crossing followed by dessert. Tentative date is Wednesday 22 May at 6-30pm.

*Early June Michele will be doing another round of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

* District Changeover will be held in Morrinsville on Sunday 30 June

*Early in July Dave Woodhouse has planned another of his famous Whisky Tasting evenings with proceeds to go to Outward Bound and other youth related activities. Word has obviously already got around and this is a sell-out.

*Thursday August 22nd will be a fundraising/fellowship night out at 16th Ave Theatre.

*Our charity quiz night was postponed this month due to scheduling conflicts but Wayne and Dave are working on putting this together early in the new Rotary year.

*Sally and Mary are working on an upmarket event to tie in with the Garden Festival with the proposed beneficiary being the Life A Plenty Charitable Trust. There will be much more on this in weeks to come but suffice to say it will have a very high profile.

*Treasured Art 2019 will be held early in November. Volvo and Duncan and Ebbett have signed up again as principle sponsors and we are aiming to better last year’s record result.

*And if that is not enough we have the Club Changeover celebration to be held at the Tauranga Yacht Club on 5 July. It will have a nautical theme. Tickets are $70 per head which includes a sumptuous buffet dinner, wine on the table. This evening event will replace our normal breakfast. Put this in your calendar now.



And finally....

Instead of "the John," I call my toilet "the Jim." That way it sounds better when I say I go to the Jim first thing every morning.

Parting Thought: Rosalie Liddle Crawford (not even a vestige of a hyphen - anywhere)

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try and cheer someone else up.”

Mark Twain

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