On this day in 1967 The Beatles released their album "Magical Mystery Tour" Classic!

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Guest: Kim Williams (Wayne)
President Rhonda opened the meeting.
Anniversaries:  Bryan Winters has a birthday on Sunday. Rotary anniversaries are Lynda Burch 21 years and David Robinson 10 years.
Friday Fives at Rhonda’s Place Tonight
394 Snodgrass Road ph 0274 967 328
From 5.30. By edict of the President couples bring a salad and singles some nibbles. We will be outside so you might want to bring a jumper.  BYOB and your favourite glass.  Park on the street – parking down the driveway is limited.
Simon Beaton is looking for bookings for Burns Night even if you are not sure yet he would like an indication. The idea is to have 50 names before Christmas.
Tickets are $75 each. Please pay into the Rotary bank account:
02 0466 0146239 02 Identify with ‘Burns Night’ and your name
  • Ken White advised that there will be an Illuminator event at the Village starting at 10 Saturday with a range of events.
  • Pauline had some spare puddings but they were gone by the time she finished talking about them.
Our speaker was Leonie Trubshoe.
St. Constantine's International School, Tanzania - Overview, Competitors,  and Employees |
Leonie has been working in Tanzania at St Constantines International School.  She is still working remotely. The school was established by the Greek immigrant community in about 1920. St Constantines is a “round square school” which according to the round square school’s website “collaborates to create meaningful real-world opportunities for students to develop global competence, character and understanding”. NZ examples are Kings College and Scots College. So is Gordonstoun which was responsible for the education of the current Prince of Wales. Leonie told us that Tanzania puts a lot of emphasis on children’s education which is now compulsory for junior students. However, less than 4% of students go on to higher education. St Constantines aims to help support kids who can go on to achieve international qualifications. As a round square school the children are encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom.
The school is endeavouring to raise funds internationally to support its operations, which have been badly affected by the departure of high-paying children from families working for the large aid agencies. Leonie presented a number of sponsorship opportunities and anyone interested should contact her directly. She is also setting out to organise an exhibition of children’s art and culture, to raise funds for the school. She is aiming to hold that event at the Historic Village in August-September 2021.
Speaker thanks was delivered by Rosalie.
The Raffle was won by Dan Allen-Gordon
Sergeant Session
Chris Dever noted that we have 28 days to Christmas and that today is Black Friday. For most of us Black Friday has been associated with Friday the 13th in any month. It now also means the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the US. Happy Shopping.
Today is also the anniversary of the date Alfred Nobel signed his will in which he established what was to become the Nobel Prizes. Indirectly his efforts led to an explosion in England on 27 November 1944 in which some 4000 tons of ordnance exploded creating a hole 30m deep and 230m wide.
Today is also the anniversary of the Berners Street hoax in which the perpetrator successfully made an address in London the most talked about house in London for a day by ordering all sorts of useful goods and services for delivery in large quantities at various times during the day.
Parting Thought came from Barry Fredheim:
Success isn’t about how much money you make it’s about the difference you make to people’s lives (Michelle Obama).
And finally: Moses had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud.
BONUS: A joke muttered into your Editor’s ear during the meeting:
What do you call a Shakespearian cellist? Ocello
This week’s genuine insurance claim: I started to slow down but the traffic was more stationary than I thought.
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