BULLETIN 12 January 2018

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Tauranga Club
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We had some confused members there. Ken White was in attendance. But it was not the end of the month, or Friday fives.
Paul Belcaster also made a rare appearance.
The first day back, and clearly many of us were still in holiday mode, quite a few still at the beach, or at least unable to bestir themselves for an early start.
Eric presided , in his inimitable style, starting proceedings with the loudest rapping noise it is possible to produce from a mere table.
Dave Woodhouse then told us about the great effort made by him and Wayne Shadbolt to produce a club member handbook, and then proceeded to produce evidence of their feat, in the shape of handbooks for all present. A fantastic effort, make sure you get yours if you missed out. He apologised in advance for any errors, and then added that it had been proof read by Ursula, who managed to add an error or 2.
The Cricket volunteers were reported to have done a great job, and most had an enjoyable night as well. Volunteers are still required for 28 January, and 28 February. Contact Barbara to volunteer.
 Mr Cricket, aka Chris Rapson pointed out that the under 19 world cup, running for the next couple of weeks at the bay oval featured free attendance.
Eric then explained that the meeting did not include a speaker, just inter member chat. Ken objected, on the grounds that free chat, in his experience, required copious quantities of alcohol,  and this material was noticeable by it’s absence. Probably just as well.
The raffle winner was Dave Woody, a minor reward for his efforts on the member handbook. 
The Sergeant was Ray Scott, who had a good dig at the various law makers and breakers in the club, by pointing to some examples of illegal activities in other jurisdictions, notably our friends in the USA.
  • Apparently, it is legal, in 29 States, to fire an employee on the sole ground that they are gay.
  • In Kansas, it is legal for a man to beat his wife, but only once a month.
  • In Thailand, it is illegal to sleep on money.
  • In Massachusetts it is illegal to sleep in the nude, and in India, if one is a debtor, it is a legitimate option to offer up one’s wife until the debt is paid.  No consideration appears to have been given to what the wife thinks about this. Many debtor husbands might well be scared that this may be found to be an improvement.
  • And the Chinese have a really ridiculous law. Apparently, you have to prove that you are intelligent to be permitted to go to university. What is the world coming to?.
The parting thought was delivered by Kevin Atkinson, from Michael Altshuler.
The bad news: Time Flies.
The good news: You are the pilot.
Fri 19 Jan 18
Kevin Atkinson
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