BULLETIN 05 March 2021

ON THIS DAY  1946 Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech in Fulton, Missouri, popularizes the term and draws attention to the division of Europe

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President Rhonda opened the meeting. 
Birthdays:                    5th Colin Beere, Nathan Capper, 8th Steve Read. 
                                    4th Darren Wisbey
Rotary Anniversaries   9th March Dave Woodhouse    34 years
Guests: Karen and Janet, and Nathan Capper.
The Speaker was a no-show for health reasons.
Sally Morrison: has resigned from the Club. Sally was a founding member of the Club and was a leader in organising the 2-yearly Arts Festival breakfast.  Sally has been a strong member of the club and helped raise not only our profile but a wonderful fund raiser. Had a passion to help people not only here but overseas. She will be sorely missed.
Bulletin: due to a few departures from the club we need some volunteers to go on the roster for preparation of the weekly Bulletin. This role involves taking notes at the meeting, preparing the text for the Bulletin, and sending it to Wayne Shadbolt and Dave Woodhouse who prepares and distributes the Bulletin each week. If not volunteers appear then please check your duties list each week as this position will become a full club duty spot.
Bob’s Barbecue: Thanks to Bob and Jen for putting this on – much enjoyed by about 50 people.
• Paul Brjelivich has generously donated about $650 in overpaid club dues.
• Shiv reminded us that the Multi-Cultural Festival is on Saturday 20 March at the Tauranga Village from 10-1. If you are able to help out please let Shiv know as soon as possible.
• Captain Greg Brownless will be leading our effort to secure the Interclub Petanque championship, to be held at 10.30 on Sunday 21 March. Teams of 4 are needed – please text or email Greg.
• Cathy Webb reported that Treasured Art is proceeding in partnership with the Tauranga Art Gallery – looking for high end art and people to buy it.
• Rotary Book Sale has been affected by lockdown – now to be held on Sunday and next weekend.
• Mary O’Sullivan and others reported on pastoral matters: Liz Rapson is not well and is currently on holiday in the South Island with Chris; Les Geraghty is recovering from hip surgery; Paula Robinson is home with 24/7 care; and Dave Woodhouse is currently in the HDU where he is on limited visiting from bogus relatives – expected to be transferred to a ward next week.
RYPEN (Rotary Youth Enrichment Program). The 2021 session is to be held at Ngamuwahine Camp on 26/27/28 March.  Dave Robinson gave us a summary of what this is about. Aimed at mid ranking year 10 students with spaces for 5 from each of 10 local schools.  The course is professionally run with activities and talks about choices and an opportunity to push boundaries (no doubt in a positive sense…).  Rotary provide the kitchen hands, and support for activities.
• Henry Kayser is organising a car rally for 10 April. Cars will leave Tauranga CBD in early afternoon and return (if not completely lost) in time for dinner. Participation in the rally is not a requirement for attendance at the dinner.  The instructions for the rally will involve compass bearings and distances.  Those planning on relying on Google Maps will be disappointed.  More information to come.
Speaker / Sergeant Session
Our speaker having not appeared Sergeant Barry Fredheim extended his sergeant session starting with an uplifting and motivational quote. Barry continued with a photographic journey documenting a biographical swing through his life starting in the family business commercial fishing off the Vancouver coast, a short stint horse logging (cut short by horse control and care issues), and then back to sea. Barry finally made it to NZ where he was sworn in as a citizen by our own Greg Brownless with his most recent highlight being a family wedding. 
Speaker thanks was missed out because we were out of time.
The Raffle was drawn but your editor failed to note who won it.
Parting Thought came from Paul: “If God chooses not to judge us to the end of our days what gives me the right to do so before then” 
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