On this day... two quite different political figures share a birthday
- Donald Trump (1946) and Che Guevara (1928).

(Although according to Wikipedia - Che was actually born 3 months earlier,
but the 
deception was made to avoid the scandal of pregnancy before marriage).

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Jun 21, 2019
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President Pat

  • Welcome to guests
  • Peter Stanley is President of the Otumoetai Rotary Club who recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. He praised our President Pat for his contribution to the Presidents Area Group. In particular he noted the ‘elder statesman’ role he played.
  • Barry Vercoe introduced his daughter Andrea who is on her way to Bali. She is a professional violinist and speaks five languages, and we would expect nothing less from Barry’s offspring. 
  • Birthdays: Dave Robinson and Brent Cowans
  • Anniversaries: Wayne Shelford (Mmmm….. perhaps that’s Shadbolt).


  • Les. Thanked all 40 people who attended the Film Night on 12 June.
  • John. Dave Woodhouse is tired but very grateful for the number of visitors. He will be discharged on Monday. John suggested a roster to make Dave meals for the next two weeks. Please contact him if you can help out. 
  • Les. The Club’s Change Over dinner is on 5 July and 43 have registered so far. Wear something nautical.
  • Les. The Welcome Wall project is coming along very well.
  • Wayne (Shelford?) reminder to wear shorts for Waipuna Hospice next Friday
  • Michele. Guess Who’s coming to dinner 15 and 22 June. Funds raised will go to Shelter Box. Give your names to Michele.
  • Pat. District Changeover in Morrinsville on Sunday 30th June 2019. All welcome.
  • Pat. July 16 is Dave’s famous Whisky Tasting evening with proceeds to go to Outward Bound and other youth related activities.

Sunrise Certificates Award

  • Certificates were awarded to the bulletin editors – Stephen, Neville, Bill, Andrew and Max - with thanks to Dave and Lisa for collating and sending out.


Guest Speaker

Our Glenys Parton is President of ROMAC New Zealand (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children). She gave members a lively presentation which reinforced the values and practical support activities which underpin Rotary.  ROMAC provides surgical treatment for children in developing countries from the Pacific rim region in the form of life giving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country.
ROMAC in New Zealand and Australia enlists assistance from medical experts, hospitals, nurses, physiotherapists, pathology and radiology services, airlines, sponsors and other supporters. Today ROMAC is providing surgical treatment to around 50 children from Oceania every year.
Rotarians from Australia and New Zealand volunteer their time and expertise to help children being treated by surgeons who generously donate their time and expertise. This humanitarian program has provided life-giving surgery to over 500 children with urgent medical treatment that was not available to them in their own country. ROMAC is humanitarian organisation being run entirely with volunteers – no paid staff, no leased offices and so, it has minimal fixed costs. New Zealand assists more patients than Australia, and most come from Vanuatu, Timor and Fiji. Last year Romac helped 27 children. In New Zealand Starship paediatric doctors provides much of the treatment.
Vina is a Nevan girl most members are familiar with as she has been receiving treatment and support for a leg injury for some time due to surgical complications. Glenys told the poignant story of how she accompanied Vina back to her home island of Tona over Easter 2019.
The villagers put on a community celebration to welcome Vina home, and Glenys was given gifts to express their gratitude. It’s not clear how her injury occurred, but frequently complications arise from cultural or traditional medical practices. Many hospitals and clinics are dirty and understocked with vital drugs and equipment.
Glenys also visited other aid programmes in Vanuatu and was struck by the need to share more information and resources. Equipment could be standardised more effectively, and on-going follow up training is vital. She gave the example of donated sewing machines with no instructions or patterns.  
Glenys has been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship twice, and it's not hard to see how her passion and commitment to improving the lives of others has allowed this to happen.


Kathy’s session focussed on the propensity of humans to tell lies. Who had told white lies? Did you know blues lies were a combination between white and black lies, or that there are red and green lies.

Thanks I love it; I’d be happy to; You did great; I’m sure I sent that email, and plenty of other examples were given and most members looked a little guilty or sheepish.
Sally was fined for wearing someone else’s name badge.
Simon then bought the box and gave Barry some good advice about telesales techniques!
Final Smile

Q: Why can't you trust an atom? 
A: Because they make up everything.

Parting Thought 
Andrew’s parting thought came from Gandhi who said, “You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”

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